How to recover from failure

manygoodtips.com_7.11.2016_ZKPbEImX9jL1YThere are two types of people: those perceived failures as something natural, and other hysteria, moving back in with mom and I think any take pills to hurry to go to Valhalla.

Even the best of us are faced with such a scourge, so no need to be shy and afraid. Of course, some people manage to avoid such misfortune, but the majority, as a rule, no luck.

Well, if no luck, nothing to worry about, no one to laugh and point fingers will not. And if it is — karma will come back to him apnum AIDS and punished, because to laugh at someone else’s grief is impossible. And you need to collect my thoughts, to urgently come to life and exit.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable

No one person in this world life is not strewn only with flowers and lit only by the sun. Sometimes they are replaced by wild cacti, and lights the world on another, much less pleasant stars — someone like Alexander Panayotov.

The fact that the difficulties are absolutely normal and natural thing. As said Vladimir Putin, «All is well will never happen.» You accept it and allow yourself to be vulnerable. This is not a bug, actually humility only pushes you away from the problem, then how struggle and despair does not solve the problem.

People are very afraid to show themselves vulnerable, to reveal to the world the sad fact that they have a problem. And therefore sink alone, devoid of any hope for their salvation.

Well what can I say — very foolish, it makes more sense to admit their situation and ask for help from people you have around you. And you immediately feel the support and realize that you’re not alone. Many people have passed through the same shit as you, they have something to say. And most importantly — do not consider people such creatures, the world is full of people who will respond to you in sympathy and sincere help. At such moments, you’re inspired and you want to move forward.

The desired end goal

It is impossible to progress if you don’t know where they’re going. Stephen Covey in his «Seven habits of highly effective people» says just that without a knowledge of its Leading stars you get lost in the darkness. Sam Covey just came across this for a long time in deep prostration. You know that feeling? When there is no understanding and ideas about what to do in this life?

Yield, as always, is simple — to broaden their horizons. And it’s not just about books, they go last. Here the best helps method, contemptuously referred to as the «grasping at any job.» The more experience you have, the more different professions and areas you’ve honored your part, the easier you will to choose his own way.

And if the method of «trial and error» saves no time, big-time, College or work, to communicate with the older, more experienced teammates. All their words to be filtered and divide by 10, because subjective opinion has never been universal. But after this filtration remains the truth, stuck with efficiency. Still life experience (even a stranger) is the best teacher.

Create a plan of action

Poradi.s.ua_7.11.2016_dXH8SVlw2oqB0We pointed out that the success without goals is impossible. But to pursue that goal, just like that, at random, all the same what to go in the pitch dark through the swamp. In order not to wallow in obscurity, you need to build a clear plan. The only amendment your plan must be based on action, not on reasoning. This is the secret of successful men and sometimes women.

The second secret: every action has to be fully controlled by you. If you’re trying to get out of financial bottom, then evaluate success not in the number of earned hundreds of billions, and successful and effective action. Three steps — plus your stash. The fact is that the actions of the coaching experience and your personal qualities, and not money, as this value is very fickle and always changing.

Persistence — the first virtue

Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan, and persistence, and in this context it is not that other, as the decision to continue to move towards the goal, despite the cuts and bruises gained in the process.

In order to preserve the mood, you need to give yourself bream with a wet towel. Let’s say you decided to small the clerk to turn into a flowering of the average businessman began to Tinker, to do, to borrow, whining from taxation and imperfect conditions for doing business. And so you get this responsibility zadolbali that I wanted to drop everything and go back to a stuffy office to the hated colleagues.

It is clear that you very hard. And according to you, Friedrich Barbarossa was easy to fight with the Italian kings? Of course not, the man made 5 trips, and it’s not panties on Aliexpress to order, we had to recruit mercenaries, to gather the troops, prepare yourself to construct a plan.

Of course, you can go back, but I think you know that this is the worst of all options. When I got back, you pray to God to give you courage to release a bullet into his mouth. So I think now.

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