How to rally a strong team

manygoodtips.com_19.02.2016_3d7JnRLlskXN2There must be some great quote Frank underwood on a strong team, but hell, nothing is found. So let’s move away from the grandiloquent demagoguery to practice.

Hence, all great accomplishments need a good team. In addition, the team must be cohesive, bound by one chain tied by one goal. Galera, where the rowers are rowing out of sync, not run away, you, most will go with their ambitions to the nightmarish fish from tralovogo Soviet cartoon in which a mermaid with a fish head sang: «Stay, boy, with us, be our king». But normal dudes don’t want to be kings of some of the bottom, so grab the sword, jump on the shield and call his army together. And how to call? We’ll find out.

This text is devoted not only to businessmen but to all those who wants to assemble a strong team around them. No matter what you have: rock band with garage and big ambitions, an Amateur soccer team, the chess team. The methods are the same everywhere.

The staff is like a football team: the guys have to play as a team and not as an assemblage of vivid personalities.

– Lee Iacocca –

Its people

If you want to generate it team, occurred with the greatest possible care in selecting new people. They should not just be professionals but also to think the same with you. Only your people understand everything perfectly, and saves a lot of time. Don’t have to waste time on introduction, integration and development. Addictive goes faster. May you take a drummer worse, but he will understand you and move you in one direction. And the technique will come with time.

If your team is like a football team, comprised of players from different clubs, the split is inevitable. When all cut from the same cloth, you risk the same fate as Beatles and decay is reduced to 13.9%. Counted scientific assistant Professor of meaningless calculations by Vincent Frill., perhaps, the main reason why you need to look for his people, that they will give you valuable advice. Knowing the goal, knowing what you are targeting, they will be able to give competent advice. Otherwise it turns into a tent, like the old librarian will tell you how to work in C++.

But remember that you should avoid partisanship. No, no need to argue, all should be covered by a common goal, but they must be your solutions to the problems that they can offer.

The real purpose

If the question: «What goals, boss?», – you say, «Well, that had a lot of money, there is wealth to us. Well th thing,» then our advice to you – stop with their projects right now. You see, the team will be able to unite only by knowing the goal. And this goal must be formulated precisely, elegantly and accessibly, so that no one had any questions. Otherwise, different members of your team will have a different vision of the situation, and everyone will begin to achieve «wealth and glory» in its own way, often contrary to the overall work.

And most importantly, goals should be realistic: not castles in the air called «Bright future», step by step, overcoming one vertex after another. Maybe in the distant land of magical elves and creatures that move and in a week will lead the team to success, but, alas, in this world this is only possible after years of joint work.

And most importantly, always adjust the team to specific situations.


Of course, this team is a work not only for your kind words, lush corporate, idea, for each other, for their leader. The team is well aware that if the result is interesting from an intangible point of view, his achievement is the ultimate victory of the entire team and each of its members. Moreover, each party clearly understands its role in achieving this victory. Nevertheless, to glorious times it is necessary to survive, and people need money at the moment. And if they encourage specie, a kind word, or some other prize, then there is an incentive to work. A kind word and a nice dog, and the attention of the leader – people of all ages. But the main thing is to do it on time, otherwise you will creep any doubt. Remember, the overall success, but the praise should be expressed personally.

To keep all

manygoodtips.com_19.02.2016_Z4La5SbY8ag3rChilean socialists sang «El pueblo unido jamás module created vencido,» or our way: «as long as we are United, we are invincible.» And then begins the terrible to the team and company get tired of each other and want to divorce, undermining the monolith a well-knit team. Even worse, when they go to competitors. The cases with care to increase consider it silly, for this man, a lot of what I tried.

Why do people leave? The reasons are many, it all depends on what you do. Some of the money they gained experience, you can now go to the office richer. Some just get tired and don’t see the point of further coexistence, I want to change the surroundings. The usual crisis. Here’s the hard part: you must convince the employee that the best times are ahead, that he really is an incredibly valuable member of the crew. And that soon, when you come to your goal, all the trials will be compensated. Any diplomatic and attentive to the «brothers in arms». But know the extent, just that – they sit on the neck.

Team culture

In business it is called «corporate,» but we’re not just talking about business. This is very important because, despite the goals and common interests, people are different. They came from different families, different schools, and views on life are different. And sometimes there comes a time when you are together, and their minds begin to Mature the thought: «How would faster get out of range of those idiots.»

And you should join something other than the banal goals and immediate work. In sports team colors unite fans in a political parties ideology. That will unite you? You have to decide for himself. But the mere presence of the team, which is a legend and at least some communication between them, attracted more than a simple office. You don’t have to be Pink Floyd, who at rehearsals in recent years, do not even greet each other. Where there is a team culture, there is a guarantee that you will not fall to hell in the next 2 months and will work for the common good sweat until the last dying squeak.

Personal contribution

This advice is more suitable to those who rallied the team in the financial field. If you have a group or a circle of young poets, then we need a different approach, more traditional, is based on equality.

manygoodtips.com_19.02.2016_1tY6XIyjcl707And in business and other areas in which you play the role of a clearly defined leader, avoid familiarity, softness and tenderness of others, establish relationships for results. People who achieve the desired results that have a good relationship with other people. They are in their work focus on the overall business and fulfilling their obligations to the whole team. Kindness and tenderness without results does not make sense, it’s hypocrisy and parasitism.

Look at yourself

Be an example for his team. You made that mess you, if anything, its going to clear up the mess. You should be an example for their employees, clear, trudogolick example of embodiment of responsibility, ideology and efficiency. Works, suffer, live at a frantic pace!

And, you know, why did the apostles so successfully sowed Christianity in Europe? Because they knew the weaknesses and strengths of their colleagues and, therefore, can properly allocate their responsibilities. Psychologists. You ought to take note of this long forgotten art.

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