How to recognize a liar

manygoodtips.com_8.10.2014_ydAISxnIM1KTvAdmit it dude, how many times have you seriously impale? And you probably just lost count. Today your wrong friend swears my love for you, and tomorrow, doing God knows what behind your back. Business partner says that things are in order, and after a week you become bankrupt. How many times have you wanted to have at least a drop of talent the hero, played by Tim Roth in the TV series «lie to me», in all colors imagining how would be to be pitied these poor liars, which you catch on a hot, reading their souls like an open book.

And to spit that in some cases the saying «ignorance is bliss» can be justified. Your dream will not violate any of the truth, and you do not fear to grow old soon. You determined to learn how to identify blatant liar. Just be warned that detection of deception is a complex procedure. And it’s more art than science. Here, as in the grammar of the Russian language, for every rule there is an exception, and sometimes the boundaries are so transparent that they can see only the «behooved» with the experience. After all, if some people are able to «cheat» a lie detector, then you such instances can handle once or twice.

But there are still General concepts and principles by which we can recognize someone who is trying to feed us the finest noodles. Of course, if this person does not work for the FSB.

Psychologists say that our subconscious mind and the whole body does not perceive absolutely any lie. So we feel uncomfortable, awkward and uncomfortable, squirming and flinching, while making «poker face». There is a standard set of gestures and movements which we are trying to «calm down» when we speak the truth.

• touching the face (covering the mouth, three nose or forehead, touch your chin, pull the earlobe);

• the three head. This movement can be considered in two ways. Your lie is suffocating you, causing itching in the back of your head, and you’re scratching your neck or pulled the collar of his shirt to give himself more air. But you’re doing the same thing, if you angry. This kind of movement to let off steam;

• compressed lips;

• smoothed hair;

• «playing» with the watch, pen or small objects that were within reach;

• carried out various manipulations with the hands (try to «shut down» crossed arms, or completely hide them in a pocket inside, clenched fists);

• another interesting motion of hands if folded in a prayerful gesture. A liar as if begging you to believe him, then as an honest man to ask no sense – he is so sure he is right;

• watch the view: in the process of lying men down, and women have erected eyes to the ceiling. Your companion may not want to look you in the eye: it will be hard to stare at a point behind you, often, to blink and look away.

But not so simple as it seems at first glance. Some particularly sensitive nature of all of the ways outlined above can be customary nervousness, caused by, for example, a new acquaintance, an important conversation, an unpleasant topic of conversation.

If you communicate with a person for the first time, to notice his gestures during the conversation when he answers questions. Make sure the source is tuned to a relaxed wave, abstract, ask simple questions, remember, how he behaves when you do not notice the trick. If you see the above verbal signals when they ask certain things, remember this moment and at the second meeting, asking about the same thing (suddenly you decided to conduct a second interview), and again carefully watch the reaction and make conclusions.

All your questions should be clear and meaningful to the interlocutor did not have the temptation to pour more water and keep from you the essence. Do not let yourself to knock a number of facts that seem very credible, but there is little related to the topic of conversation. Put the source of the unexpected question and watch the speed of his reply: every second of delay could be a sign of heavy thinking process aimed at inventing new batch of lies.

But you can still put a question that requires a definite answer – «Yes» or «no». A liar is mandatory to insure and will meet indefinitely. Calmly ask for a detailed answer, for example: «Check this point…», «Tell me more about…», etc.

Lead the conversation calmly, aggressive, impatient tone instantly put the interlocutor into a dead end and in a defensive posture, then crossed his arms become a symptom of not lying, and passive-aggressive anger.

Watch out not only for its intonation, but intonation is responsible. The talk of a man who is trying to trick you, happening at different speeds. He often coughs, clears throat, changes the pace of the narrative, and before I can answer the question liars often repeat it aloud, probably to gain time needed for the essay response.

The voice of the liar may sound bland and monotone, he makes long pauses, makes a ridiculous speech errors. Or on the contrary, speaks in high tones than before, because a lie — a strong enough emotional stress.

As we have said, recognizing a liar is not a list of existing absolute method, but the theory that with constant practice, quickly pay for themselves.

Suspiciously, when a person behaves as if it was put on the hinges, but when he stands or sits motionless — also suggests certain ideas. Some psychologists argue that lying requires considerable mental effort, which borrow energy from all other parts of the body. The more complex the lie, the less the liar uses gestures.

Look to the left: true emotions it gives the left side – the left half of the face, left arm, left leg.

If some creep is lying and does not blush, look at that get up his limbs. If the left hand does strange manipulations, gesticulating irrelevantly, «says» some circles in the air, and the left leg «draws» toe squiggles in the sand or the pavement — all this movement, give a liar with his head.

This happens because the left and right sides of the human body are controlled by different hemispheres of the brain. The left hemisphere controls speech and intellectual activity, and the right controls emotions, imagination and sensory activity. In this regard, management overlap, that is, the left hemisphere controls the right side of the body, which is due to intelligence is more controlled, and therefore, the movements more deliberate.

And finally… practice, Practice and more practice! Pay more attention to their household, work, personal conversations, and perhaps soon you will become a walking lie detector, that won’t have any friends.

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