How to protect a woman


Fellow men, can who faced such situations when some asshole decides to say something offensive to the women, which at the moment you is actually under your protection? Or when some cocky type decides to slap on the ass your charming friend? Well, or the most difficult when some aggressive FEMALE allows himself to insult your companion? Tell us what a real man can do, and what should be done in such a situation, I’m sure many would be useful to know!


I would like to share with you a vivid example from life, where I easily defeated all the bullies and anyone who dared to insult my woman, but fortunately did not have this experience, besides the situations are different and should act differently.

What exactly you cannot do is to endure all the insults and other negative actions in respect of any loved one, and especially women.

To be a man (in the large sense of the word) — it’s not easy, but the good news is that while we live we learn.

To easily extricate himself from an unpleasant situation in the first place you need to try it not get. If you can’t avoid the bad companies, then try all the scare of Hama. First get in shape, do sports, even if you don’t know some martial art, your impressive form (and she biceps) will make you wonder bully is it worth to contact you. By the way, it is very important your confidence. Confident people can be seen from far off. Posture, gait, gestures, everything suggests that the person represents. Similarly, coward and weak, insecure personality is also immediately evident.

So you need to be strong both physically and emotionally. But let’s say the same stupid bully is so stupid not to notice your confidence and biceps, and just noticed the sexy ass of your girlfriend, you’d like the face to give him, but that’s only with him a bunch of cronies. No matter how strong and confident you are, against the scrap… you know. In this case, you have to temper your mettle and put the bully on the shoulder… verbal. All these stupid hooligans who tend not peasant behavior are very sensitive to «concepts». Try in conversation to use such words and phrases, like «do you think that did as a man?», «I thought that I was dealing with a man,» etc. of Course don’t forget the confidence in his voice, but keep a calm tone, don’t let the bully understand that he’ll get caught, be calm, do pauses in words, speak loudly but don’t shout. Confidence, confidence and more confidence.

There are two developments, your behavior will break a bully and he even began to respect you, to apologize to you and your lady and even kiss her hand. Or he will call you in the nose because he is so stupid that he could not answer the words, because often beat when there is nothing left to say. Hit her back, if you’ll shut him up, be proud in front of his lady, if not, and his buddies are already rolling up their sleeves, grab a friend and run. What to do when the forces are unequal? Of course you can pretend to be invincible, and stand to the last but one is a warrior. Think about a friend, what will happen to her if the bullies beat you.

With regard to the situation «when some aggressive FEMALE allows himself to insult your companion«, here let the women understand themselves. If the course has reached the point that this aggressive person infringes on your girlfriend with a brick, you can feel free to move it. Women can not be, but if they threaten your loved ones or you, and do not behave like a lady, and the face may to like men.

The General theme of protection and defence is very interesting, we already wrote how to repel all sorts of shit, and maybe write some more articles about it, and yet, the editors more than confident that our readers will share with you in the comments your experience and advise you, and other dudes like to be in such situations.

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