How to play Curling?

When any uneducated man first sees the game of Curling, he has only one logical question: «What the hell is going on here?» And there is, in the opinion of a person far from sports and Curling in particular, the following: ice skating some huge crap, and two dudes rush around her and frantically rubbed the ice in some panicles. And all the yelling that happens — something is certainly similar to some surreal stuff like Quidditch from the «Harry Potter».

But since now Russia is in the winter Olympics, why would we also not understand this strange sport? In fact, I’m ashamed to realize that I used to think that Curling is complete stupidity. It’s fucking Grand and clever game that forces you to simultaneously work hard and have a strategic thinking. Shame, shame on those who think that Curling is fu!

In a nutshell, Curling is a mix of bowling, games, skittles, Billiards and the need to RUB the ice with a desperation worthy of a fierce housewife.

It is believed that Curling originated in the beginning of XVI century in Scotland. At least, the stone vaguely resembling a shell for Curling, was found at the bottom of the pond with the date 1511. They say that the monks indulged in something like Curling, as, indeed, ordinary people. The ancestor of the Curling was the game of ice stock sport, came from Scotland to the Netherlands, where it also became popular. The name «Curling», there was, most likely, from the Scottish word curr,» which resembles the English word «pur», which means cat’s purr. Apparently, dudes in plaid skirts seriously believed that the sound accelerates the projectile resembles the purring feline. The first shell Curling steel tailor’s goods are used for levelling the folds of her robe. They also had a pen.

In the first half of the XIX century was established the rules of Curling, which remained virtually unchanged for many years. First world championship with this strange, at first glance, the game was held in 1959 among men in Edinburgh, and among women of 1979. An Olympic sport, he was recognized recently in 1998.

How to play this?

The length of the field for the game of Curling 45,720 meters. Of course, like in any serious sport, there is a special lexicon like «You», «Hogue» and «Back», understood in the subject. Rules, by the way, is called the «Spirit of Curling».

The most interesting thing in Curling, in my opinion, is a chic outfit. Rather, its reasonableness. Of course, the heavy stones in the monastery of players and improvised irons, tailors — it’s not the most elaborate outfit in the world. Stone — this is the replacement, which pay special attention to in this game. It has certain characteristics that are strictly regulated to millimeters. The weight of the stone should be 19,96 kg, a deviation of mass equal to 17.24 kg. each team has as many as eight of these heavy stones. This is the replacement. If replacing suddenly breaks, and sometimes have to return to the game earlier have been in use stones. If the stone is flipped, it is replaced if he crosses certain lines, it also has to be replaced. The stone is made of elegant green granite, which has no fragility, produced in two and a half places in the world and perfectly polished.

Curling shoes have a different sole. The idea is that the player should have a good slide, but be robust enough not to fall on the ice and not to fill a couple of cones. The sole on one Shoe has a terrible slide to give a great momentum to push and the man could slide and deftly move with the brush. The sole on the other boot, on the contrary, does not slip at all. By the way, about brushes. Brushes are not regulated. You can change them as often as you like. They can be made from horsehair, fiberglass, steel and other materials, a list of which is continuously changed. The handle can be light, made from fiberglass or made optional to order.

The game consists of 10 ends, i.e., rounds. Each end available one stone. Releasing the stone the player should make a good push and how far to push the projectile to cross a line. Continue the fight guys with «mops». They begin to stipulate, that is, desperately rubbing the ice in front of the stone. The aim of the game is to get the stone to «house» (the target at the end of the field) and to knock the opponent’s stone out of it. With brushes, you can get the stone to move in any trajectory, causing it to go into penalty area, or wherever you need. At the end of one end, the «naturala» gaining one point for each of the stones that are in house or somehow touch him. For stones that are closer to the center than the opponent’s stones, also give points.

Stone can also be set to torque, which is considered a kind of skill. The stone glides on a thin layer of moisture that is generated due to the friction of the brushes on the ice, prepared and filled according to special techniques. If you think so desperately to RUB the ice easy, especially given the fact that the brush is quite easy, you are sorely mistaken. During the competition, biceps, triceps, chest, back and legs involved as well as warming up. In addition, the Curling, like every sport, awful energy that is reminiscent of chess or other strategy, which is necessary to move actively. The best fun for nerds, I’m not kidding!

For me, Curling is the same thing that the works of the Impressionists. If you don’t fucking understand this side sucks. But if you watch the game and read the rules, there is a feeling that is interesting, makes sense, creativity and hard fucking. I feel a bit sorry for those people who are involved in Curling and everywhere meets misunderstanding.


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