How to read quickly and effectively

Poradi.yak.ua_13.06.2014_T7dPp6Epa72gUReading is cool, reading is useful. I hope that you do not need convincing. We wrote about how to read fiction, high read speed which will only hurt its full perception. Below we will talk about how quickly and, most importantly, to effectively deal with non-fiction.

The first paragraph always read very carefully. As a rule, it is here in a compressed form contains information about the content of the whole text. You will understand what will be discussed below, and will be able to determine which parts of the text are required reading and which you can skip without any remorse.

Carefully read the first sentence of each paragraph. After reading it, you get the idea that the author wanted to Express below, and will be able to solve, you need to understand the text further.

The last paragraph of required reading. It summarized conclusions.

This standard structure is any non-fiction — whether it’s a University textbook or a popular science article in the magazine. In addition to literacy distribution of attention between the parts of the text, there are a number of things that will allow you to increase the speed of reading.

1. Not voiced text about yourself

Stop your inner voice, when he wants to read to you. The speed of reading aloud is lower than the actual speed of reading, in short, you’re wasting your time.

2. Read words by blocks

Learn to read not one, but three or four words at a time and gradually increase their number.

3. Go for the eyes

Let your eyes see more. Hold the page farther from the eyes, accustom yourself to flip the page in the browser faster than you’re used to.

4. Not re-read

Most people have the habit to read just read to confirm your understanding. Be careful, you don’t have to spend time reading.

5. Create the right conditions

Good light, quiet, fresh air — all these factors will give you a «fresh mind» throughout the reading process. Don’t forget to take breaks every 20-30 minutes of reading.

6. Practice

Read more, read faster. Has become itself the purpose for such a period of time to read so many pages of text — and achieve it.

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