How to prepare for ski season

We look forward to the opening of the ski season, which begins everywhere in different ways. Depend on the specific location and specific route. For example, in Krasnaya Polyana this moment was delayed because of heavy snowfall — 63 centimeters per day is a lot. But sooner or later the track opened, and starts to cut money from those who decided to ride on the mountainside. A lot of guys make a lot of money just because you are very badly prepared for the season of skiing and snowboarding. You arrive at the resort, hoping to show their best side to show the class, but do it badly, after all the money is melting away and he can’t learn to ride. You just weren’t prepared. Fortunately for you, know where to start your training and how to finish it.

Buy the whole set at once

If this is your first visit, it is reasonable to assume that you don’t have a snowboard. If you don’t have a snowboard, you probably want to hire a snowboard in place. Don’t do this. First, you will give the order to a decrepit Board that you will not listen, because you’re just starting to learn to ride a bike. Second, you will not give it for free. In peak season rent a Board costs a lot. Third, in addition to the Board you need to rent shoes separately, separately attaching and separately suit. It turns a tidy sum.

We recommend you to purchase a set of Board, bindings and boots. It is inexpensive. And not even the price thing, but the fact that you don’t have to pick up each other all the components, because not all mounts fit different seats. Besides, you, as a beginner, you need a good balance between each component of the kit. Board, bindings and boots must be designed for the entry level rider, so it is profitable to buy just the kit, not separately. In General, if you want to spend less, to get a balanced Board, boots, bindings, and your own snowboarding, you need the bundle you can choose here.

Physical training

Skiing and snowboarding is pure fun, but fun that requires from you some physical standards. You will use almost every muscle in their body when going down a snow slope. Imagine that you’ll often have to climb up — not on each plot there is a cable car, and not all they cover the entire space. One way or another, but the use of feet have often.

In this regard, we highly recommend you to get in shape for a couple of weeks before the trip. Jogging, trips to the gym. Remember that you have feet and hands. If your body remembers what it’s like to be active, and the trip to the mountains will be enjoyable and most productive. Otherwise you’ll drive one day, and the next you’re whining that your feet hurt.

Go to snowboarding school

But it is best to go through a full school snowboarding and skiing. For this you don’t need friends who «skate», and the professionals who will be able to warn you of possible errors in the technique of skiing, which are difficult to fix if you get used to implement them. In Europe all came to the conclusion that beginners should learn from professional instructors and not by trial and error, as is customary in Russia.

The fact that the skiing and snowboarding requires a complex coordination of movement and it is better to take a course from a professional and learn basic skiing technique, otherwise you can learn how to ride with errors, which is not very nice and can lead to injury.

When choosing a school it is important to pay attention to the standards that teach skating technique. For example, in the network of the schools of ski and snowboard skill SmartSnow focus on Austrian methodology of training – from simple to complex. All their instructors receive the same training as instructors in Austria in accordance with international standards of training ISIA (international Association of Trainers»). Therefore, the training program SmartSnow has not lost in quality of Austria, in this place in Russia in the Russian language, and 2 times cheaper than in Europe.A separate advantage in teaching geography schools working with SmartSnow. A single technique allows you to start training in Moscow, and to continue it in the resorts of Russia, for example, in Krasnaya Polyana, or in the Altai, or to go to the Alps. This is useful when you don’t have much time to prepare, but you want to quickly master the technique of safe riding.

Preparation of equipment

Well, you already have and snowboarding, and mount. It is possible that the snowboard you got from his older brother. And you, naively believing, you think you’re ready for a trip to the mountains. But the snow did not spare those who are not ready to difficulties. Imagine the height from which you descend. Imagine the temperature, the air and the pressure drops. You need additional equipment that will protect you from trouble. For example, if you don’t want to be blinded, you need sunglasses. Special designed for driving on snow. Also you need a Balaclava, gloves, hat, a good jacket. It is better to buy all at once than to hire on the spot.

A separate paragraph is polished boards. Do it pre — polishing the Board follows before each ride. In the mountains the polishing costs ten times more than in the city — people earn as they can. If you are a beginner and do not represent the polishing, it is best to refer the Board to the service. As a rule, it is the shop where you bought the Board. In the service, using special polishing machines, you will do everything at its best — the Board is concave or convex, and is smooth to slide as it should. But can be polished at home. For this you will need paraffin wax, the iron and the cycle. Heat the wax iron and apply it on a rough surface, and then work tsiklej. Do it as many times as necessary in order for the Board to become smooth and moving. And it’s better to apply to service.


You can buy a jacket that warms you, not the way I would like. You can buy thin gloves or Balaclava that rubs your neck, but you can’t wear regular pants if going to places with subzero temperatures. Only epic underwear that will protect your thighs from the cold any level.Deserves respect the Czech brand Lasting, which was founded in 1991. Now the name of this company is the epitome of quality thermal underwear. When doing sports, it is best to wear underwear made of synthetic materials, as it is with good moisture. But if to speak about winter in General, there is nothing better than underwear made of wool, preferably Merino. If you take clothes, then pay attention to the thickness of tissue, preferably from 160g/m2 to 290g/m.

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