How to play bowling?


Bowling — a game that at first seems quite simple, but a little later, the newcomer begins to realize that not everything is so simple, and bowling is as challenging as Golf, football or even poker.


The novice comes into the club and takes from the shelf a ball the right weight, with holes drilled in the factory. And the master has its own bullet, measured and drilled the specialist fitting after purchase. First of all, the merc is removed from the wrist and fingers, measured by the bridge is the right distance between your thumb and forefinger. Then determined the best angle of the holes and finally drilled holes corresponding to the thickness of the fingers. The best bowling clubs have their own professionals and their own fit machines for drilling holes.

Advanced bowler has the ball is made of polyurethane or «reactive resin», and the most modern bullets are considered «reactive resin» — they feel velvety and allow you to play gracefully and beautifully. For example, there is a throw in which the ball comes to the edge of the track and I guess that’s a little more — he’ll go down in the gutter, but the bullet passes through the edge gets to the pins on the side, goes inside the triangle and in some incredible way that knocks down all the pins.


Bullet for beginners — symmetric. It’s got an internal fill, and the surface although is polyurethane, but more simply, plastic. In the middle — something like sticky foam. In the bullets to the wizard inside a sly way located metal inclusions, such bullets are much more expensive than usual. Invented tricks that the ball was flatter and it can be spun.

All the bullet weight is different. Baby weighs 6 pounds and the heaviest to advanced bowlers, — 14, 15, 16 pounds. Beginners play balls 10-12 pounds. The price of balls range from $50 to $300, but the wizard can play balls for $600. By the way, masters do not always play only with heavy bullets: they are masters to be above the usual rules and taking a creative approach to the game. But the master always plays such a ball that is easy to twist.


When throwing fingers out of the bowl must be free to slide out — and the novice and the master. The thumb is completely included in the opening, middle, and ring you have to stick to the middle phalanx. The rookie from ball first, slipping a large finger, and then in the same way the other two. The master at throwing the thumb is released first, but the other two the bullet is tightened. The rookie throws the ball straight, and holding your thumb at 12 o’clock.

Another important difference: a novice looks at skittles when throwing the ball. The master looks at the special labels put on the track, on labels, he adjusts the throw. Usually the second arrow on the right will be chosen as a sight. A successful throw of the ball is at a steep angle from the side. If you want to get a little to the left, the player moves slightly to the right, and Vice versa.

There are four basic types of release of the ball. The most common hook, the most spectacular — crunk it’s the same hook, but with the power rotation of the brush. KranK is a very complicated throw, it is not available for beginners as well as the bowlers, in which no modern bullets.

As soon as the ball breaks away from the fingers, it begins to rotate. The direction of rotation of the ball is determined by where you pointed the thumb at the moment it jumps the ball with his hands. That is, shots are made by a simple twist of the wrist: the thumb on the 11 — hook, 1 hour» — back up to «12 hours» — a direct shot, but if at the last moment to deploy the brush — «the helicopter»: the bullet also goes right, but also rotates.


By the way, women often play a back up due to the anatomical features: in the elbow joint female hand slightly moves away from the shoulder line, and therefore, for women it is more convenient to perform the back up.

A novice trying to play properly: feet on the line, the left shock leg, arm bent at the elbow, ball at shoulder level, four steps, And the master gets up as he feels right, makes, or four steps or five throws at intuition, he feels. Bowler, reached the level of 200 points, develops his own style. Height, weight, musculature all contribute to throw. Pressure in the fingers, force a breakthrough at the time of separation from the ball brushes the master immediately feels that he successfully threw.

Often beginners try to increase rotation and power of the twist, making a stronger effect hand. Masters do not take the power and elegance of equipment.


The playing track is always smeared with a special oil — that is why the ball is traveling. The last seven meters to endeca should be absolutely dry. As needed employee of the club cleans this part of the track («backend») of oil, which the bullets applied to it after hundreds of shots. And this purification is very important, because when the ball is popping up on a dry part of the track, only then the twisting starts to work: it changes its trajectory, the bullet goes on the hook.


The master must be able to read the track, to be able to feel it. Because they are all different. On the track of a laminate, the wizard will throw not like the wooden walkway. Besides, where tracks are covered with thick oil, somewhere a light oil. Master even before the throw see the difference, less experienced player knows the track after the first roll, pumpkin oil, and new to such details do not pay attention.


If the advanced bowler is able to read the track, he can successfully match ball from his Arsenal, usually 6-7 different bullets. But the master usually plays one ball. Wanting to verify this, ask again to see the movie «the Big Lebowski» (USA, 1998).

Bowling is a very important focus. A master is always concentrated on the game. Before leaving the site, he might jest and drink beer, if competitions are not that important. But on the track he collected, focused.

As a beginner what? The spade on the spade. The extra inch — and lit up red light. Spade — that’s a rookie mistake and drunken bowlers. And for the master spade — a reason to be upset, the spade is a shame.

ARITHMETIC of BOWLING bowling has its own arithmetic. Main axiom: that all the pins fell, it is not necessary that the ball even hit him.

Their triangle as follows:

7 8 9 10

4 5 6

2 3


To ensure that all the pins fell, it is necessary to get to the point between the 1 and 3rd pins. Then the bullet hits in the 1st size, which knocks 2, 4, and 7th. Reflected from the 1st of skittles, the ball hits in the 3rd, and she confuses b and 10. Reflected from 3-d, the bullet hits in the 5th which knocks the 8th. Repulsed by the 5th, the bullet hits in the 9th. It turns out that the bullet only knocks down four pins!

But this is not the limit. The master has a kick, when the ball hits one 7 shy and quietly leaves in the gutter, and the 7th pin knocks down all the others. And the bullet can get to the edge of the 4th bowling pins, to knock down the 7th, and all the rest fall by themselves. There are 1200 combinations of hit of a ball in skittles. But beginners usually play is guaranteed to strike is when the bullet enters the pocket between the 1 and 3rd pins. Although to get into the pocket too hard, its length is only 1 inch!


Once in the pocket, spun the ball flinging nasal pins at an angle from right to left. The angle of arrival is very important for a successful shot. Obviously the ball is moving from right to left stronger, and the result is a more steep angle entering the pocket wizard can be seen on the slope.

But the real skill is manifested in the solution of complex problems in the second shot, with the rebound. For example, after the first shock there are only two pins, but they are one after the other. It is quite difficult for a finishing option, it even has its own name: «Indiana». A beginner will finish «Indiana», only if he was very lucky.

To remove the «horns» easier. The so-called position, when after the first strike at distance from each other two or three pins.

But in a position where after the first strike left four pins, no name. Advanced bowlers such errors do not happen, and therefore no name. And the novice four pins on the rebound — it is an ordinary option. Well at least the ball through the chute failed!


At the front of the novice Manager learns the results of the best players, and remembers the time unattainable benchmarks. Usually the top ten is between 230 and 270 points. 200 points in bowling is a very good result, the dream for a beginner.

Master is committed to the absolute maximum, to a perfect game: 300 points. Only in the history of the world’s largest tournament «world Cup of bowling» was played ten best games with the highest possible number of points — for example, in 1994 in Mexico and 1995 in Brazil. In 1999 in Las Vegas, played four perfect games. Among played a perfect game in the competition is a woman.



As in any game of chance, go bowling, always competing with someone, and often cut on interest.

In any bowling club bowlers, for whom the game — kind of earnings. It is theoretically possible appearance by the unknown masters who pretend to be novices at first, increase rates and treat gambling simpleton. In America this happens and we have no roaming so the bowlers too much and nowhere, all in the mind.

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