How to rejoice in the shitty job

This post is dedicated to all the dudes whose work is not sugar. Sometimes every hour in the office equal to ten splinters in the ass, but to quit your job you can not, for objective or even biased reasons. You do not consider this idea in principle: you are satisfied or salary, or team, or your job, or you just can’t afford to spend without work for at least a month. In this case, the problem should be solved in a different way — to learn to enjoy the work that you have.

To put into it all his strength

You can learn to love your work, looking at the furniture at IKEA. Seriously. Why is it so popular? Studies show that we do love things that put the time, effort or money. Your wardrobe you collected himself, and so he is so dear to you.

If you think about it, an irrational phenomenon, but lovely nonetheless. In that moment, when you are invested in whatever that is, you begin to appreciate. You can call it the IKEA effect. Hardly anyone of us here experienced furniture maker: we all not just swearing, because five steps back nailed and not the wrong way, dismantled prefabricated and started to gather again in a different order. When all the obstacles left behind and before your eyes appears a full wardrobe, in spite of all the twists and turns, you feel pride.

If your house brought an unknown child and said, «Now, to educate him,» you would have refused. But your own child you’d brought up and even felt joy in it.

When we invest in power, we become more interested — and it is not difficult. Take the time to collect the wardrobe, and you will appreciate. Spend time and effort on the job — and a high probability that you will love it too.

Use your strengths

At work you have your responsibilities, and some of them you do for the team. Responsibilities assigned to each of you, or you can choose, what will you do? If you have a choice, it’s not so bad.

Don’t choose tasks that you think are easy or quick. Instead, do what you’re good at. Studies show that when you’re doing what you’re good at, you become happier. The more hours per day you use your strengths, the more you energy and happiness, the more you smile, laugh, and learn something new, the more respect for you and the more rested you feel.

Think about it, what are your duties in which you are not strong, you could transfer to someone else? And what you do well?

To see the results

To see the results of their labor is always nice. Another thing — when you’re constantly doing something, and not see your efforts result in something more or less serious. That is why we are sometimes unconscious envy to people who work with their hands: they immediately see what they did and how good they got it. Another thing — marketers, managers, personnel officers — they are busy with something all day and have no idea what the results of their activities.

You sit in the office and does not interfere with the results of their work? Think about how you could learn about what translates your work.

To change their perception of work

No one wants to sweep the streets. No one wants to haul the garbage. In such work it is difficult to feel important. What if it was part of your duties? What if you decide to broaden the context?

You help the city to be better, and as a result are not only nice, but generally you can walk. You clean the city from waste, otherwise he would be subjected to the stench, poor sanitation and disease.

It’s your choice — to see only the opportunity to receive money or take it deeper. Roughly speaking, anyone who sees your contribution to the cleanliness of the city, that feels more meaningful and better attitude to their work.

How you perceive your work? You can look at it from another angle and to find in it something interesting and meaningful than repetitive execution of routine actions?

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