How to raise testosterone level: tips from

Testosterone is a male hormone. Roughly speaking, it makes you a man: thanks to him, you are attracted to women, have sex, build muscles, even a desire to succeed and meet the ambitions you too because of him. Interestingly, the normal level of testosterone from 5.5 42 PG/ml that is someone of this hormone several times more — and it still is in the normal range. If you do in the gym, you would go to the benefit of the extra testosterone (if you have it, and so is not on the upper limits of normal). In General, man, you understand. That’s what I’ll tell you.

1. Don’t take steroids

don't take steroids

If you don’t want to look 40, like Big Bob from Fight club, don’t touch this shit. When you put in your body testosterone or steroids, your body stops producing the hormone in a natural way — and perhaps this process then does not recover. In fairness, we note that, contrary to popular belief, steroids will not make you crazy, not forced to throw weights, yell at friends and stuff: I have friends who take this stuff, but do not produce anything like it.

2. Raise gravity

lift gravity

Let your motto will be: «I came to the gym, not to lie!» When you lift weights, your brain receives signals that cause the body to produce testosterone.

There is nothing secret and special about this system, to lift weights any part of the body, and intense and frequent workouts will increase testosterone levels in your blood. And in this plan effective squat.

3. Sleep


Seemingly insignificant things like increasing sleep time increases the testosterone level almost by half. I know, I know, you have things, you have hundreds of cases, you have a broken phone and you have no time to relax. In the end, the clock is already two in the morning, and you still score in Google phrases like «Asian porn». Calm down and lie down. Only 6-8 hours each and what effect!

4. Lose weight


The more in your body fat, the more testosterone is converted into estrogen — and estrogen for girls.

Besides, studies have shown that the amount produced by the body of estrogen is in direct proportion to the amount of consumed sandwiches. Lose weight, or five years you start to wash the dishes, humming «Musi-Musi, pusi-pusi» — and so on until the end of his days.

5. Eat healthy fats


Studies have shown that men who eat foods rich in fats have the highest testosterone levels. Fat can be contained in fish, nuts, olives. This does not mean that you need to eat fish for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Moreover, if you eat at fast food restaurants, this isn’t going to help. So to follow the diet makes sense.

6. Often take care in the sun


On a nose summer, and to do this the Council will be easy. Since you probably was not born in Africa, you don’t look very dark. Maybe you lack vitamin D, which increases levels of testosterone by 20% — so come out to walk.

7. Take zinc


The study, conducted among men who avoided zinc in their diet during the five months ended the fact that the amount of testosterone in the blood of experimental halved. On the contrary, the use of zinc increases level of testosterone and growth hormone.

8. Avoid simple sugars


When you eat sugar, the amount of testosterone in your body decreases by 25% and recovers within two hours. Alcohol also causes a decrease in testosterone level. By the way, about these things you can read here.

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