How to politely introduce people to each other

manygoodtips.com_19.06.2014_KwDxe8AvbFecNYou know the scenario: you walked into the bar with a friend. Suddenly he meets his old friend, and here they are already talking animatedly with each other, and you’re standing next to, smiling like an idiot and don’t know what to do with myself.

There is nothing worse, isn’t it. As if you are there, but obviously somewhere outside of the world of these two.

If your Komrad bothered to introduce you, you would become a full member of their small social group. Not acquainting you, he denies you the status of a living person.

But do not hurry to go to beat a muzzle to his unlucky friend. He introduces you not because they deliberately want to disrespect you. He probably just doesn’t know how to do it correctly. Seriously, too many are even quite successful in social terms, the people have no idea how to properly and correctly provide to each other strangers and prefer not to do it, not to disgrace ourselves.

There are a number of rules that should provide people to each other.

Business travelers

Situation: present business partners of a different rank

How to do it: imagine a person of lower rank person to higher rank

Example: «Mr. CEO, I’d like to introduce you to Paul, a specialist of sales Department».

Situation: introducing a business partner to the client

How to do it: imagine a business partner of the client, regardless of age, gender and grade

Example: «Sergei, meet our art Director Stepan»

Situation: present business partners of the same rank

How to do this: imagine the person with whom you have recently met the man you know better.

Example: you need to meet Andrew, an employee of your branch of the company, with Igor, the employee of the Petersburg branch. You say, «Andrew I want you to meet Igor, he came to us from St. Petersburg»

Domestic travelers

Situation: introducing male and female

How to do it: regardless of the age difference, imagine a man a woman

Example: «Mary, I want you to meet Igor, we work together»

Situation: introducing a young and an elderly man (same sex)

How to do it: imagine a young summer

Example: «Alexei Petrovich, meet my friend Sasha, we learn on the same course»

Situation: introduce relative and other

How to do it: to present one relative

Example: «Dad, I want you to meet my roommate Oleg»

Situation:introduce a group of people with one person

How to do it: imagine group. Slowly names the names of each member of the group that your friend was able to remember them

Example: «Pasha, meet Irina, Sasha, Christina, Igor, Sergei»

If you are lucky to be the who today introduced, do not lose it, just remember how important a first impression.

Not be amiss to accompany a confident, firm handshake look in the eye, smiling and saying, «I’ve heard a lot about you», «pleased to finally meet in person», etc.

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