How to prepare the apartment for the visit friend

she's coming to visit what to do

Let’s say you have several times met his new girlfriend finally decided to invite her to dinner. Allow women to see your bachelor pad is a big step in a new relationship: so you will let it in your life and in your apartment will be someone besides your buddies who from time to time look down to watch football.

That is why it is important to understand that your house has a lot to say about you. If you want to impress a girl a good impression, you need more than a delicious dinner (even if you slaved in the kitchen for half a day, this is still not enough).

Clean — the guarantee of health

For starters make sure that your house is clean. If dirty, she’ll think you’re a slob, that you’re irresponsible and you need a wife is a housewife, who will always pick up for you. She can also come to the conclusion that once you have a dirty home, and to personal hygiene you are slipshod. Don’t need to be a genius to understand that dirt in any of its manifestations repels.

No skeletons in the closet

Hide, throw and burn all signs of presence in your house all of your exes! Be sure that her eyes do not come across pictures of your ex-girlfriend: there’s nothing worse than to see at the beginning of a new relationship the ghosts of the past. Your new friend will instantly become insecure and find a thousand reasons to stay away from you.

To keep girl stuff in the bathroom is a practical step that will appreciate girlfriends one night and a friend with whom you’ve been Dating for a long time. If the friend is against you seriously and come to your house for the first time, all these things only repel her. So you will show her insensitive and cynical, because the girl will think about the following: «Probably, it is constantly come to different girls and he was not to bother his head bought General stuff for all my girlfriends». If you want to have it, get rid of it all.


If she doesn’t like your furniture, that’s her problem. It is impossible to think that you’re in favor of it will replace the entire atmosphere of his home, so that on this account, don’t worry. But she’ll compare your furniture with your character — this can be sure.

For example, if you have a new repair and everything in metal and glass, this requires a reinforced concerns about the cleanliness of premises: the glass everything is visible. She’ll understand it and conclude that you’re the meticulous type and you have good taste.

If you have all hardwood, and carpet, she will appreciate you as ordinary guy who likes to show off or does not have the funds. You’re a materialist and a realist, so it is useless to demand from you that you noticed her adorable earrings.

If you have on the walls hang reproductions of famous paintings, it testifies to good taste, and good taste colors, even the most rotten person.

Plants and animals

Women are crazy dudes who have flowers (at least for me, so says my girlfriend). Why? Because it is an indicator of responsibility and maturity, as well as family education. You since the childhood accustomed that the house should be flowers here and got himself a couple of pots of course. Nice, homely guy.

However, the animals — it is a moot point, it all depends on what kind of girl was found in your way. If she loves animals, she loves the fact that you have them. If not you like something is to perceive them as pests and parasites, which are of no use, one coat, dirt, stripped Wallpaper, and even food they need to buy. I’m Sorry, Ball…

How else to impress

A well-known trick: put in a conspicuous place a frame with a family photo, and sometimes more than one. This will show her that you care about family values and what you’re attached to your parents.

Another way to show off in front of her — to show what you’ve accomplished. If you have different trophies and other sports trophies on the walls, she’ll love it: the sport is manly. If you have a gold medal and a diploma framed, she will appreciate your mind and rejoice that it is not contacted by the fool. Will be proud of.

When she will visit you at your house, can breathe easy: she saw an important part of you, she met with what you previously said. Of course, to see your apartment is not all, but some idea of you as a man she already has.

If she doesn’t like what she sees in your apartment, there’s a chance she’s just not your type and, therefore, good that nothing happened. Don’t be sorry: if I did it, you’d have to break herself for the sake of these relations — the prospect is not pleasant. Always proud to introduce women in your house. No need to remove from the walls or, conversely, to pull out of the cabinets before they came. A couple strokes of the cloth — and you can call even the most expensive guest.

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