How to protect yourself from attacks of angry animals

manygoodtips.com_10.06.2015_LGQHlOO95f6RDAnimals are, literally, the living treasures of our planet. Except when they are going to eat you or just kill you, not to get underfoot.

But it should be borne in mind that this is rare. And usually even the most dangerous creatures do not attack people just like that. It is sufficient to respect the personal space of animals and to stay out of their territory, and then you will be in trouble. However, in view of the growing human population, some conflicts can not be avoided.

When this happens, and you’re in real danger of being devoured, to help often come to our animal instincts. Sometimes they can help us. And yet, as in all cases, the best option would be to keep a clear head and possess the knowledge that you can save to a specific attack. Roughly speaking, you must understand that each animal has his kryptonite. And you have to be ready to apply this knowledge in every moment of life because you never know where you may be in danger of.

Here are some tips that will help you stay alive or to avoid dealing with the 10 dangerous animals you could meet in your life.

1. Shark

Poradi.s.ua_10.06.2015_tC6J1o1CgTgVYThe sharks die a fairly large number of people, but that is no reason to destroy these creatures. What can save you from their attacks? You probably heard that the best way to defeat the shark is to push it with his foot in the nose. But this is not true. First and foremost you must understand that you are under water (the majority of sharks usually live there), and therefore, your strike will lose a lot of power. Therefore it is better to aim at the eyes or gills to hit (they are just above the pectoral fins). To be honest, to win a battle with a shark in the open ocean, the task is that Richard Dreyfuss, and you are not it. So try to swim away, as silly as it may sound. Slowly without any sudden movements, not turning to the shark’s back and not floating right in front of her nose. Try to get out of the water, and you will have happiness.

2. Boa

manygoodtips.com_10.06.2015_fSc8h0qXdyNOEIf you find yourself in difficult circumstances with boa, the first step is not to panic. Although it may seem impossible, especially at a moment when the snake-sized fire hose squeezes your throat and blocks the access of oxygen to the brain. A boa constrictor would squeeze you more every time you exhale, so try to inhale more air. The best defensive measure may be a sting in the tail of the snake as much as possible. This might make the snake loosen its grip. Try free hand to get some blunt object, a stone or something. And start to thrash this subject her on the head. Boa does not like to communicate with the starter, which gives him back, and if you start to fight back, he is likely to consider you a less tasty.

3. Dog

manygoodtips.com_10.06.2015_KGt9x4gQwrz43You’ll always think dogs are such lovely creatures, friends of man and generally «dog is much rather the people and blah-blah-blah», but it will be as long as you don’t attack one of them or not will be attacked by a whole flock. Dogs can be dangerous and not just dangerous, but deadly. If you are faced with a mad dog, try not to move sharply, hands close to body, don’t smile and don’t look the dog in the eye. Whatever you do, don’t try to run away. You will in any case be slower than a German shepherd. If combat cannot be avoided, try to hit the dog’s eyes and use his weight advantage to overpower the animal. Before the battle try to find some more or less strong stick. If your running around the crowd of stray dogs, potratila on the gas cartridge, he can save you from the pack.

4. Bear

Porada.kom.ua_10.06.2015_2n5ziN64GBLbtIf you suddenly appeared in the campaign, and even in the woods, bears can become your headache. You may encounter one of them, and these animals are dangerous enough. If the bear is small, you don’t have to run back down from this animal face down and very slowly and if the bear is still coming, on the contrary, stand at full height, take a large branch, stick and loud sarici him. The bear sees this crazy behavior pathetic chelovecheski both intimidating and dangerous, and therefore, in view of his frequent cowardice, he will flee. Well, and that he knowingly take the risk? But avoid eye contact, it is regarded by the animal as a personal insult and deeply hurt the pride of the animal. If the bear is large, to argue with him is not worth it. This could end badly. Just svennis in a ball and be quiet, let him lose all respect for you. Do not climb on the tree, as many bears are really good climbers.

White bear is a little different. Despite the fact that they are carnivorous creatures, however very cowardly, and therefore it is necessary to take up a rather long stick that they can think that you are very tall and interfere with you do not need.

5. Killer bees

Hold.kom.ua_10.06.2015_h19Ox3v3Ud71YThis is no ordinary bees. Killer bee is a hybrid of African bees with European bees called «Africanized bee». They differ in their size and aggressiveness. They were killed by more than one hundred people and not one thousand Pets. On the American continent they spread with terrifying speed, thanks to its stamina. It’s basically a sci-Fi horror, because first Africanized bee was an experimental type, which was contained in one Brazilian laboratory. But these creatures somehow got out.

You don’t want to face the hives of these insects. If you smell heavy perfume on you shiny jewelry, wear dark clothes, you make yourself more susceptible to attack by these bees. You need to run, and run against the wind, and also to cover her face. The wind will help to stop the bees, but you couldn’t stop, because those things can haunt for quite a long time. No need to get under the water, they will just wait for the moment when you come up, don’t talk in the air with one’s hands is they will attract more. So run, man!

6. Gorilla

manygoodtips.com_10.06.2015_bdLiodS6LVCuVGorillas are like us. Perhaps they are not as smart, but much stronger, and constantly naked. Despite the fact that gorillas are by nature grazers, they often attack people. If the gorilla next to you will be angry, you should not fight or to fight back – this monkey is much stronger than you. Keep your head low and her eyes let go. Don’t run away. Sit down and pretend that you’re just resting. Then the gorilla will think you’re showing him respect and not encroach on its territory. She’ll think you’re a good guy and maybe even change your mind to kill you and make friends with you.

7. Tiger

manygoodtips.com_10.06.2015_BlFNF8fSfjO6mTigers are pretty fierce creatures. And even in circuses, they are not particularly trainable. And in India cause a lot of problems, because I love to lunch with people. Tigers like to sneak up on prey, so if you’re loud and noisy man, they may not want to attack you. Currently, the tigers are the most fearsome killing machines among the beasts, but you have a few tricks up my sleeve against them. Tigers prefer to do one shot at the victim, so you should definitely Dodge this shot, then you must take a stone, a heavy branch of a tree and strike at the threat of a striped cat. Like a boa constrictor, tiger looking for easy prey. Therefore, most likely, he’ll back off. Although we all realize that the chances you had. And they are terribly afraid of fire, as, indeed, all animals.

8. Alligator you have been so successful that it was found in the river on an angry alligator, the first thing that you should remember, – do not swim in a zigzag pattern. Your main goal is to get out of the water and is swimming you will slow down, but the alligator is not, because he is a great swimmer. If you are already close to the shore, there is a chance that this reptile’ll leave you alone, because they don’t like fighting on land. If all the same alligator you caught, you must fight back. Bay eyes, nose and ears (Yes, he has them), but if you already see before him the open mouth of the ancient reptiles, and she is trying to pull you under the water, then attack the palatal valve, which protects their throat when they are submerged. It resembles a small flap of skin and is located behind the tongue. Clicking on it will flood the Airways reptiles and force them to release you. But use this as a last resort for protection.

9. Puma

manygoodtips.com_10.06.2015_niczcEmwAoGm9Cougar rarely attack humans, and over the centuries of observations, it is known only about a hundred attacks. But if you were 101 in this list, then you should know the following. Noise as much as possible. In the eyes of a Cougar you will seem more impressive and dangerous than it actually is. If push comes to shove, Puma tries to cut your throat, so at the moment of attack, throw yourself on your back in the fetal position, grab a rock or stick and hit this brazen cat in the face. It can help you. Most importantly, protect the throat.

10. Beloglavec Orlan

Porada.kom.ua_10.06.2015_EUh9Hukyt5h1BFrom him there is no salvation. Eagle pray to the gods.

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