How to pick shoes for winter

Order.kom.ua_7.11.2014_x0boBEho4MZ1TIt so happened that during the cold snap the cold and other small illnesses, we are more inclined than usual. Dude, this is a dangerous time of the year is around the corner! When you consider that in some parts of our vast country, the harsh and merciless winter has arrived, there is a logical question: how to keep the immune system and prevent illness? Since childhood we know: «the Disease takes legs,» so just you need to keep your feet warm, comfort and dryness. Let’s understand together that this season to wear with wool socks, carefully connected your grandmother.

1. Classic leather shoes

Plus with shoes like that, of course, to availability. In every city of the store you will find leather shoes with thick soles, lined with fur. It is worth to pay special attention to the type of lining: for example, sheep will provide dryness and warmth, wool is moisture absorption and good breathability, and shoes with felt on the inside will serve as a prevention of colds, the anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic lanolin. The main thing – to choose the most comfortable option for casual wear.

2. Winter running shoes/sneakers


The key word in this paragraph – «winter». Even the most ardent fans of sports shoes is recommended to think about the health and warmth. Most manufacturers of shoes counting on European winter. Accordingly, this Shoe can not withstand the temperature regime below 15 degrees, this is largely due to faux fur, which is often used well-known brands. In contrast to natural that allow your feet to «breathe», artificial materials, we can say that provide excessive sweating. Despite the lower cost, faux fur wears out faster, so be careful.

3. Suede chukka


A cross between shoes and sneakers, shoes for when you’re not restricted with some limits. Ease, comfort, accessibility and relatively low price are definitely a plus for chukka. But significant disadvantages: bad thin sole protects feet from the cold, and suede can deteriorate from constant exposure to wet snow. Therefore, these shoes are more suitable for inhabitants of the European part of Russia.

4. Military boots


We have already mentioned the importance of this kind of shoes for the entire male population of the planet. The main advantage of military boots – you can literally travel around the world. The maximum coefficient of permeability and the «indestructibility» will survive even the long and fierce winter. Naturally, avoid many poor-quality fakes of this Shoe: fake – not real men.

5. Boots

Before our era the major male occupation was hunting. Through thousands of years, it has become something of a hobby, but fashion classic shoes hunters still relevant today. Choose boots wisely, because you don’t want to be like your friend, right? Price for a pair of stylish boots with an above average cost of the other winter shoes, but you guarantee yourself the convenience, reliability and if you know how to combine shoes with your winter wardrobe , a bonus, get the complete manly look.

6. High brogues

Pora was.kom.ua_7.11.2014_H7sMIv0A10YTU

As opposed to a pair of boots, druggy look less vulgar and more than semi-official, these shoes most likely are not for everyday use. Before you find a suitable pair, you might get confused in the variety of models and brands that produced brogues, but it’s worth it: in these shoes I feel much more presentable. Perforation on the shoes helps them to dry faster, but don’t forget about the constant gentle care for brogame.

7. Work boots


We already told you about the bright representative of the workers Shoe on the world market – timbs, but now it’s more serious: in these boots you are not afraid of neither snow storms nor sleet, nor… nothing! Every motorist it is recommended to have a pair in the trunk just in case. Clear the snow from the driveway to the garage or to go on an expedition into nature – go! Don’t even try to walk in such shoes on dates, girlfriend is not happy.

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