How to quickly master new skills

Comprehension skills are key to personal development. But it happens that the chosen skill, even as attractive as the game on the tube according to the method of Mr. Gudza, or so lucrative as the manufacture of Kraft for something, not amenable to development. If you yourself are interesting, but not talking. Then you should once again seek the wisdom of these abundantly different life experiences articles Learn this recipe: stir, shake, put in the sun, apply directly before the receiving process.

Do what pleases you get is when you really want to. Then do not force yourself, then don’t have to think about how it is better to learn this skill. Do in life only what truly brings you joy, and don’t waste time learning the skills that will never find application. So do not listen to anyone, and comprehend only what you like.

Isolation from society and just annoying

You understand that in silence, alone, in a state of mental equilibrium, when no distractions, no one climbs with their business, no one offers more exciting events than learning and mastering something new (it is clear that spree, trash, waste, and rock-n-roll is much more fun), all new should be directly into the brain, like rats in the magic flute. So it is necessary to isolate themselves from any possible irritants. And if you teach in a hurry, nothing good will come — it will, as with mathematics in school.

Focus on one thing

As the proverb says: «For two hares chase — you will not catch any». Therefore, it is completely pointless to learn multiple skills. And it is not necessary to cite as an example a school or UNIVERSITY, then it was the usual, basic learning, and as many cites their gold honors and medals. Was still items in which you are deeply understood, and were those that you knew superficially. In addition, the University has given education and half of the objects created only in order to score a teaching time and to justify the presence of a lot of teachers often spend too much time on the same topic.

So focus on something separate.

Fractions into small pieces

manygoodtips.com_10.10.2016_FZsYXxOBsGmKiSome of the more difficult skills of analysis and reflection of all the allegories of the film «the Holy mountain». So it is much easier to split them into components and to examine individual pieces to master them to perfection. For example, to learn to drive, you’ll need to work out the shifting, clutch, braking, cornering to get used to the review mirror, etc. And then to tie it all together. To learn how to professionally to play the guitar, you’ll need to work on arpeggios and chord pinching and then connect.

Repetition is the mother of learning

Any skill, even the most resource-intensive, you need to automate, rehearsing and practicing the skill. You’ve seen the athlete who has won medals immediately after the first workout? It is the same.

Even one successful build of a Rubik’s cube does not guarantee that a successful attempt will not happen only through 523532 hours, full of tantrums and frustration.

In order to place, you need to make the transition from skill to skill, and this is possible only through countless repetitions. And preferably in different variations.

But the main thing here, as in the case of anti-religious stand up front by the FSB, is not to overdo it. Everything should be in moderation, otherwise the fun is lost.


The brain must receive information about the correct implementation, otherwise you can learn some horseradish. You can draw pictures and consider them a masterpiece of abstract art, and then wonder why everyone who sees them, eyes to bleed. You can sing in the shower, long and constant, and then watch as the song contest closes ears. Need someone who would have time to say «Stop!» and show in which direction to go.

Of course, this is not available in all areas. For example, a Potter, whose pots out curves and crack when firing, it should be clear that he’s doing the game.

A good teacher

manygoodtips.com_10.10.2016_pMl71BY5Y5rdnTell me, who taught you, and I will say that you will know and be able to. Approximately 70% of our knowledge base given us by teachers, the remaining 30% is what we picked up ourselves. It is therefore very important to find a good teacher who, among other things, able to make difficult things simple. As was said by Ralph Emerson: «the Teacher — the man who can make hard things easy». Another thing is that to find this quite difficult.

Continuous analysis of the past

Analysis — the process that slows down business, but without it in any way. We should analyse everything every time, even after a successful attempt. To do this, of course, lazy and not very comfortable for the ego. Therefore, the majority avoids. And promotes this addition dramatically.

The usual fear of showing incompetence. He’s here for times removed from a direct recognition that you are not Maestro, just ahead of the curve are going to learn. It is necessary in the process to analyze their mistakes as teaching moments. Not in the sense that doing them deliberately, and making mistakes is normal and an important response to the error.

Go into yourself and imagine

I say that comprehension skills need to understand ourselves — in other words, to think about why you want it, and what he’ll bring. If you clearly and vividly imagine the advantages if you can say, visualize them, if you can imagine the coveted fruit, which you will be able to collect, being improved and boosted, the process of obtaining these skills will flow much faster and more enjoyable. Especially if the horizon dawned the prospect doubly to improve their financial situation.

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