How to quit your job without burning bridges?

Leaving a familiar workplace is always stressful. The reasons for anxiety can be many and each they own.

Maybe you’ve never quit a job before, you have simply no experience and you’re worried, wanting to do the right thing, with the least damage to nerves.

Maybe you worked only a few months, as in previous work, and you already rather tired of the eternal process of adaptation and learning. But the search for the best place under the sun understand what you will RUB not one pair of pants before you find what you like.

Maybe you’re not lucky and your boss has all the makings of a dictator Pinochet and makes the brain for no reason. Or Vice versa, you have worked extensively in the cozy little office where you have developed excellent relations with colleagues and boss, but it’s time to move on.

To burn bridges and leave a bad memories — it is certainly a sign of bad taste. In any situation it is necessary to keep face: you’re not hysterical Madam, defiantly collects from your desktop all that is bad, in a box with their belongings.

The right way to retire with grace and dignity and self-respect, leaving the last working day of pleasant memories about the person.

Despite the fact that we live in a huge globalized society, almost every resident of the metropolis called the city «a big village», and you can’t predict how the rest of your life, when you walk out the office door forever.

Maybe there will come a time when you need a recommendation from the chief or the Council of the former colleagues, but if you act like a fool, in addition to malicious gossip or, at best, cool indifference, you get nothing.

In any case, even if it comes to work, this breakup, and you should be able to part correctly. And we will tell you how.


First, take your time and thoroughly think about why you want to quit your job.

There are reasons you couldn’t fix with due diligence? You don’t get along with the team, but your salary allows you to comfortably exist? So to hell with these people, it is necessary to change the attitude to the situation. Or Vice versa, your salary really small? Then, you maybe want to clear my conscience to talk to the boss about a raise?

But if the work without the prospect of growth without development mode «from start to finish», then of course, you have to cut bait.

The only time you should have a couple of extra tricks up its sleeve in the form of a potential new space. Or accumulated finances for a rainy day. To live on something while you’re doing a great job.


Spent a couple of weeks. Your agreement may be registered this clause mandatory, or not at all. Two weeks is a common time standard, for which the chief can you get a replacement without compromising the workflow.

In large companies most often, if you submit a letter of resignation, you politely offer to go to hell right in the same moment. But if we plan to have polite and respectful conversation, even if you don’t care about the problems your boss, think about your colleagues, for your work will fall on their shoulders and they will carry their own, and your duties until you find a new employee. Therefore, out of common courtesy to the staff, leave application for two weeks is not such a critical period to inflate for him the drama.


May about leaving the first to know boss. No matter how much you trust your colleagues, try to keep this news came to the ears of the chief personally from you.

As always, welcome the conversation tete-a-tete, but if this is not possible, use a phone call. Do not write by e-mail or on social media about wanting to leave the workplace. It’s almost the same thing to dump a girl by text.


Prepare for the conversation. If you lead any project to offer in these last weeks that you modify, tell temporarily to his Deputy, and how it works.

Maybe you’re such a valuable employee that the boss promised you a raise and a week of additional leave? Think about what improvements you’re ready to stay, but if you’re determined, politely say that you provided a very good opportunity to realize themselves and you can’t miss this chance.

And if on such statement the head of the boil and will order you to go immediately? Ready your things to the collection? Or have to run around the floors to collect mugs, spoons, cups, documents, etc.


Don’t step around. The conversation should be brief, informative and take place in a positive manner with a neutral tone.

Tell him you appreciate the time and experience gained in this company, but it’s time to grow and develop further.


Write a formal letter of resignation and not make a mess in social networks. It is not necessary to write about how happy you are to leave this rotten cowboy office, where the head instead of brains — shit, and former colleagues — solid degenerates.

Besides the obvious troubles that could bring a chance encounter, this behavior will present you in a very unfavorable light, not only among friends but also among possible future employers.


Warmly said goodbye to colleagues. Order a couple pizzas for your Department, expressed words of gratitude, recall a pleasant working points, offer to contact you for help «in case». In General, do your best to go nicely.

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