How to please a man, if you don’t meet new people

When we meet people, try to get as much information as possible from absolutely miniscule segment of the meeting. What if I told you that for the first 90 seconds of the girl that sits in front, has already formed a strong opinion about you? But it’s true.

We recommend you to use you 10 steps that as a rule, guarantee the appearance of the sympathy of the interlocutor or conversationalist. This knowledge is important, as to communicate you will have many and quite different in temperament people.

1. Heat

manygoodtips.com_5.06.2016_PZLsH8Pg82iX5There is such a thing as goodwill. It’s hard to describe, but easy to feel. During a conversation with a friendly person, you feel like the only person in the room, even in the universe. All attention is on you, the person shows no negative emotions, no injections and manipulations that provoke conflict. To learn how goodwill is not easy, but it creates a warm feeling between two people.

2. Smile

In Russia it is not accepted to smile. Here we have all the harsh, sad and some angry. It is easy to distinguish a Spaniard from a resident of Novosibirsk – look at the facial expression, the smile decorates the inhabitant of the Pyrenees. But let’s not about sad. Just know that the smile is one of the effective ways to evoke positive emotions of the interlocutor. This is obvious, but we still seldom use this wisdom. Smile at strangers and they smiled back, and both of you will feel that the conversation is going in the right direction.

3. Look in my eyes

Be sure to keep eye contact. Staring is not necessary – it is frightening and leads to certain thoughts. But also to constantly take his eyes – a sign of cowardice. How long should eye contact? Here the rule is simple: if you remember the shade of your eyes, you have to stop holes. If you remembered only that they were colored, then looked long enough.

4. Attention

manygoodtips.com_5.06.2016_jZ86WPA7gpMqHDo not get distracted from the conversation, even if at the next table sat a guy who looked like Jesus Christ. Forget the phone, chats, social networks, your followers can wait. Ignore the phone vibrates, let the person understand that all your attention is dedicated to him.

5. Get active

How many times have you been in the bar and fidgets with the phone, while everyone else seems to be having a great time? Isn’t that sucks? Get active at the meetings, immediately added to the pleasure of their visit and communicate to learn. See people at the bar? Go up to them, ask them about the party guests and the best in local cocktails.

6. Body language

When you describe the language of a story, your body may be telling a different story. Calm and assertive gestures of good anyway, because they speak of stable mental health. But if you twitch, aggressively gesticulating and nervously fidget in the chair, people begin to doubt your normality.

Learn to control your body. Most people don’t pay attention to your feet and hands, giving them power over your subconscious. Be strong: loosen your limbs, stand up straight and smile.

7. Spontaneous compliments

manygoodtips.com_5.06.2016_ldZJ923jzodiyCompliments are one of the best ways to start a conversation. Just, please, don’t do these: «are Your parents bakers is not the case? Where did they get so tiny?» That is a compliment needs to be adequate, which confirms the presence of brain in your head. I can discern piece of clothing, hairstyle, but don’t be obsessive – compulsion miserable in nature.

8. Find the total

People love when in conversation with strangers there is a common theme for discussion. It brings shows that have affiliation to one tribe. Tribe fans of «Game of thrones» or fans of the novels by Dean koontz. Sometimes these relationships are obvious (place of work, Alma mater, school), sometimes they need to find. The sooner you find a common theme, the sooner you will find yourself a new friend.

9. Force the interlocutor to laugh

Sense of humor is one of the most important social skills that should be improved. Many are deprived of this feeling, many do not know or understand, no joke. Treat humor as a muscle that should be trained. In the end the effort will not go in vain. If you can make people laugh it will be a real success, will show you he is interested, and in General you great to be around.

Humor, by the way, stimulates the same part of the brain that many drugs. Perhaps for this reason, people like to laugh, who knows?

10. Choose the image

manygoodtips.com_5.06.2016_3oxIhigp5ENwVTo start to define what it’s not cheating. Why? Because even now you carry multiple images: one for girls, second mother, and the third for friends. Everywhere you behave differently, sometimes even say otherwise. And when you meet a new person, you are free to choose, respectively, suitable to discover the image suitable for a particular situation. Nothing wrong there.

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