How to prove to my father that you’re an adult



Hi actually a question, I’m 21, I like everyone of the parents is no secret, and indeed not really hiding, but not really brag about the fact that sometimes sitting with friends at a bar, talking over a beer, visited the «cultural» dance clubs, etc. Jokes fume passed, but couldn’t get out with my dad a beer, even though he knows I’m not the apotheosis of a healthy lifestyle, but where it was not, I help him in any way, for example, repair, or other situations, it just burns eyes does not allow me to drink, starting to feel like a 16 year old boy who smokes, hiding behind the garages, and every common thing for me is getting boring, I still give him to understand that I’m not 16 that would drink me lemonade «Pinocchio»?


Of course, you can consider yourself an adult at 21, but your old man knows better, he’s still a youngster. Yes, and you’ll know when you reach his age as 21 years is not so much as you read. The fact that you’re hanging out as an adult doesn’t make you an adult (and don’t rush it becomes). Your dad is wiser than you, and if he thinks you’re still small to him at the same table to sit and mugs to knock, then and there.

In addition, some parents do not want their children growing up, because the older the children, the older it is. And of course they don’t want to see in their children some flaws, I don’t want children repeating their mistakes. In General, the list of reasons can be continued indefinitely. But in General, parents don’t view you as equal to them man, you still in their eyes small and young. And I think that we should not ruin the illusion.

You can prove your dad is an adult in other things, and drink a beer with someone else.

And still sucks when without a drink «any common cause, for me, becomes boring«. To make common cause of the son with the father should be in the buzz without the booze.

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