How to respond to rudeness and boorishness

manygoodtips.com_16.08.2016_1nit38CrlD70MWhen it comes to tips on the subject of courage, every grief counselor feels that a brutal man, ready to fling everyone and everything in its path. But the problem is that what you would not have been strong as a gorilla, there is always a bigger gorilla. And this is the topic about the brutality that we see at every step, and cowardice, which is born in the hearts of cowardly people who can’t find what to say. Not every nifty in your direction need to respond with an uppercut to the jaw. Trembling aspen leaf is not an option, because each lose makes you less of a man than you were before. In that case to do? The problem is complex, but solvable.

The nature of roughness

From the point of view of sociology, rudeness is a kind of violence. And it is ubiquitous in that case, if the company is weak the ideas of individualism, there is no respect for the individual and personal space of the individual. Respect to each other is best manifested in societies with favorable attitude towards a specific person. This is the opposite of collectivism installation. I must say that collectivism existed in Russia throughout the Soviet era, making our mentality on some toxic elements, which we never had. When you turn the infernal box that tells you the game outright, it makes you wonder about the example that is served at the highest level in our country. Even the modern elite allows you to behave like cattle, so why don’t we join? This is the whole mentality.

Unfortunately, you will have to deal with rudeness everywhere: in the tram, in the hallway, with friends, at work and on the blighted street. From ignorance and the cattle will not go, because you need to know about how all of this swamp to interact. Universal behavior is not — each situation has its own approach.

The staff holds her head

It was a’t be villains if we say that staff should know their place. And his client should know, of course. Many of us have worked in the service industry, to understand that mutual respect is the most valuable resource in the service sector. The situation is such that ordinary customers (not psychopaths any) behave more adequately than the ordinary staff. In big cities this tradition is disappearing, simply because finally born some no professional ethics. But there are still places where you in a bowl of spit, be rude in the face and will slap you if you don’t like the service. And, of course, is famous: «Write a complaint! Let’s call, think I care?!». This despair of the person in your life, because he snaps at customers. But we need to keep a straight face. Times these people do not realize that we pay their hard-earned money to do their job well, does he need this job?

Reader #1:

«Well, here’s one from the*top of the tax I wrote a complaint to management, now there is another head, there was what. And at the cashier in the Bank with which the account each month had to face to yell, I don’t know, she remembered me, but now we have a friendly relationship. It’s hard to choose a pattern that is what I am».Each institution has a book of complaints. Don’t think it’s just a useless piece of garbage that was lying on the bar for show. A complaints book is important for the owner and there can and should write, if the problem with the service beyond the scope of any of the rules. Of course, the likelihood is high that none of your writings do not read it, but you’ve done your moral duty and this is enough in most cases, in order to calm down. But you can go further — write a complaint to management, get to head and make random and angry people in the service didn’t work.

The enemy is on the verge

manygoodtips.com_16.08.2016_hJVA9edQmmlsmReader #2:

«In the last grubisha I just poured a bottle of pepper vodka, lol. But that was long ago».But what if you have to fight, either the person who is rude to you goes beyond all limits? Right to beat a muzzle? In some cases, you really need to give the rascal in the face, how would captain Alatriste with any of their abuser on the streets of old Madrid. What if you are with a beautiful lady and not confident? What if this bastard has a knife in his bosom? Recommend such circumstances, to adequately assess their capabilities and, most importantly, to think about the safety of his girls. Time, it is better to retreat, to avoid the bloody consequences to steer the conversation in a different direction with our tips on public speaking. But if you’re confident in your abilities, you need to answer strictly up to good old physical effects, which usually resolve all the problems of the past three thousand years. Primitive? But otherwise, if circumstances require to protect honor and dignity? In the nineteenth century, people shoot duel and everything, but people at least understand the price of honor and the price. And today you can say anything you want without experiencing the consequences — let’s close the circle, remember the ancestors.

Roads and queues

Reader #3:

«I don’t think there is a particular sequence of actions, it all depends on many factors. Mood, free time, the opponent who is rude. By the way, the place is also important — the rudeness of superiors hamsters don’t be rude in response, because it is fraught with consequences. In the store, in the queues. Of special note is the rudeness of drivers towards other road users. That is, in my opinion, the most heinous human qualities are manifested in the driving process. The fact that you have not missed a pedestrian on a Zebra, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The drivers are rude to each other constantly, by the way, cheaper than a car, the more often it happens. Type offended life dogs or kids in the car. But this is my personal observation.»Often throws us into a rage in the most horrible places on the planet — in traffic jams and queues. Here there, on a respectable citizen pour so much verbal slop that wash have all week. Here we must understand one thing — people who rage in such places, in fact in life can behave more than adequately. They just stood for 5 hours, reached a boiling point and the pot began to melt. But to forgive and understand — not our option. Such people are easy to humble yourself hardness of confident male voice. What will you tell them it was indifferent. Just tell them to shut up, because the queues are all equal, all feel the pain of «successful modernization of the country, where each state is available through cyber space.

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