How to promote your business using social media

Already a decade social networks are at the top of the web Olympus. Since then, mark Zuckerberg, and he and Pavel Durov introduced the world to their creations, Russian users inevitably huge numbers exposed to them. According to the latest statistics, the monthly audience of our compatriots in the «Vkontakte» is 87 million people, Facebook to 14.5 million in Instagram to 18.5 million in fact, today the average user is not limited to one account and has seven pages in different social networks.

manygoodtips.com_15.11.2016_wBSibEH0DLlPwNot surprisingly, the new trend is advertising on social networks is becoming more popular. According to eMarketer, in 2015, the cost of which increased by 33.5%, to $ 24 billion. More and more companies know where the treasure is buried treasure and join the harvest. In 2017, approximately 16% of money spent on advertising worldwide, will be spent on advertising in social networks.

Very convenient to distribute their services/products in social networks, because: there is no adblock’a, and users always see the advertising; according to the holding «ROMIR», the Russians spend in social networks more than two hours daily; this is a relatively cheap and effective. Despite some negativity on the part of users who don’t love to see their favorite posts were interspersed with advertising, we have to admit that today is the best way to convey to the customer what he actually needs.

Simple psychology: looking through your feed, a person will need one or two seconds to understand what it is, and listnote further, but in that time he has time to read the key words and remember that «action to cool the washing machine will only be this weekend.» It depends, among the advertising records he will definitely get something you really need. It is possible that this will be your «action» that gently flickers in the tape.Anyway, we can expect that a large number of customers read need news and learn about the fresh arrival is the one on your site, but surely this gets out even more people, if the same news will be broadcast in the social network. And here we face one problem. How many social networks are popular in our country? «VKontakte», «Classmates», Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, LiveJournal — almost a dozen. To have everywhere the accounts of the company would be easy, but to maintain them will be hemorrhoids that involuntarily start to think, is the game worth the candle.

Worth, read the first couple of paragraphs. Another thing that has to be dealt with a great mind. The main problem is that only some social networks support a stream of posts to the competitors, but all at the same time they wanted to sneeze on each other. That is, to present users in the portals of these nine (ten if you count your website), will turn to open each of them and to submit the same information to hang the same pictures. And given that every social network has their own criteria posts — Twitter allows too few characters, and «Vkontakte» will limit the number of records becomes very very sad.

manygoodtips.com_15.11.2016_qjFrd5algnmJjSuch a situation did not become a splinter in a soft place all SMM providers, in 2010 the launch of the Russian service NovaPress Publisher — Manager auto-publishing. Over the years these guys have constantly improved his brainchild. At first the service was supposed to send up to 6 thousand records a minute (now the number has increased to 23 thousand) and at the same time to sync up to a thousand RSS feeds. Now this indispensable tool offers to solve several problems related to posting in the social network, and has a couple of advantages over the novice competitors.

The first and foremost quality of service — it allows you to not spend a lot of time to waste and place new posts at the same time in all popular social networks. It’s very simple: you go to service page and enter the desired text with the possibility to insert any media file (this applies mainly to «Vkontakte»), choose the accounts you want to post this, and press the button cherished. Convenience is also lies in the fact that the service is adjusting entry for the format of the social network.Such posts can create a list and a couple of clicks to make them out at a certain time with a certain interval, or just lay them on the review. That is enough to set certain days of the week and set hours of the publication — the system will remember, and you will only kill your text. Plus, you can configure the automatic sending of materials from the official site as they occur or, again, on schedule. And so you soared with the hashtag, the service automatically adds them. You can even swap the entries that are in the queue to send.

Returning to the media: it is clear that the desired picture can be taken from the Internet by just pasting the URL links. But if the «trap» of yours, then there is a natural desire to defend it from the encroachments of any fans to use other people’s good. So NovaPress Publisher automatically adds a watermark on each uploaded photo, so protecting your content. The file itself is uploaded to the server NovaPress. Support the music, as well as the survey, of course, is only relevant for «Vkontakte», but the video is automatically imported from a number of Youtube, Rutube, Vimeo and Dailymotion — as soon on the channel.

manygoodtips.com_15.11.2016_zqoPgjvVZLQUJOf the obvious advantages here include the ability to connect to the service up to 25 employees to work together. One person is sometimes difficult to maintain a flow of information, so in order not to divide the account in the service for a few people, just enough to register another participant» that could also post the latest information without distracting you.

«Corporate» rate is very loyal in this respect: it gives an opportunity to choose the format of the service depending on the number of employees and accounts in social networks. The lowest is made up of 5 connected participants and a maximum of 20 accounts, the highest up to 25 employees and 95 accounts respectively. If you work on a feed tape are you going alone, the rate of «Professional» allows you to manage one account in each social network, and each additional will cost only 75 rubles a month. And regardless of the tariff plan you will have a whole 10 days free trial period for which you can enjoy the ease of automation and intuitive posting.

Of course, even quality tool in unskilled hands can be a monkey with a stick, since even posting you need to apply skillfully. For example, such a light publication very easy to get carried away and forget about the users who will comment on these posts. It is essential to maintain communication, especially with disgruntled (ignore inappropriate and disastrous), — we say if you don’t have a marketing Department, and to conduct business so….

Another way to become just «one of» — publish boring reports with stock and useless articles on the theme «we are the best because…». The audience is exactly the same as in the street — it needs to surprise and entice. Beat yourself Awlaki subscribers, ask about what they most would like to see in your group, and will become popular.

The most important element when Crossposting to take account of the local public. You didn’t just opened accounts everywhere: it is done to reach a wider audience, and the audience, it is all his own. For example, «Vkontakte» — youth social network, Facebook — angelskaya in Instagram — fans beautiful, but Twitter users do not like ranting. In General, the ability to quickly familiarize yourself with the first and with the second, third, undoubtedly drunk, but if you adjust the posts under different personalities, someone will appreciate it.Finally I want to say is that advertising in social networks is very important and will help you better promote a product, but if you do this, then sooner or later too heavily addicted and burn, or remain stagnate in their niche, never really advancing. Your task is to manage, not to advertise, so if possible, look for the right person. Or do not drive themselves to this crazy machine and allocate time, especially with the posting to make it easy.

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