How to quit the habit

the man bites his nails

To quit the habit is to break up with the wrong friend: first you will be bored and lonely, and then you’re going to enjoy what went into it. Bad habits always cause inconvenience, and in fact they’re just a way of expressing the accumulated stress. So read today’s post and maybe it motivates you to abandon the harmful and annoying habits that you yourself already tired.


Before you decide to get rid of bad habits, you need to understand than it actually is. You’re likely to behave from childhood, telling the truth: habit is a second nature. If you grind your teeth, perhaps you did not notice. But if you want to change, you just have to realize what habits prevent you from living.

People assess each other by appearance and behavior. Because everyone can see your bad habit, they make their impression about you and it including. Don’t let them see themselves as a fool just because you bite your nails. Under any circumstances don’t let people to think of you with condescension because of such nonsense like a bad habit.

As with many things, there is a rule: the main thing — to want. If you have the desire to get rid of bad habits is half the battle. All who though time in life tried to quit Smoking knows that it is necessary to choose constantly and fervently. If you don’t this idea, you will fail the whole undertaking; the habit to quit for someone else — a pointless exercise. Your willpower must be really strong, and the desire to get rid of bad habits — one of the most pressing and powerful wishes.

When did you realize what is your bad habit, and wanted to get rid of it, define a program of action to eradicate these weaknesses once and for all. Then make your plan and say goodbye to your harmful habit.

Prepare to throw

Start with the fact that to be taking notes with the time every time appears your bad habit. This not just will help you truly understand how often you indulge their weaknesses, but it would be useful to provide a complete picture of distress. For example, you know that picking my nose, only when watching TV. Think of it as the intelligence — intelligence-gathering.

You might want to bring their family and friends. Then let them they always tell you, when you once again want to relax because often these habits are discovered inadvertently. So, you pacify your pride and be motivated for new achievements.

Yes, you’re constantly under stress. You will try to get rid of this stress, and this is most easily done by getting rid of its causes, harmful habits. Maybe this habit notice for you, your children or work colleagues — I agree, it is inconvenient? A bad habit is only a symptom of a more serious problem, and if you realize that this habit is triggered, it may disappear.

Often bad habits are just a way to occupy his hands, or to gain time, or to calm nerves. They are often meaningless, but the mere fact that you are constantly doing something meaningless, already suggests the idea that in this there is nothing good. Find ways to occupy yourself and calm down, which will have at least some practical value. You can buy a harmless habit: for example, instead of having to scrunch with your fingers, buy yourself a yo-yo and have fun with it.

Specific problems

Nail biting

Nails are there for a reason: they protect the skin and perform other functions: they have it and itch, and to take small things. You know what nails you need. So for what are you constantly eating? What you’re doing, is hurting you: you’re ruining the body’s natural defenses, give the microbes a place for reproduction and the inlet into the bloodstream — and it is fraught.

To stop biting your nails, you can buy a special nail Polish with an unpleasant taste or simply wear gloves when you’re home. And helps what? Trim the nails once they grow back to the length that allows you to hold them between the teeth. You can also constantly something to occupy his hands to keep them as far away from the mouth. Biting my nails, standing in traffic? Try instead to rattle the rhythm of the music from the radio on the steering wheel.

Suck toes

Believe it or not, this habit is not only young children. Many adults are also constantly pulling the fingers in the mouth: they simply have not passed this childish habit. It may seem harmless, women — even sexy, but with hand-to-mouth get germs! And so it is possible to deform the upper teeth — this is a serious problem.

If you suck your fingers, try something is to replace, for example, gum or all of the same varnish, which disaccustoms the nail-biting. And, again, keep your hands busy so they had no chance to be in your mouth.

Scrunch with your fingers

People are divided into two groups: some think that cracking your fingers is absolutely harmless, while others believe that it leads to arthritis. As always, the truth is somewhere in between. If you frequently crack your fingers, it is, of course, benefit the joints will not go: this nasty crunchy sound actually contributes to inflammation of the joints. The noise is coming from the exploding gas bubbles, but in the long term, this strain on the ligaments are still excessive.

So medical contraindications of christenia fingers are not obvious. But the crunch of the joints is very annoying. The only way to crunch fingers to keep your hands busy and not to connect them.

Teeth grinding

This occurs most often at night, and completely unconsciously. Habit is hurting jaw in General and teeth in particular, they become very sensitive and corrupted. In some cases grinding the teeth causes headache. They say that dentists can prescribe from scratch special gum. Anyway, throughout the day chew gum that your teeth have a new hobby.

To pick your nose

Should I even bother to talk about the social and hygienic aspects of picking your nose? You say, sitting on the meeting — and still notice it. So, you try to do it as quickly as possible. Then just use a napkin. And can be worn on the index finger of the bandage so it will be harder to stick your finger up your nose.

You bite your lip

Mostly it’s a harmless habit, but it can be a real curse. If you bite your lips, this can cause pain, wounds, skin dryness and dryness. Use lip balm and chewing gum.

To chew on the handle

This habit arises from our school days when the pen was always at hand and we thought he could bite her once or twice. Or nibble to the middle. On pens and pencils are teeming with germs, so biting them is at your own risk, not to mention the fact that the office is generally inappropriate. If this is a problem, dip the tips of all the pens in Tabasco sauce or wasabi. And, traditionally, chew gum.

Drop it for their own gain

In the end, remember that you are doing it for themselves. If you really want to, you will definitely get rid of bad habits, it will add you points to the self-evaluation.

If the venture fails, do not worry. Try again.

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