How to prepare for the hike Amateur

Of course, this summer you came up with the idea: «Hmm, why don’t I go Hiking, I never did, but in life you have to try.» Specially for people like you we have written this article. If you’re going camping, you probably have it all planned out, but we decided to tell or remind you again how it should be done. If you are a beginner, then you definitely might want to learn about the different nuances that are important for every tourist. There is nothing complicated, but all of these items it is advisable to adhere to.

1. Shoes


If you have a brain, you don’t go Hiking in flip-flops. You will need special shoes. Strong adjacent shoes. Make sure you choose your size, otherwise you’ll spend a week in the woods with huge painful blisters on my feet.

2. Backpack


Hiking with your backpack before leaving. You need to get used to and understand if you can carry that thing constantly. If you put too much stuff in your backpack and it will be very heavy, you have to get rid of trash during the hike.

3. Plants


You should know that there are really safe. When it comes to poisonous plants in your mind should not be the slightest doubt. You have to be 100% sure that the fruit you are going to take safe.

4. Failure


Stop, if you know that the campaign is getting really dangerous. Not worth the risk if you are not confident in their security. Extreme is certainly cool, but you need to know the boundaries.

5. Company


Don’t go Hiking alone. One is a warrior. Yes, you’ve read stories about brave warriors, who pulled the entire army of people. But, you’re not on the page of the artwork. If you don’t take care of yourself, you may become a hero, which will know on paper.

6. Should


Have equipment that will help you to trace the route. Use the map, GPS and compass to determine your location. But don’t rely entirely on technique. You have to understand that your gadgets at any time may fall in this case to save you, only personal knowledge. You should be able to use natural landmarks.

7. Food


Bring enough snacks. You should ensure the consumption of high-calorie foods. You should always be extra handful of nuts and dried fruit. They are lightweight, but very high in calories.

8. Water

Take plenty of fluids. Preferably ordinary drinking water. Even if you are sure that where you’re heading enough water. Cover yourself, it will never be over.

9. Leather


You will need sunscreen. The sun mercilessly even in winter, to say nothing about summer. Protect your skin with a special cream with a great SPF.

10. Protection

Bring an extra set of plasters and bandages. These things are always a little in the campaign. Due to the heavy backpack you’re rubbing shoulders and you need to protect your skin. You are definitely somewhere in the fall and something to scratch. Don’t skimp on the bandages. And generally, take seriously the collection kit.

11. Entertainment


During idle time or relaxation you will be bored what to do with myself. You can take a favorite book. No need to pull a library of exclusive and voluminous publications. Let this be a mini copy of the book. These are sold in kiosks with Newspapers.

12. Alert


Inform family and friends that are going camping. Explain about where you’re going and show the planned path.

13. Tent

Observe the instructions for the Assembly and installation of tents in advance. You can of course try to deal with the mechanism design is already in the forest, but better to practice on the Playground near the house.

14. Than


Have you got should be good and sharp knife. No, not in order to use it, like Aron Ralston, who was forced to cut off his arm after it got stuck in the rock. I hope you never will. A good knife will help you produce and prepare food. And in General, it is indispensable in the campaign.

15. Weather


We are sure that you still have a week before the hike, checked the weather forecast in the area in which you are going. But you still should check the forecast just before heading camping. There is a possibility that the weather will change dramatically.

16. Animals


In the same way as in the case of poisonous plants, you should be prepared. Find out what evil dwells in those places, where you’re going. You should know how to react when meeting a bear, for example.

17. Gadget


All the electronics that you have, but first and foremost a smartphone, it is necessary to clean waterproof packaging. If you have a chance to communicate with the outside world through mobile communications, it is better if your smartphone is suitable for operation.

18. Calm


Whatever adventures and dangerous endeavors in your way, you need to stay sane. Do not panic.

There are several points that should be mentioned, but we’re told them. So how did you come to kindergarten, we will not repeat to you several times. But you must check with several usable tips on how to survive in the woods.

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