How to prepare yourself for morning workouts

manygoodtips.com_21.06.2016_tPEV3HYjHV7uwMost often we go to the gym in the evenings, after work, just in the perfect social relations of the time. We hammered on the bars, Dating, cinema, to once again push muscle. And why? Because we do not have time during the day and in the morning it is difficult for us to do. But isn’t it better to train in the morning to have more free time? I think you will be worse if you get up at 6 am to do a grueling workout?

In fact, it’s worth it. In the morning to do much more practical, convenient and, frankly, much nicer. The problem will be owls, but we believe that any night owl can be rehabilitated for her own good. So today we will tell you how to prepare for morning training that are so lazy to walk.

1. Prepare in the evening

The hardest part of the morning workout is the moment of awakening. I want to lie in bed longer, and generally defer to a painful jog. That is why it is very important to devote some time the night before to set yourself up for success. For example, get your tracksuit and sneakers. Fill the bottle with water and put them in the fridge. Make sure your smartphone is charged and it has a killer playlist. Define the training program that you push, and what to do then. Thus, when you Wake up at 6 am, then you’ll know what you have to deal with, and everything will be prepared.

2. Set your alarm half an hour earlier

Old strategy that continues to work in our time. Even if your gym is across the street, you still need to set the alarm earlier to give yourself more sleep. So, paradoxically, I agree, but the way our brain works. 30 minutes of additional sleep is guaranteed to improve the performance of your spill. And then it is better to drink water, turn on some cheerful music, drink a protein shake. These things will allow you to Wake up and be ready to use your body.

3. Find a buddy at the gym

manygoodtips.com_21.06.2016_ST1sCc9oBMZkBIt will help to find motivation for going to the gym. You support him and he you. You can even go to the gym with a friend, which is quite good — still will deal with different shells to do various exercises, but to get up in the morning will be much easier. If no girlfriend, then nagomi good friend on a joint trip to the gym. Ultimately, a gym is another way to meet interesting people.

4. Enjoy in the morning

There are many good in early recovery. You can enjoy the simple things: the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, a shower, music. The more good things you find at such an early time, the better treat it. Ultimately, this will lead to the fact that you have…

5. A lot of free time in the evening

Where will you go after work? Training? And what if you already went on it this morning? Right, now at night you can go to the movies, to make your girlfriend a nice dinner or to devote time to their hobby. Any experience a sense of euphoria when he realizes that it’s sweet and heady air of freedom which is difficult to enjoy, if you have to go straight to the gym. Arrange a crazy party, of course, not worth it, they have a weekend. But the bottle of wine never hurt anybody.

6. Encourage yourself

manygoodtips.com_21.06.2016_HtRa54juF5t0HJust little gifts to yourself that you get up early and go workout. What gifts of yourself to encourage? Here everyone can find his own answer, but most people prefer something edible, harmful and insanely delicious. Why not? I think one Burger will come to naught all the result of a two-hour workout? Oh, come on!

7. Force of habit

Ultimately you have to develop a dependency that will become a consistent feature of your life. They say you have 14 days to routine became a habit, but an important condition for this metamorphosis is fun. If you do not learn to enjoy the process, you’ll never develop a habit. But when you reach it, you’ll know that the best time to exercise was always the morning.

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