How to remember what you did last night

what I did last nightProbably every bro ever drink so much that the next morning it is difficult to remember what he did last night. It happens, don’t worry. Don’t take amnesia as a problem, think of it as a reason to develop your detective skills. How to know what you did last night?

The surroundings and clothing

Start with a simple question: where are you? In his bed? In bed with your girlfriend? In unknown locations? Don’t panic if you can’t recognize the environment. Now look at what you’re wearing. If the entire garment is in place, it is very good. Well, or at least his pants are not removed. Are you naked? This also could happen. Check clothes: no food in the pockets, and the tissue — blood. If the clothes chewed up and battered, probably you got in a fight. Or just asleep.

Something hurts?

Now notice how you feel. Feet hurt? Walked a lot, ran away from anyone or decided to ride a Bicycle at night — also could happen. If you have a face, you know, could fly into a wall or get on the cabbage soup. If something really hurts, send all subsequent steps to hell and solve the problem. Broken bones and deep cuts is a serious phenomenon.


Try and act like a detective. Check your pockets. Surely there you will find checks from all the visited institutions. So, what do we have? Three shots of «Jagermeister» at midnight, beer in two hours, whiskey four, five condoms. Condoms? The girl went?


In addition to checks pay attention to your wallet. I hope you remember how many there were before you decided to go ahead. To Wake up and find in my purse less money is normal. Better be cautious and don’t bring more cash than you don’t mind spending. A night of fun can ruin you cleaned.

Story card charges

Even if you found enough checks better just in case to check when and how you calculated a map. And there can be interesting things. Fortunately now you can activate the service and get an SMS everytime the card is removed money.

Call history

When a drunken call to a friend or your ex. But there may be other surprises. What? Mother. Boss. Yes, anyone! Check the duration of calls. If they lasted for 30 seconds, the purpose of the call was not pick-up. Let’s hope you didn’t leave any voice message. If the call lasted, say, 45 minutes, you clearly need to apologize to that person.

Browser history

Urgently check Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Maybe you need to remove the idiotic statuses written in a fit of drunken inspiration, or nasty pictures, which would be a shame. At the same time will look, not whether you decided to order myself a drunken, write someone a letter. Look at the history in Skype and quip — is likely to learn a lot.


The ubiquitous mobile phone camera is terrible because of such stupidity before people just could not fix. And now I can. On the other hand, is a great way to remember all of your yesterday’s antics. First check the phone memory, and then look for interesting Vkontakte and Instagram. Not be amiss to look on YouTube and query «drunk guy» — sudden you’re famous?

Communicate with neighbors

Come out to the kitchen and to begin to evaluate the behavior of the neighbors. Not hanging in the room the awkward silence? If so, then last night you did something. If they’re not good looking, this is clearly a sign of trouble. If they laugh or smile or be happy that they are good people, but this reaction does not mean that they are just happy to see you. Maybe they had a joke on you, and you don’t know yet.

Call friends

This is the last thing you want to do. You can fall down a serious issue, so better to start gather as much information as possible, and then speak with other people. Perhaps your friend was drunk enough to blame you that you did not discourage him from undertaking to do a tattoo of a dragon eating a unicorn (make sure you checks there is no mention of tattoos). Ask what one remembers about last night, and, if necessary, apologize. Bells to several people, now you have nothing to lose.

Take out pieces of the painting last night — it’s interesting, although not always pleasant. Don’t worry, just follow our advice, and within a week you will discover that these terrible memories are transformed into interesting stories.

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