How to play Billiards even better

For that year, we with great pleasure roll balls with one hand and stroking the stick with serious thoughts about how to get out. Someone particularly uncivilized and perverted thinking to yourself that horrible, and normal people understood that it was about Billiards. This fun for six centuries (purely documentary) and play it with the same pleasure, and its popularity is not lost. Over the centuries formed the subtleties like the one mentioned by the character don Johnson «Harley Davidson and the Marlboro man». Only if it game with a cigarette in his mouth a little confused, our advice continuous use. They are charged to win and severity of betting money.

To hold the cue correctly need

«Hold tight to your trusty sword in hand,» sang the medieval minstrels in their songs about the glorious heroes of the past. But Billiards is not a massacre, and the cue is not a weapon. Although GTA and Postal have clearly shown that the cue is an easy and reliable way to beating a man to death.

But it would be better and easier if you hold it gently, like a… like any road your heart oblong piece. Not a dandy, and fastidious two fingers, and in our billiard: thumb and index finger, plus another one or two fingers to easily hold the cue at the bottom. In the abduction of the cue on the backswing keep it just between thumb and forefinger, and the strike — all five fingers.

Someone will notice that major players such as Ralph Greenleaf, clutching his cue as he wanted. But try to play as Greenleaf, of such a genius, all is forgiven. If you don’t have time every day for several years to hone the craft, it is best to take advice.

Mandatory training

What is the difference between professional and just good players from those smug, pot-bellied rogue 40, which walk around the room with a sense of dignity and cast snide glances at the side of your Desk? They very often beat random, you don’t score the balls, and just complicate the game. And all because they forget about the traffic, which is easy to distinguish the Amateur from the good player.

You may have noticed that the professionals before hitting doing a few warm-up movements. It is not out of insecurity — on the contrary, it helps to choose the required acceleration and adjust the sight.To be done calmly, easily, gently, with dignity.

However, with the warm-up before a punch is easy to overdo it. So don’t make more than six movements, because the more you delay preparing for the strike, the worse it will get.

Only work hands

Billiards — it’s not basketball, not Boxing and certainly not dancing. Therefore, at the time of impact don’t need to twitch all over, because it begins not with the feet. Here is an important movement perform only the brush and part of an arm from wrist to elbow). As written in the tutorial about Billiards, 1881 edition: «One who whole body is applied to strike the cue ball, may not even try to play pool — he had no stability of the body and the feeling of softness of strike.»

Necessarily covered a pool cue

Still legendary kinokofry Marlborough, or rather, his old father, was right. You need to cover chalk the cue before each shot. Chalk improves friction, so that the bumps become more accurate. Most players put the chalk on top of the cue and twist here and there, boring a hole, resulting in a layer of chalk turns round, and cue often misfires. Instead, as if stroking the end of the cue from all sides by light and frequent movements. «Shading» the end of the cue chalk to the donkey and the edges too. Of course, doing it perforatum Amateurs small is problematic, but in the future definitely need to make a point. After the pool is extremely good fun, and everything in it must be beautiful.

To each table to get used

Billiard tables the majority look as pretty to see in my lifetime prostitutes. The same dull, wrinkled, green and have long ago forgotten about their best times. Not always time to clean the tables and the cloth on them is changing not always in a timely manner. This is especially true with the main tables, which is most fights. These tables are particularly slow and uneven. Plus, not all tables are the same width Luz. Yes, and the cue — billiard rod generalship of the party — can sometimes be too extraordinary, and get used to it: to its balance of weight, forms.

Therefore, in order not to be a fool before the game to make on the table a few strokes to feel the rumble of the table, out of the sides, the width of Luz and so on. No one to swear and protest is not, on the contrary, decide that you’re a Pro… until you see how you hit.

Secrets of the robbery

The blow that breaks the pyramid, called the «robbery» and nothing to do with the actions of a violent nature, he has not. After the cue ball scatters the pyramid on the table, the game begins. If you play pool, then a successful robbery put the cue ball not at the Central point and 15 cm to the left or to the right. Then there will be a strong likelihood that the balls will be pocketed.

This beautiful bridge

One of the most important qualities, without which impossible the Billiards is the ability to be a good loser. Missed — well, sometimes, get a grip, step away from the table, keeping calm and dignity. No need to wail and wave his hands. The pool table is too sacred a place for tantrums. Worse — just too cocky eagles. But there is one problem: billiard gods don’t like that. In any case, it’s just a game, but in the game the one who can’t control himself all the time lose. A player who is a sore loser, is a shameful spectacle, and therefore seek not so much to win, how to improve their skills.

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