How to paint a bike

manygoodtips.com_9.04.2014_9STLh8f3v6dpJIf your iron horse to successfully survive the winter, it’s time again to put it on the wheel. The bike serves you well and is not the first, certainly he managed to fight and scratched. During this time, he’ll become familiar and tired. If you paint — is that, Yes not that. Old, but still new. Today we will teach you to paint the bike.

For this you need lot of things:

  • degreaser;
  • primer — 2 cans;
  • car paint — 2 cans;
  • sandpaper.

To start the bike it is necessary to disassemble — remove from the frame all that dyeing don’t want to. For example, the wheels — they are exactly normal color.

1. Remove the old paint from the bike

Maybe not all, but it is important that the surface is smooth without dings and dents, otherwise the fresh paint will be of little use. To remove old paint, use the sandpaper medium grain, and if necessary — special cold welding, to block dents. Peel depending on the intenseness of the bike, as a General rule, so it does not scratch the paint even more if you’re not going to remove it from the frame completely.

2. Primer

It would seem, why to guarantee? What to do unnecessary work? It seems the only one who never in his life, the bike is not painted. Extra work — is to repaint the bike again because the paint went smoothly. Another reason to use a primer: in the midst of the process will be frustrating to find that the paint does not interlock with the frame, and rolls it drops.

We will approach the soil in the cylinders. It is more liquid, but nothing prevents us to apply several layers.

Better to do it by hanging the frame in a well ventilated area. All that can be spattered, or dirty, it is better to make, or prudently unnecessary to cover with a thick cloth. I assure you: the spray will be.

Suspended leave other alone for a day, if required, plot the ground again. In the end sanded large small skin.

3. Degrease the frame

Will fit any vehicle — from car to obtenci solvent «white spirit».

4. Paint

Paint will spray, although it is believed that the automotive paint dries badly. Personal experience says the opposite: with automotive paint it’s all good. The paint is applied (and also soil) with short strokes, keeping the cylinder at a distance of 15-20 cm from the frame. It would be nice to do it in points: the paint is very volatile and can easily get into your eyes. After dyeing, leave the bike alone for a few days: recommended 24 hours may not be enough.

5. Other recommendations

  • Sometimes after painting the frame sanded, and then lacquered. It all depends on the paint you are using: it may not require. In applying lacquer, there is a small but pleasant bonus. If you want to stick on the bike stickers, do this first, and then apply the varnish — so they are better preserved and not fall off.
  • If you plan to use different colors, remember: the darker color applied on top of a lighter. In General, the Golden rule — it is better to nadograditi than repaint. Otherwise the color will be too dark and you’d be upset that things didn’t work out the way you planned. Add the extra layer is always possible, but to remove the extra layer is unlikely.
  • The final color your bike is from the color of the primer. Keep that in mind.
  • If you want to be sure of the result, first paint the frame white, and then the one that you want to. So it will not become darker the shade will be exactly what you want.
  • Lettering, patterns and ornaments — everything is done strictly according to the stencil, otherwise you can be unpleasantly surprised by the result. It is better to do without ornaments than to ruin all the work.
  • Do not mix different paint manufacturers and types: they may be in conflict.
  • Stickers are better off using the blade and not thinner. It can melt off the glue, and then the sticker firmly welded to the frame.



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