How to pump up a lagging muscle

In man everything should be beautiful: the quadriceps, and back, and Delta. But sometimes the left bicep lagging behind right pectoral muscle after a long visit to the rocking do not grow, rear or Delta, or even a forearm or a-line. This is called lagging muscles, muscles that in fact or according to their owner not physical enough. Probably there never was a bodybuilder who was completely satisfied with its proportions and volumes of the muscles. Even world class professionals, there are «problem» areas. What’s the matter? In some cases – her Majesty genetics which does not allow you to be big, handsome, like Schwarzenegger, forcing him to eke out an existence in the image of a small Shnyrev. In others there is no gap there. It is a natural asymmetry.

Most often, when it comes to lagging, flying tips like «add shipping» and some heresy about the weak anabolism in the muscle group. Amateurs!

Or train all or nothing

The main problem for most people and the main cause of lagging muscles. Note to novice bodybuilders. The gist of it is that people only train what they want to train they like to do, then do it. A man came into the hall and starts could you train chest biceps, resting his neck on a heavy legs workout, back. Many people traditionally begin to frantically download the «what is behind». Bigots, that is after this and there are «weak muscles». So from the very beginning up evenly. All evenly. Even Arnie in his time made such a mistake, paying more attention to his beloved chest, and quite scoring on his feet. But Arnie is Arnie, over time, changed his mind and spent a lot of time to bring the body into harmonious «samonsky» order.

Proper technique

Comrade, improper technique of the exercise prevents you normally swing! For example, shaking the target muscle, try to load entirely lay it on the muscle, not «went» to the neighbors. It is better to take less load, but to do everything technically.

In General, it is not necessary to consider themselves the most intelligent, take an example from a Pro. Try to constantly burden yourself with exercise, without compromising technique. On the contrary, improve it, improving the communication brain-muscle to best practice.

Gold load balance

As you know, excessive, insufficient load harmful for your mighty appearance. Spoils technique exercises and muscles do not get the intensity, which is necessary for their growth.

The load should be matched to the individual and his restorative abilities. If there is insufficient or excessive, growth will not be.

Give attention to lagging

The most logical solution is to increase the load for normal muscle and instead double the load on the unfortunate stragglers. Simply put, cull gold from the rich and give to the poor. It’s logical: do more approaches in the exercises on the muscle – it is more difficult, added weight exercises (even 1.25 kg) – muscle harder, reducing rest between sets (2 min., was 1 min.) – muscle harder, did superset – muscle harder. A normal muscle doing exactly the opposite. No, not ignored, and increase the rest time, do not show off with the weight.

It is important to consider several aspects:

The volume of training (i.e. the number of sets and reps for one exercise)

Frequency of training (i.e. how often you train a muscle group)

Energy in approach (due to the principles of increasing the intensity you can increase the load in a round)

The frequency of approaches (ie, how much you rest between sets; less is more load)

Movement amplitude (full amplitude to spend more energy than short)

Weight in exercise (affects the load, but I put on the last place, because the pursuit of weight disrupts technique and neuro-muscular connection)

All or nothing

The most effective way – to train exceptionally weak muscles. They literally thrive on the eyes. But lost everything else, there will be new behind, and they too will need to catch up. Such risks can only the super professionals.

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