How to please the boss not to the detriment of their desire



Dear bro-dudes, have you ever faced a situation when you place expectations, and it never seemed? The result: resentment, revenge, and other bliss.

My supervisor in the course of the year several times offered me a job at the Department at my University and moreover, he offered to be my nautracom. I now work at another University with better equipment, a cool refresher course and a good salary. My neochrome this, of course, do not like. Not openly, but I can see how it starts inserting sticks in the wheels.

It takes a lot of nerves and time. All anything, but this asshole is the Vice-rector. To change neutrala not an option.

This is only an illustrative example, but such situations occur for everyone. How to get out of it, while not complicating and maybe retaining a good relationship?

The answer

Hello, our enlightened intelligent reader. I am glad that we are reading not only to students but to potential deans. Don’t forget that we helped you (and we’ll help you, because we have to give up their offspring to Universities. Here you will find useful.

Well, about your question let’s face it: most of life is. There is always someone hanging onto you their expectations and requires from you to achieve it. This is from the very childhood, imbibed with mother’s milk, which says that you have to learn, and then go to College, become a doctor, to treat the entire family. But instead you are taking part in the University KVN, and then pick up a guitar and become a famous musician, singing songs that do not approve of your grandmother.

And when the boss assigns you a task, although you volunteered to take her; when the father of your girlfriend expects you will find profitable work and stop to do their «igrulek»; when your friend expects you to make him the parts cheap just because you work at the dealership? All this — those promises that you nafig not surrendered.

Pinned hopes — heavy yoke: kind of glad that they’re counting on you, you entrust important things, but you would be much better off without these expectations.

I would recommend to many to write in my status, put signs on the desktop, and even recommend others to record on my phone as «the person on whom we can rely and expect it something will.» A long, but in the case.Everyone should carry the burden, which he can do. So you need three and sometimes four times think before something to accept. Well, if we took up something — get use. Since I threw the Provost who was your plans — be patient. This is how to make «noodles» that which is not given to you, how to raise an athlete, which is a week before the Olympics turn to another coach — in short, to give a tidbit competitors. Because all the Universities among themselves in their own way compete.

What the hell were you thinking? Couldn’t wait until will protect all that is possible? Or would have disagreed. There is nothing wrong to go for a more kosher place, but it was stupid to do that if you’re bound by the obligations with past work. You’re not a designer, which is accessed by the same direct competitors. You have no market relations here rather pedagogy, with an admixture of succession. You cooked for yourself, and you ran away.

Teachers firmly believe that they are creating the personalities, and therefore are very open to the fact that they prefer someone else. As mothers who are jealous of their children to the new wife of the father. In the end, it’s easier to manage your homegrown teach than to seek mutual understanding with came. In Universities passions are serious, almost as in politics or nobility. However, it is not for us to tell you about it.

Of course, all universities are different, but do not think about his relationship with the evil uncle, and about the prospects. Think what heights you will attain in his luxurious University? Are you sufficiently educated and motivated to firmly settle in my school, put down roots, to grow influence? Groups in higher education often are filled with despicable characters. You can face this dump is 90% of people with high self-esteem, which is gnawing inferiority complex (after all, not everybody managed to place in the profession, so they went back to teaching).

Moreover, half of the teachers are terribly stupid, do not know the subject, and ascended only through anal fawning to his superiors. Many problems with the nerves, and the annually updated requirements and attempts in time «to braid tails» extra health is not added. The scandal, the bribes are going to get, Dean is becoming obsolete, so the only chance not to go mad or to firmly establish themselves and to put his hand all the manipulations on the faculty, or have a normal job and teach for fun.

Tell me, do you have a job? And the prospects? If not, go back to the nest to neochrome. Behave — it moves. It’s not the fact that he doesn’t frazzle your nerves to protect, not forced to rewrite all 100 times. However, if your workplace everything is fine and promising, then you should probably be patient.

In General, you were in a desperate situation: remain on the job — he will torture, will change Nauchnye — to put a spoke in the wheel, if you have the time. He is guilty, you will continue to think about how to cast people who went to meet you. We don’t know how things are going at the faculty, and as your rector vengeful and vindictive, know that among the faculty the grudge and the desire to spoil the life are observed very often. If he is a man of adequate and fair, then be patient, it is unlikely he will blame you for protection, rather just not do favors. In any case, I can tell you absolutely for sure: the conversation will only aggravate the situation.I would like to know, are you a master or PhD student? In any case, if the situation is intolerable, and the tyranny exceeds beyond the limits, then periodici. Spend a year but you will work in a comfortable environment. Although there is no guarantee that after your translation of the situation at the University does not get any worse. There are people with an innate ability to attract trouble.

So, consider your future and act like we’re painted. And don’t substitute himself.

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