How to prepare your car for winter

how to prepare your car for winter

Last week we told you how to prepare for the winter bike. Now it is time for a serious question, and at the request of readers, we will explain how to prepare your car for winter. By the way, this is a mandatory annual ritual, which must be completed in advance. Fortunately, modern automobiles to prepare for winter much easier than, say, 60 years ago. They start better, they often don’t even have a light.

And yet there are things that need to be done before we descend cold. There’s a lot you can do yourself all depends on your level of rocastle, which I hope is many times greater than mine.

1. Check the battery

The cold greatly affects the battery. The chemical reaction needed for it to work, are slowed down at low temperatures. Already at -15°C a fully charged lead-acid battery is only working at half power, so in the winter the battery should work like a clock, to the engine plant. Need more power, and battery power becomes less, so on a cold winter morning, many are faced with the fact that their car won’t start. In the service to check whether your battery replacement. Even if change was not necessary, it is still worth it to clean it from corrosion. You also need to fill the battery with distilled water if necessary.

2. Replace the wipers and put new wiper fluid

Need to the road to be seen — otherwise, normal driving is impossible. Winter snow and rain slapped the glass, significantly reducing vision. Working wipers and ice stacklocation will help you to see the road even in the snow storm. The wipers work fine only one year. Replace your if they already look worn out. You can even choose a special wipers for winter weather. Wiper fluid should be low freezing point.

3. Think about purchasing new tyres

In the winter the roads are covered with snow and ice, so you should buy winter tires. They are made of softer rubber that allows them to maintain flexibility in the wolf cold. In addition, the tread pattern of winter tires specially designed for better grip with the snow and ice. Of course, they will not insure you from slipping, but it will give more traction than conventional tires. In General, winter tires be neglected in any case impossible. It’s not the kind of thing where you save.

4. Check the tire pressure

If you’re using winter tyres is not the first year, it is necessary to check the pressure in them. With decreasing temperature the tire pressure drops. Properly inflated tires provide better contact with the road required for safe driving in winter conditions.

5. Check all-wheel drive

All-wheel drive provides better traction when traveling on snowy and icy roads — provided that it works properly. Check full drive my car before winter. We need to make sure that the system runs smoothly, gearbox is in order and all fluids are normal. In addition, if some time you have not used all-wheel drive, it’s time to remember how to do it.

6. Check the antifreeze

The ratio of water and antifreeze in the radiator should be about 50/50. This allows to prevent freezing of the coolant in the radiator. If you want to check the composition of the liquid radiator, you can buy a antifreeze tester at auto parts store.

7. Put it in the car necessities

You never know where you will find you emergency situation — it is, in fact, unpredictable. But if your car has everything you need to survive this trouble becomes much easier. We already wrote a text about 13 things that should be in your car. One day it might save your ass.

8. Replacement oil

To operate the engine, it needs lubrication. Unfortunately, the cold weather greatly reduces the effectiveness of oil. The colder it is outside, so it becomes thicker and too thick oil does not circulate in the engine with the same ease that oil in good condition. Therefore, the engine not getting enough oil, it won’t start and you’re in front of a stationary car and not know how to be.

To prevent this trouble, it is better to replace the oil with new. To determine the optimum oil viscosity for your car, you need experience. Or knowledge. Or Google.

9. Check belts and hoses

Low temperatures make the belts and hoses are weaker, because they help the engine to run. Check them for wear and tearing and replace if necessary. If the belt soskochit when you’re on the road, it will be a lot of trouble: he will not go. Will have to wait for a tow truck and freeze the ass or to ask everyone for help and also to freeze the ass.

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