How to pick up


The tube also differs from cigarettes as, say, a restaurant from the diner. Price is another, and the level of enjoyment. The person with the tube — a phenomenon almost self-sufficient in society inevitably attracts attention. In this sense, the tube, that is, obliges. The person who took the phone in hand, is forced to correspond to the status of «thing in itself». Therefore, the best-known barbarians were representatives of the intellectual and artistic elite. In their hands in moments of leisure the tube literally and symbolically replaced the brush, bow, fountain pen.

How to choose the right phone

Better to make friends with the Manager of pipe interior. The local workers usually know a lot about tubes. However, not always. Almost a win-win for a beginner — buy branded license plate of the tube.


Its quality is confirmed by a passport. If in the process of Smoking this opens a hidden shell, the buyer has the right to return the phone to the manufacturer. At least so accepted in the West. Meanwhile, taste the difference between the tubes of the middle and upper classes there.

It is important to smoke a pipe. It’s not as easy as it may seem. Tube should learn how to «breathe» — it is a pledge of future enjoyment. Need a week-the other careful absorci before on the inner surface of the tube, a layer of the desired Deposit. It is because of soot tobacco smoke turns cold, that is, contains less tar and nicotine. Briar gets its real taste. You should not smoke a new pipe more than two or three times a day. Tobacco stuffed a third of a Cup.


It is known that many smokers do not like the stage absorci. In England, for example, there is a special Smoking apparatus — Pipeking, that is the «pipe king». Some aesthetes suggest to literally sweeten the process absorci honey, a thin layer before filling the tobacco is applied to the inner wall of the Cup. Honey accelerates the maturation of the Deposit.

Burner tube is also not a simple operation, as it may seem at first glance. The first tab of tobacco takes place in three stages, each time with a slightly sealing mass. Tobacco should not be dry, otherwise it will burn out faster than it should, and with a higher temperature, and this can cause charring of the Briard.

For lighting it is better to use special matches, kindling, or lighter with lateral flame exit. When you are convinced that the flame was drawn in tobacco and it is called, took up, take out the pipe from his mouth and using a special pestle gently push the upper part of the already charred tobacco into the entire refilling. Then again light and can enjoy fellowship with his cradle.


The tube should be flush to the end. Cannot be disassembled for cleaning before it has cooled down, otherwise the possible breakage at the junction of the Cup and mouthpiece. Why experienced smokers have several pipes.

The pipe market is very conservative. Here for a long time has developed its own roster and oust some of the favourites is very difficult.

The basis of the wealth of the top ten stocks make up the quality of the Briard, which decrease every year. So, the best tubes made company: Dunhill, Peterson’s, Orlik, Stenwell, Jensen, Larson, Savinelli, Butz-Choquin, Ser Jacopo, Mastero De Paia and several others.


Pipe accessories

The pestle is used for compaction of tobacco, including set ablaze, inside the Cup (you can substitute with your finger, but with consequences), base diameter — about the size of a thumb nail. As a rule, pistils made of metal. Expensive varieties is decorated with ivory and amber.

The filters are removable (wooden or paper) or permanent (metal); serve for additional cooling of the smoke. Fans of the tubes, as a rule, do not use filters, considering that they reduce the taste of tobacco.

The brush is essential when cleaning vnutritrubnoj channel of carbon, tar and saliva of the smoker. Previously used chicken feathers. Now make wire brushes. It is often necessary to clean the pipe while Smoking. If the situation permits (in the presence of others to clean up not recommended), then this operation is performed from the side of the mouthpiece. Say, forgotten inside the tube the brush was the first filter.

Lighters should have a lateral exit of flame, because the jump-start tube always occurs at an angle. The lighter should work on gas as the petrol leaves a smell.

The case for the tube or tubes, as a rule, do hard, sometimes with an internal pouch. Road option provides a compartment for accessories. All expensive branded tubes are sold with a case, often covered with leather.


A pouch (usually made of leather) protects the tobacco from drying out. However, if you choose the pouch you need to ensure that is used for its manufacturing material, especially leather, without smell, which is mixed into the aroma of the tobacco blend. Some smokers in the pouches retain the tubes, matches, pestle, and brushes.

Bank for tobacco — the thing is usually stationary. It is used for storing tobacco at home, at work or in the car. To support tobacco blends required level of humidity is provided by a special device-a humidifier installed on the inner side of the cover. Its main element, usually a sponge, you should from time to time to moisten. Judges of tobacco prefer banks from glass and porcelain: they protects tobacco against penetration of foreign odors and moisture loss.

Match use wood, with low sulphur content. They burn cleanly and last longer. If special matches are not present, it is better to light a torch.


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