How to plan a move


Relocation is something that takes you by surprise. You recently lived in a small room, where one wall parents slept, the other slept with your sister. But College time is coming to an end. It’s time to build your life, to look for work and, importantly, their own homes, where you can relax, drink, hang out, love, and just live your life without order and supervision of relatives.

But before you make the move to the coveted independence, you need to prepare, otherwise you will feel all the joy of a spontaneous move and lives in an empty apartment. This is true not only for beginners but also for those who soon wants to change the housing or seeking to attach their Genesis to the existence of a full life. So, meet our guide to planning the most important trip — the journey home.

1 Choose the right time , If a long delay the move, it might not happen, but it does not mean you have to drop everything, grab the Essentials and race to gallop to the door of her new household. This is the most common mistake young couples who spontaneously decide to move in together. And then they find themselves in an empty apartment, where not even a hint of appliances, Internet and warm clothes.

That’s why winter is not the best time for the move. In the winter you’re less likely to arrange a repair, to cover the balcony or make some drastic changes, in the summer it is easier to do. But you will definitely see something broken, the ceiling needs to be closed, and the balcony is blowing bitter cold wind. Money do you have to repair will not, so you’re all of these schools to endure, it was possible to move in the spring or summer — in short, at the time, who endure all the technical flaws in your new house. Besides, it is best to start preparing in advance, even if you want to move in one day. If you do everything in a hurry, you will forget some important things, which will then be owned by your younger brother.

2 Preparing things

Let’s do the reverse. Take all your stuff that you accumulated over a lifetime, and divide into three parts: the «real stuff», «memorabilia, but the stuff» and «things I enjoy». To begin with the real stuff in your apartment it doesn’t belong.

Warehouses in garbage bags all broken, corrupted and incomprehensible. Things that you don’t wear, take, for example, in H&M or in an orphanage (they are constantly harvested and the like), or leave it in the box or package next to the garbage can. The point is to completely rid yourself of the ability to clutter your new living space. According to our estimates, the «real stuff» you will have 30-40% of the total number of things.Next comes the category of serious stuff that seems important and memorable. To throw it away is not necessary. Such things usually can have potential value. For example, if you take the school notebooks, gifts, amazing gifts of friends, some electronics from the past, barely working guitar pedal, gifts from ex — all this may cause an attack of emotion, when you’re 70. Such things are better folded into a nice box and, for example, send in the pantry of his father’s house or to her old — all grandparents love to collect stuff that is good for you.


Further undertake important things. That’s what you use to dress up that holding at least a couple times a month. Throw in books, because people without books — not a gentleman and a tramp, so pack your library. We understand that in the category of «useful things» you want to put a bunch of memorable stuff, but better than the memory limit a little box — the rest send to the pantry family.

All the necessary things you need to bring in a list, to be sorted and moved to the table that you can print and keep with you — you’re gonna need it when the time comes to purchase. If you’re moving from your parents, then be sure to ask them a couple of knives for kitchen Cutlery, a few cups, all sorts of blankets and stuff, without which life is nowadays difficult. Can they promise to return it when you have your stuff.

3 Selling stuff But not all things will fall into these three categories. For example, you have a working guitar tuner, but you don’t want that junk can not be called a memory, too, and haul to a new apartment is not desirable. Then the best option to deal with it will be selling.

Use for sales of online services or thematic communities in social networks is now full of them. When moving you need more money, and selling stuff is one of the simplest options to get the money.

4 Important folder

Gather all documents: insurance, law, passport, diplomas of secondary and higher education, school certificate, documents for credits and courses, account for major purchases, warranties, etc. Don’t leave it all on the old place — in Russia all need to be very careful with documents, because you never know when and what help you will need tomorrow.

For example, you can break the computer in a month after the move, and if you kept the warranty card, that’ll fix it for free, if not — prepare a large amount. Certificate of school education or diploma may be required for accounting at a new place of work. It would be foolish to miss the opportunity to work in a big firm just because you planted a diploma somewhere in the old apartment. This important folder keep always at hand. 5 Look at the table of «useful things» and re-buy required Remember, we were a table? There were listed all the things that will go with you to the new location. The time has come to run through her eyes, and buy what is missing. For example, an electric kettle is necessary in any apartment: it can replace even a stove, if you want to cook dumplings. You also need to buy cleaning products, broom and dustpan, a trash and stuff you’ll wash and be wash. Things for everyday life you have to be at the moment of arrival, as reasonably decorated first aid kit (bandages, iodine, antibiotics, activated charcoal, burn cream, various antipyretics and analgesics).

6 Move all things at once


By this time you should put all important things into boxes, sell unnecessary things, be attributed to his grandfather’s past, and all the junk to send for processing. Point to each box, its contents, roll up your breakable items in bubble wrap and don’t leave anything for the second call. Your task is to move all your movable property at a time. So the machine other is not very suitable for this case. Besides, if you’re an honest guy and pay a friend for petrol, then a few trips around town will cost more than ordering a truck that will carry all at once.

If you hire a trucking company, then pay attention to customer reviews. It happens that some firms employ half-drunken longshoremen, and they are constantly breaking dishes, appliances and other things. Soon after asking you to sign, allegedly «they have to rush to another booking», and then you open the box, and everything is broken, but your signature is already — nothing has changed.

Therefore, we recommend more focus on specialized programs: MOVER, for example, where all stages of transportation you can watch right from your phone. There you can enjoy a porter, not to earn a hernia, and asked to pack the product. Only hire the machine that will be able to accommodate all at once. There is nothing to spend money on two «hodki». 7 Fulfill their promises Above, we discussed the technical components of moving preparation. I hope that they will understand you, but the world does not believe things around alone. Here you’re looking at a house I want to leave and think, «I’ll be back ten times!». But after these thoughts, no, as a rule, not refundable.

Look at the people you’re leaving: family or roommates, neighbors. Owes them something? If so, then give it back. Tell me everything I wanted to say. Fulfill the promise. Make sure not to think the next ten years that you forgot to do the right thing, and now time couldn’t come back. Remember that when people go to another home, then they often leave for good.

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