How to remain calm in stressful situations

manygoodtips.com_23.10.2014_NtOnMrZfCDBDYIn today’s world there is nothing easier contact with a variety of stressful situations. Sometimes it seems that you would be able to perform in the circus with the number of «Crazy squirrel in a wheel». Do you balance personal life with work or studies, do not always communicate with nice people, you plagued by personal and financial issues, unmet and unsolved problems. One division separates you from the boiling point. Stress creates chaos in your mind, under the influence of emotions you can quickly lose control. It is therefore important to have a plan that will allow you to quickly pull myself together and find inner balance when life graciously rewards hard kick up the backside.

1. Determine the cause

Can you be bothered with the bus driver, who was very badly cut you off, after the boss gave a dressing down, a friend from early in the morning engaged in passionate sex with your brain — bad mood can take sources from any sphere of your life. And the sooner you’ll understand why the more efficient and easy it is to get even.

2. Find the answer

If you can’t control the source of stress, then you are quite capable to take control of your thoughts. After you have determined the cause of the issue, what’s eating you, you will have several solutions to the problem: to think about how better to do to try to immediately correct the situation or continue to be angry and act. But it is a way for pathetic losers, and we know that you’re not.

Make a plan of response, just like in high school:

  • Your past is a source of stress?

Remember that the past no longer exists in your present reality, and you cannot change it. Regardless of what happened before, we need to realize that living in the here and now. And the essence of life, in principle, lies in this moment «here and now». The past is the past, the future is not to guess. So is there any point in wasting your emotions on something you absolutely impossible?

  • How the source of stress is affecting you?

Can the opinion of one person who thinks you are an asshole, beat the other nine of those who finds your company pleasant and informative? Or how your weird on all swings of a colleague at work can ruin a delicious dinner in the company of your girlfriend? Became in the minds of the filters, don’t let the petty squabbles and failures to influence things that is really important in your life.

  • How you control the situation?

You must give an honest answer to myself: you really can’t affect the course of events or do not want to do, justifying their cowardice and weakness fateful coincidence? Indeed, there are things that are beyond our control, but you, as a worthy representative of the Homo sapiens, able to change their attitude to a negative situation, which can not influence. What is it they say? If life slipped the lemon devour it with tequila.

3. Focus on your breathing

Simple, but incredibly effective breathing exercises – a kind of » first aid for inflamed from irritation of the head, where there is devastation. Deep concentrated breathing will help get yourself a little improve mood and return to the present moment from the chaos that is raging you have in mind.

Try it yourself:

  • Fully exhale through your mouth. Try to breathe in maximizing the aperture (this is the dome-shaped muscle that separates the abdomen from the lungs).
  • Exhale through the nose. Count to four.
  • Hold your breath for a count of seven.
  • Fully exhale through your mouth.

Repeat the cycle three more times.

4. Distracted

Here are some simple ideas that will help your brain to relax a bit:

  • Play games;

Video games, Board games, card games, TIC-TAC-toe – use all that is available!

  • Think of something unexpected;

Count how many objects around you is gray, you remember, how many names do you know the letter «G», a film with Anthony Hopkins you saw…

  • Mash;

Pull, propriety, stretch arms and neck, apart from emotional to physical manipulation.

  • Listen to the music;

Put favorite album of your favorite band on high volume: something fun that is able to lift the spirit and free the mind.

5. Express your gratitude

Think over, what are you thankful for this life (and, in General, in particular), since global things: healthy parents who love you, despite the fact that you called last time two weeks ago, the cookies that you got free at your favorite coffee shop. Such practices improve mood, reducing the level of cortisol – a stress hormone. The study showed that people who practiced it every day, felt improved mood and physical well-being. Alternatively, thanked our magazine for such articles, designed to motivate you and something to teach.

6. Avoid the question «What if?»

A stressful situation may develop in different directions and to flow into anything. It is therefore necessary to solve problems in process of receipt, because the more thinking over the conceivable options of plots, the longer it will not be able to pull myself together and focus. Don’t distress yourself, not added fuel to the fire. Don’t make yourself worry more than you care now.

7. Focus on the positive things

Consciously choose from an Arsenal of your most happy memories and start to scroll through the head. Excellent practice that is able to show that it’s not so bad, and in the world there are those who love you.

8. More move

Now it’s time to go to the gym: 40 minutes of intense workout can greatly improve your mood. Jog, walk in the fresh air, rollerblading, or Bicycle – this is a pretty good replacement for alcohol, which sometimes you consider your main anti-depressant.

9. Stocking up on vitamin D

Vitamin D is found in many foods, e.g. fish, eggs, and fish oil. But the main source is the sun, your free sedative. Open blinds in his room. Let the sun’s rays, they might be able to get through your gloomy mood.

10. Take a time-out

A walk in the Park, reading books, watching TV series or an interesting movie for pizza – give yourself a break, which will be able to get your tired brain.

11. Spend time with friends

You need the company of happy and cheerful people where you can relax, talk or even get advice that will help effectively deal with the problem.

12. Laugh

A hearty laugh can instantly lift your mood, reduce blood pressure, reduce stress and even boost immunity. If around you there is nothing funny on the Internet to help you. Moreover, the body is not Stanislavsky, he does not distinguish the difference between fake or real laughter. Try to develop a villainous laugh, and you will feel how the stress melts away in minutes.

13. Vent

Can shout like a maniac to beat all the pillows in the apartment or Bakirkoy bag. Liberate yourself from overwhelm you with anger.

14. Embraced

Hugs, as you know, give us an instant surge of endorphins. If you do not know, it is a chemical that makes us happy and satisfied. Embrace another proven method to quickly calm down and lower stress levels.

15. Chew the gum

Studies show that chewing gum can reduce the levels of stress hormones in the body. The repeated act of chewing increases the production of serotonin, which is also able to improve mood.

16. Eat dark chocolate

A good dark chocolate is the high proportion of cocoa, which contains high amounts of phenylethylamine, a sensation of mild euphoria.

17. Take a NAP. Or sleep

Sleep is very important for emotional and mental health. It recharges the batteries, making your mind clear and calm. Even 20 minutes of pleasant dreaming are able to do wonders to your mood.

18. Not scroll unpleasant conversations in my head

After an unpleasant conversation you’re still replaying the dialogue in my head and think: «Damn, I had to say so, to answer that. And he would have told me so, and I would have said so. That’s when everything was in order.» Does this sound familiar? You could become his greatest enemy and critic, depriving of sleep and rest. Change the direction. You should always be on your side and not dig your own grave like internal monologues.

19. Let go of the situation

Forgiveness is able to deliver you from the negative, caused by any person. This does not mean that you have accepted the situation or agree with her.

This means that you will not be hurt feelings and anger corrode from the inside due to the fact that someone did not meet your expectations or made you a badass. Learn to quickly process any negative thoughts and feelings, draw conclusions and release these emotions in order to move forward with a light heart and a clear head.

20. Consider the prospects

Stress and anxiety is fuelling our own distorted perception of the situation. So before you start biting your nails and tear your hair, imagine the whole picture in perspective.

Make a list of specific things that actually go wrong. A lot of people, writing all the points, clearly, straight from my brain to the paper, which can endure, find that the problems put in the forefront, can be easily and quickly solved. Think about it, what would you advise, if such a situation were your friend or family member. It makes finding solutions much easier.

Ask yourself: «What’s the worst that can happen?» Thinking through even the most unpleasant situation to the last detail, which, most likely will not come, you will be able to prepare themselves mentally for any surprises.

21. Get help

If you’re drowning and suffocating in the mire of their problems, don’t hesitate to seek the assistance of a specially trained person, that is, to the psychologist.

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