How to play poker even better

manygoodtips.com_22.05.2015_VHiRX0lyn6c3VOnce taught you the basics of poker, revealing the delicate mechanism of the world’s most popular card games. I sincerely believe that you still remember the meaning of words such as «check», «call» and «raise», but a set of Texas hold’em is always at hand. Well, it’s time for the big game! Improve yourself and comprehend sophisticated tricks, because now we will tell you how to play poker better.

1. Get rivals on emotions

Know, you’re doing great to merge bystanders and piss poor friend. Use this talent wisely. Roll out the barrel the emotional equilibrium of their rivals is a great move that allows you to expose the dirty plans to beat you. Let them beat each other cards rage, litter chips and shouting abusive slogans – it’s all for you. Most importantly, don’t lose your own emotional control and manage to Dodge the furious blows of fate card.

As practice shows, a strong desire to kick somebody’s ass turns painting their fifth point in red. Unacceptable madness – to give vent to command sensory perception, killing the rationality of his mental activity. Gambling do not suffer, but your opponents do not want to think about this, right?

2. You bluff with a delay

In life this fun every second indifferent to marry the girl, but in a game of poker everything is different. Rumor has it that only professionals use this technique.

The point is simple: going to bluff – to make a delay of 2.5 seconds, and then pledge all its property. If you make a bet too fast or too slow, then the opponents will get suspicious. They will arise in any case where all the chips will be you, but it would be more correct. Let the aroma of aristocratic confidence in the strength of your cards will hang over the poker table, forcing nervous opponents and languidly to sigh nearby friends.

3. Learn how to count

If on the river to flush the worms just add a card, and you’re sitting with two cross-twos and six opponents at the table, your chances of success? Right, small as the ambition of the players of our national team. Know that poker hides a much more complex mathematics and to comprehend it will have everyone who intends not only to play but to win – that is you.

4. Play on cognitive contradictions

In short, make opponents believe you’re bluffing. For this trick try to bet on two hands. Realized serious face and move your favorite limbs all of his chips into the middle of the table. Just try not to smile and be sure that your combination is the strongest in this scenario. The opponents will definitely get suspicious.

Another option: after making their own bets start scratching your nose, coughing, rubbing hand in hand. From the side it will seem that you’re nervous and, therefore, are at risk. Desire how should you overtake will arise in every intelligent player at the table. Hope they don’t read this article.

5. Try not only to win but also not to lose

To argue at a poker table can be a lot, but it is better to think about the game. But the reality is that you have to not only win, but often lose the treasured chips. It is therefore logical to strive for a big payday, not forgetting that to minimize their losses is also an important task.

Know that according to statistics, seven deuce is the worst card in the hand. Take them off immediately if there is a need to save pasechnogo account.

If your bet is raised two times per round, and the flop does not promise a bright future, give up and save coins, not lifts up her skirt fate. Such rationality in action will help you to stay longer in the game, and consequently over and over again to increase your chances of success.

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