How to quit Smoking

how to quit SmokingSmokers will tell you that there’s nothing more enjoyable than to smoke relish after a hard day. And more smokers will tell you that they would like to quit the habit.

For example, in the UK alone, more than 120 000 deaths occur each year due to diseases caused by Smoking. And Smoking greatly increases the risk of lung cancer.

Do you often smoke? Have you ever tried to quit? You have failed? Doesn’t matter if you smoke only in the company or permanently, our tips will help you to get rid of this habit.

Make the decision

The first thought that comes into your head is: «Why should I quit Smoking?» For starters, it is important for your own health. If you quit Smoking, your risk of developing any cancer is reduced. And yet we know that rushing to smoke people are much healthier than people who smoke. Besides, your loved ones will no longer be passive smokers and this is also important.

Now the fun part. Your breath will no longer smell of cigarette smoke, you’ll start to feel the real taste of food and flavors. And think about the saved money that formerly went for cigarettes. If you smoke a pack a day, a week, say, three hundred rubles. In a month — one thousand two hundred. For the year — 14 500 rubles. The average salary of.

It is important to remember that you can quit Smoking only when you’re ready. It is not necessary to quit Smoking for other people for reasons that don’t excite you. To quit Smoking should be exclusively for yourself. Only then you will succeed.

Walk this way

They say that quitting Smoking is difficult. Nicotine and caffeine are drugs, you know? Therefore, we have prepared for you different advice.

Define the date when you start to throw

When you decided to quit, it is important to set a specific date from which you are engaged. If you do not, you will constantly delay this moment. You also need to decide how you are going to throw: gradually reducing the number of cigarettes smoked or immediately. Of course, to leave at once — much better. If you continue to smoke but less, chances are, you’re not going to quit.

Tell us about

For you it would be better if everyone around will know that you’re quitting. Tell me about it all: family and friends. If he gets off, it will hurt your pride. And you have to surround a reminder that you can’t smoke at home, at work, in the car. And so that people can see them.

Ask for help

We call friends to help us move things when we’re moving, because it’s easier for us. If you’re going to quit Smoking together you will motivate each other and pour each other’s soul when things are bad.

You can also try acupuncture and hypnosis. Saying it works, and your body ceases to perceive nicotine. Someone helps, some don’t. It’s your choice.

Get rid of Smoking accessories

If you keep cigarettes in the house, it means you wait for the break. Throw away everything associated with Smoking: ashtrays, lighters, cigarettes, everything. And everything associated with Smoking.

For example, if you smoke when you drink coffee, better to drink less coffee. The same applies to alcohol and sex (though how to give up sex, I don’t know). Can even glue the Wallpaper at home to get rid of the smell. And wash the curtains.

Compensate hunger with something else

Smoking is a habit, often we do it even unconsciously, trying to calm nerves or simply to occupy myself. You need to replace it with something else. For instance, eating vegetables, chewing gum or sucking lozenges.

Moreover, instead of Smoking some other way to waste time. How? When you want to smoke, drink gulp a glass of water or hold your breath. It will distract you, and the seconds pass.

Change something in your life

When you quit Smoking, you new life begins, and you have to change your usual routine in accordance with it. And again, if you smoke when you drink your morning coffee, it is better to drink instead of orange juice. If you used to go to the Smoking room during the lunch break, now conducts his non-Smoking colleagues.

Hang out less with smokers

Not necessary at all to quit their Smoking friends, just spend time where there is no smoke. In the cafe, choose a non-Smoking room. Remember friends who do not smoke, renew social ties. This is important until you get rid of the habit. Then you will not even be drawn to cigarettes. Need to stay away from temptation, so you faster quit the habit.

Asked for medical help

Doctors understand that in this case it is much easier to say than to do, so we developed a special medication to quit Smoking. What? Gum with nicotine, for example, will help you take your mouth and even to a tiny amount of nicotine — it will calm your body. And then there are the nicotine patch, don’t forget to unstick him in time.

Be persistent

We have already said, quitting Smoking is not easy, you will be surrounded by temptation, but never lose determination. It’s not a sprint it’s a marathon. Every day you have to fight, and every day you will become easier.

Voznagragd yourself

The decision to quit is an important step in your life. And it’s worth noting. Take the money that otherwise would have spent on cigarettes and buy yourself something nice. So you will give yourself and cut off all ways of escape. Two birds with one stone!

For more tips

Here are a few additional tips that will help you through this difficult time.

Hate cigarettes

To ensure that old habit you do, try to develop a distaste for tobacco. So you don’t start Smoking again. Can be used for these purposes, a can full of cigarette butts, and from time to time to open it and inhale the aroma. Uh… flavor? Want to smoke — open the jar, enjoy.

Carry on hand the rubber band

Another trick is based on behaviorism. Put your hand the rubber band and snap it everytime you want to smoke. Is going to hurt. Then you develop a reflex: you’ll associate Smoking with pain and subconsciously begin to avoid him. And consciously too.


Training will help you to strengthen the lungs and permanently occupy his hands. You start to feel better and attribute it to the benefits of non-Smoking lifestyle. Besides, it’s a shame to negate Smoking all the benefits from training, right?

Eat regularly

Eat certain amount of food at certain times. If you have a daily routine, you’ll know exactly when you want to smoke — but at the same time and improve their health. Another advantage: you stop to overeat and get fat, but this often happens with those who quit Smoking.

Go in small steps

«Forever» is a scary word, it requires you to follow a certain course for the rest of my life. Do not look beyond the present day, do not scare yourself long-term commitments. Today you will do everything not to smoke. Tomorrow you’ll do it again.

In the smoke

When you’re all said and done, remember that in Smoking there are no «for» one «against.» Moreover, no one is forcing you to quit. The challenge you threw yourself — so make sure he came at an appropriate moment in your life. And the last one. When you’re trying to compensate for the Smoking, doing something else, be careful not to get hold of new habits.

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