How to protect yourself and your friend



Which contraceptives exist and what is better to use ??


Dude, this is you asked of course. It’s obvious. Well, of course we will try to help you and to tell you about the different contraceptive methods read more.

Or we got the worst student, the local Troll, there is no difference, we answer all. Yes, and you would do well to learn something new about the methods of contraception during sexual intercourse. Fortunately, in our time full of this stuff, and a great choice. And once protection was so crazy that some makes me want to vomit, not to have sex.

Answering the question dude, we describe the traditional and most acceptable means of contraception.

1.Coitus interruptus

Of course we started with the most common «contraception». Why? Why can’t we just wear the damn condom? You know in advance that you will have to stop in the enchanting moment. Oh. What can I say, of course, it’s not safe. This method not only breaks off all the buzz, but also gives the ability of your penis to pick up a couple of bad sores, you will identify and will take you too long to get rid of them.

Besides, not the fact that you will have time to stop. Unwanted pregnancy is not the best method of continuing the relationship or on the contrary their termination. Of course you know that even with lubrication, the few drops that contains enough sperm that can cause pregnancy. You read about it a bunch of times, but still continue to practise the interrupted sexual intercourse. This method is reliable only 40%, the risk is certainly a noble cause, but not in this case.

2. «Safe» days

This method calculate safe days associated with the cycle your friend. It is believed that the favorable time for pregnancy is the period within a few days after ovulation. The rest of the time can be called «safe». But of course this is nonsense.

On this method you can learn from my girlfriend, but we advise you to apply it in practice.


Where the same without them. We already told you about the fascinating history of the condom, and perhaps now you will learn about rubber assistant something new. We think that is the most convenient method of contraception. But, it’s not the safest method, unfortunately. The reason is that the constant friction on the condom there are typical cracks through which can flow your sperm.

Why this could happen? Perhaps you have a little time into foreplay and your girlfriend is not excited, i.e. when the penetration was not enough lubrication. If your companion is generous with natural selection, you can easily use the special grease. The reliability of this method of contraception only 60-70%.

4.Hormonal birth control pills

You will be surprised, but it is almost the most effective method. He will protect you with my girlfriend from unwanted pregnancy with a probability of 98%. But the disadvantage of such drugs is that they are powerless when meeting with sexually transmitted diseases. This method should only be used with a regular partner, given that you’ll both be healthy. For this it is advisable to be examined.

5. Hormonal contraceptive patch

This is something new. No need to enter and swallow. This patch is not for you, but for your friend. When using this patch allocates ethinyl estradiol and norelgestromin that penetrate through the skin into the blood and block ovulation. The patch also causes changes in cervical mucus, which prevents the entry of sperm into the uterus. If you understand this, then go to the pharmacy for the contraceptive.

If you understand, then it has one significant disadvantage, as the pills this patch will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

6.Hormonal ring

Again apply it should your friend. The ring looks like a ring, it is not strange. A girl has to enter it from the 1st to 5th day of the menstrual cycle on the 22nd day ring removed. A week later, on the 8th day, introduces a new ring. In short, this thing, when it is inside your girlfriend secretes hormones that prevent the release of an egg from the ovary, thus fertilization is impossible.

As you probably have noticed, almost all of these techniques are a women, you have only condoms and coitus interruptus. If you have a serious long term relationship, you should consult with your girlfriend, together you will be able to choose the optimal method of contraception.

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