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manygoodtips.com_12.05.2014_XwMFtvPFujmr7You can read books? Sure?

If sociological researches on this subject were possible, the statistics probably would have been sad: the vast majority of people who have successfully learned the curriculum, do not know how to read fiction.

This problem has at least two unpleasant side effect. First, there is a serious suspicion that this «inability» compatriots owe their commercial success of writers such as Daria Dontsova. Secondly, perhaps you are not even aware of what reading actually is.

For example, this is the case. You decided to read to kill time- for this purpose, of course, will suit the next series. Reading does not bring you pleasure or other strong emotion, it also affects your mind, and after the next portion of the letters there is a sense of hurt in his eyes. You get used to it, you think it should be. Once you comes under the arm, say, Dostoevsky. Dostoevsky time does not kill, he stops. You Wade through the text as through the barbed wire – difficult and painful. You think: Yes the hell I need it?

Here it is necessary a little digression.

Primitive human nature – we tend to reject what is beyond our understand. It is a question of survival of the species – not to touch the strange stuff, and then who knows what. Only the rare, overly curious, and therefore the least able to survive in the wild, individuals dare to poke it with a stick, and to identify thus the useful properties of fire, for example… or to die from their own curiosity.

So, to poke a stick in odd stuff like Dostoevsky you are not solved, moreover, that Dontsova had already formed your understanding of what should be the reading. And again you return to the series. Quoting a classic: take a circle, caress it and it will become vicious.

There are a few key points, ignorance and/or misunderstanding which leads a seemingly normal people to Dontsov, and prevents the sensing current literature in all its diversity.

The plot is not important


Moreover, it may not be. Depending on the author, genre, stylistic affiliation, literary direction and many other factors the plot may vary from the spectacular to completely absent. The plot is never the goal of this work is only a means by which the author seeks to convey a certain idea. So, a work with no story does not equal bad work. Therefore, in this case, the author uses for revealing your ideas in other ways. Try to understand the text and understand that, if not the plot.

Realism is not important


If the pages of a book everything happens «in life» — great. But not every text should be. Artwork is not intended to copy reality, it constructs its own. Artistic reality can be terribly close to what you see with your eyes, and may be different from the world around you more than you can imagine. There are entire literary traditions that believability and realism is simply unacceptable, they contradict the main idea of this direction (see the epic theatre of Brecht).

You don’t have to love such a pretty radical artistic phenomena as, for example, the drama of the absurd, but if you accept the simple fact that literature does not «reflect», and creates a circle of your literary preferences may increase significantly.

Psychology is not important


Cm. above: if the pages of a book everything happens «in life» — great, but if the characters suddenly begin to act not as valid a living person, remember what the hell we’re talking about the product! And about heroes, not about people. The character of the book is an inhabitant of another world, the world of a literary work. It obeys the logic of a literary work, the logic works is working on the implementation of the ideas of the author.

Simply put, Onegin kills Lensky, not because Onegin is a marksman, and because the death of Lensky, Pushkin necessary for plot development works. The plot is the same in turn… well, see above.

Form is important, not less content


The attitude of the writers very diverse: someone spits defiantly at her, seeking to make the form itself was the content.

What would have been the attitude of the author to this question, remember: form is important. Even vehemently denying its significance, the writer is still unable to get on without her.

Anyway, some portion of the content lies in the form. The only question is, how large this proportion is.

Reading is not easy


«Remember that reading is one of the most important, necessary, serious work, not «by the way» and «doing nothing» — wrote in the early 20th century philosopher and logician Sergei Powermin.

Any book requires a serious emotional and intellectual activity. Figuratively speaking — the author writes the book, and the reader rewrites it. The degree of your involvement in creation of the work may be different depending on the nature of the text. Many of the literature of the age of postmodernism, for example, invites the reader to create themselves from scratch, to work not even together, and instead of the author. Other works are more conservative. In any case, reading is not for the lazy. Unless, of course, we are talking about literature, not about the series.

PS: When writing a text, no Doncova was not injured.

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