How to please a woman?

No, we won’t ship any pikaparkki garbage, we will tell you about simple and trivial things, which you keep forgetting. Everything in the world is quite simple. Women are not so strange, illogical and crazy creatures, as we try to convince all sorts of public. They act according to a certain logic and, in principle, deserve respect as individuals and in General. Today we have collected a few tips that will help you is guaranteed to appeal to the woman, regardless of the situation (a date, a stranger in a bar, the circle of your friends). They are simple and very effective! And they certainly come across you on the idea that will appeal to the woman is not so difficult!

1. A slow smile


It is obvious that a smile attracts any person if it is done correctly. This is the basic rule! Smile is somehow very positively received by women, while men perceived in such a positive way and makes you wonder. But we pay attention to girls, right? Girls smile is the most attractive emotion expressions. How to improve your smile? Our advice to you: smile slowly. First eye contact, then your are stretched into a smile slowly and surely, and then you look tenderly at her, simultaneously smiling. It is important that your eyes are also smiling, to put it simply, the smile has to be genuine or a good fake.

2. Confidence

Numerous surveys have revealed that girls obscenely like it when a man keeps his cool in every way and shows determination. The girls don’t like the cold alienated people, although sometimes they are confused. So the best way to impress her is to stay with dignity, but not without arrogance. Be sure then not to worry, not to shake, not to stutter and behave adequately emphasized. The ladies love it. I have a good example of how confidence raises the price to you in the girl’s eyes. I have a good friend who frankly, sysadmin thick glasses, but due to his unwavering confidence and a good sense of humor, he manages never, you know, dude, never stay without a woman. And yet it often lives at their expense, but that’s another story…

3. Underline your growth

If you have little growth, you’re out of luck. You can, of course, emphasize other advantages, for example, to dress stylishly. Ladies love stylish. But if your height is average, and it is in the view of most women 175-177 cm, to you is vital not to wear a garment that is visually, you to decrease. And all because you’re treading on really fucking thin ice: normal dress up will be high, and therefore more attractive to women. Girls, for some reason I love tall guys, probably, so they feel small and helpless.

4. Use your voice


Tell deeper, more velvety tone. Get rid of words-parasites. Feel free to speak affectionate and silly romantic dreams. By the way, recent studies have shown that guys with effeminate voices vizglyavy much less attractive to women than those who have normal pleasant male voice. So if you scream like a girl, try to talk at least as mannered girl. And girls like alone listen to the gentle whisper.

5. Keep your chin raised


Not proslosti it close to the neck — fat from below the chin will spread in the folds. Keep your chin raised so you’ll have a Royal look and the jawline will be more defined. Why such attention to the chin? The fact that women love a beautifully contoured chin because they make the man next to him more decisive and courageous. Perhaps this is a hint that he’s lean and his body fat level low enough. Perhaps it is simply beautiful and reminds us of Clooney, Connery and Superman? By the way, if you got a bum chin, I advise you to grow facial vegetation, which will make you courageous. How to grow a beard, read in this article.

6. Bristles


As it so happened, that completely clean-shaven dudes like women MUCH less than those who have a beard or stubble. Bristle colors, man. If you have started to appear on the cheeks, it will hide them from the curious eyes of the female. If you have uneven chin, it will smooth out. If you have no bristles will sugary face, it will make you a lot rougher. You show the world that you have enough testosterone to grow in the face of something. Some of the advantages of this bristle! Except for one thing, it itches!

7. Wear red


With rare exceptions men red is not. For example, because of light hair, thick and red ryahi. But we digress. Red, on the condition that he gives you a lot of good signals. The woman it shows that you are ready for anything and very temperamental. The driver of the truck helps to draw attention to the hitchhiker, and some species of birds will understand that you inedible. In addition, according to the Journal of Experimental psychology, red is perceived by people as an indicator of higher social status. Hard, however, lodged in the back of my head the desire of some people to obey somebody who has a red hat with gold. Weird! But you wound on a mustache, come on!

8. Sleep


Hard to say, right? But just need to stay on time, apart from the RAID in the second world war or from browsing the web. People who get enough sleep look healthier and less tired, and therefore more attractive to any gender. Healthy daytime sleep, by the way, a great solution. If you spend one weekend, the business you have no, get into bed and sleep for a couple of hours! It is much better than sitting in front of the monitor.

9. Use the less pretty friends

None of the above didn’t help you? Do not worry, surely you will find one who is much uglier than you. Use this tucked the occasion of the benefit, bring this fellow with you to the pubs, restaurants and bars — in short, where would you expect to find a gorgeous girl. His background will make you look more advantageous!

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