How to play the cult game 90-ies nowadays


Previously everything was better. You often hear this phrase from their parents. The sun shone brighter, and the food was delicious. In fact it is not. It’s quite different. In my youth we perceive the world quite differently. Our imagination is much more productive, and life seems so versatile, just not catch. The ambition and desire to conquer the world and tearing you up inside. Think, for example, you were playing games as a child in the 90-ies. You just now thought about the fact that they were better than now. And again — you’re wrong. Just your imagination was working much better.

Cult games of twenty years ago of course no one cancels. They won their fans for years. They could download it from torrents. It was necessary to defend the long queues to buy the coveted cartridge with your favorite game. Or share disks with friends for a couple of days to try some new toy. Let us remember some of the most iconic games of the 90s and a little recruit an army. And understand, where to play online games nowadays.

1. Mario


One of the most famous games was, and remains, the iconic «Mario.» About the adventures of a funny plumber heard, perhaps, everything. Rescued the Princess from the clutches of the evil dragon almost every second. Cartridge with this game was usually in the set with each new console, which you found under the Christmas tree on January 1st. We often passed the whole game in one sitting, and then argued with friends who did it faster. Now you can play Mario on a smartphone and on the computer. To get an old console from the attic, of course, but time is not always enough. And adapter for newer TVs no longer find it. as always you helps, we found the opportunity to play Mario in our time.


2. Mortal Kombat


Who hasn’t played Mortal Kombat does not know the bitterness of this defeat and the emotions of winning due to a fatality.

In the 90 games on two at all was a rarity. Basically I had to wait my turn and hope that in the next arcade your friend will die very quickly and the coveted joystick will move in your hands. Mortal Kombat was and still is one of the best fighting games in history. The first slot tournaments are just used for their competitions, fighting in Mortal Kombat. It seems that this series will never go out of fashion, and the whole era will delight more than one year. Waiting for a fighting game for virtual reality glasses. It would be really cool!


3. Carmagedon

Who drove in Carmagedon, trying to destroy all his rivals and reach the finish line first, trying not to blow up your car. Many are not soared about the first place in the end of the race. It was much steeper post all of its competitors and stay alive. Use earned points to upgrade and change your car to another epic post in the dust of opponents. This game was a kind of pioneer of this genre of racing. Everyone wanted to play in Carmagedon. Despite the presence of strong competitors in this genre, such as Need For Speed, for example, Carmagedon was still the most desirable in the genre of racing for a long time. It is a pity that this genre is not so popular nowadays, although some games like the cult game 90-ies come in today, but they do not bring such emotions as a child.


4. Puzzles


Very popular now, many kinds of puzzles which is played by people over forty, in trams and on lunch breaks. They really are addictive and some can’t stop to earn more points by dragging balls of the same color in one row. Few people know that a variety of puzzles were popular in the 90-ies. Mechanics was and remains quite simple, but the gameplay has not changed. But puzzles remain popular to this day. I wonder whether to develop this genre, when the fashion will game immersion in virtual reality?


5. Duck hunting


And the bonus in our personal collection we select is really a breakthrough genre in the gaming industry in the 90s. This game using the light gun. One of the most popular representatives of this genre was the game «Duck hunt». Who doesn’t remember that cute dog who maliciously laughed at you when you could not shoot down the nimble ducks. The dog, who did not hesitate to pick up your downed ducks and place them outside the map. He sometimes even dreamt of in nightmares, and his collar was very angry. All these jokes, but really this game was one of the most desirable in children of the 90s. But not all could afford to buy a special light gun for this game. But, when mom gave you the money for it, your joy knew no bounds.


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