How to pack a suitcase

how to pack a suitcase

To my shame, many men still have not learned to pack our bags. They’re just asking the women: mothers, girlfriends, and later wives. This may be for two reasons: men or don’t want to strain or do not know how to get on the road. Remember, man, your women won’t be around forever, or at least not return from the trip, you will definitely be one. Anyway, a real man is self-reliant. So today we will teach you to collect the suitcase from now on you will disappear following problems: a) too much baggage, b) too little Luggage, in) a complete mess in the Luggage.

Make a list

Instead of in the morning before leaving in a hurry try not to forget anything in advance make a list of needed items. This list kills two birds with one stone: thanks to him you won’t forget anything (especially small things that are easy to miss) and will not take unnecessary — you will save not only strength, but also will save the money without paying for overweight at the airport.

Find out how the weather will be

Some guys don’t look what the weather is wherever they are going to go, and Packed your suitcase of different stuff, which they then don’t even will need. Before you start packing, check the Internet weather forecast. In addition, if you go to one of friends, call them and ask how things are going with the weather: sometimes forecasts can also be wrong. Even at a sufficiently high temperature you can be cool because of the wind — and it’s not the only trick that can throw the nature.

The clothes are folded

A natural desire for any man is to do a minimum of things. But when you are left alone with an empty suitcase and a full wardrobe, it’s hard to maintain composure and to navigate, what to take with you. Our advice is to take pair of pants (or shorts) for every 2-3 days of travel and shirts and linen changed every morning. Plus one spare shirt, a spare set of underwear and spare pants in case of force majeure. When the main set of things is finished, add the optional items that you may need. Formal wear? Bathrobe? A jacket or gloves?

Can think about how to bring pajama bottoms. Many men sleep in underwear, but in a way they may need and nightwear. For example, if you stop and don’t want the hostess saw you in underwear when you get to Wake up in the morning and have Breakfast in the pants, not all. But it is certainly a matter of personal preference.

Another good idea is to put in the bag an empty bag to store dirty clothes and keep them separate from the clean.

Put things that they do not hesitated

The scourge of all travelers, the wrinkles and folds that appear on clothing, it is necessary only to fold it in the suitcase. We’ll tell you about some techniques that will help keep the garment in good order.

One way to drop off clothes, careful to put one item of clothing between the folds of the other. Thus it is possible to achieve good results. Now we are going to pack a shirt, pants, tie and a couple of shirts.

1. For a start zip up upper, middle and lower buttons of the shirt.

2. Lay the shirt front side down on a flat surface. Wrap sleeve back as shown in photos, turning down them a couple of inches below the collar. Right and left side of the shirt, so will be straight lines. The result is this design.

how to fold a shirt

3. Along the top of the shirt and put the tie without bending it. The tie put the pre-folded t-shirt — just in the place where you plan to fold a shirt.

how to fold things

4. Fold the shirt in half and then bend the part of the tie that is sticking out of it. The result should look something like this.

how to fold things

how to fold things

5. Now fold the pants. Put them on a flat surface, and the top in exactly the same order t-shirt in the place where you plan to bend the pants. Put them.

how to fold things

how to fold things

6. In principle, it is possible in this way to draw a t shirt bottom part of the pants.

how to fold things

7. Now put the shirt on the upper part of the pants where you plan to bend them, and put them. The upper part of the pants should stay on top (that’s a pun). On the exhaust get the pants, made literally in three deaths, three shirts inside.

how to fold things

Make and braid

If this method is too complicated for you, you can use the classic method of twisting.

1. Spin all garments that do not crease very much: t-shirts, underwear, jeans and cotton trousers.

2. Get more serious clothes: trousers, felling and jacket.

3. Twisted things and put the bottom of the suitcase, and folded — up.

4. On the sides of the suitcase, put the shoes, socks and little things like that.

Stowable jacket

If you’re going on a business trip or (better) to the wedding, you may need to pack a jacket. We showed you an anti-stress method of folding pants, and what to do with the jacket? Some comfortable the bags have those little hangers where you can attach your jacket. But these bags are not at all (Yes there is a little one, bourgeois this case). Here’s what we offer you.

1. Put the jacket on a flat surface, straighten the collar and sleeves, make sure that at this stage it was not folds.

how to fold a jacket

2. Fold the sleeve in half, as shown in the figure. It is very important that they bent smoothly, without wrinkles.

how to fold a jacket

3. Overni so the edges of the jacket to meet in the middle of the back. And again: spread out all the folds.

how to fold a jacket

4. To put the jacket in a bag, the warehouses received the design horizontally.

how to fold a jacket

5. To jacket well settled in a narrow bag, fold the jacket vertically. Remember: the care, attention and no folds.

how to fold a jacket

Foldable shoes

Many men just take their shoes and put it in the suitcase. However, the shoes (what a surprise!) is often dirtier than you expect, even when you have cleaned up and can stain clothes. Therefore, wrap each Shoe in newspaper or put in a bag and put other things on top or on the sides of the suitcase. If you bring dress shoes and don’t want them lost form, put each of them inside socks and shoes hold the sole to the wall of the suitcase.

Pack toiletries

If you fly on a plane, we highly recommend you to put toiletries in your hand Luggage. This is true for several reasons. First, there are cases when baggage sent there or not forget — in this case lay in your hand Luggage and another change of clothes. In the case of all liquids in hand Luggage, according to the rules they should be Packed in containers not exceeding 100 ml, and each container must be put into separate transparent plastic bag (zip-Lok). These rules in no case can not be neglected, otherwise you’ll have to leave all your liquid belongings at the front of the airport workers and, moreover, to delay the other passengers. The shaver also can be carried not all: only safe or blade separately from the machine.

Tips from dudes

Save room for Souvenirs. Where would you go: on vacation or business trip, you always want to bring something for their loved ones. You can even take a special small bag for gifts (it all depends on your plans and capabilities).

Share things with a friend. If you go with someone, it is a good idea to exchange a piece of Luggage to suitcases use the space most efficiently. In addition, if one of your suitcases gets lost, you both have something to wear.

Once again on the folds. To make things less wrinkling, need to unpack and hang them as soon as you get in the room. So clothes will be straightened if it get crushed, and if you don’t get crushed, you will deprive it of this chance. If something is in poor condition, take this thing with you into the bathroom when you take a hot shower. A little steam will smooth the wrinkles on the fabric.

Such cases. Now your journey won’t overshadow the crumpled shirts and pants. If you know some tricks on how to pack, welcome to the comments.