How to pack a backpack for survival

manygoodtips.com_15.05.2015_nCVJH1lzCD8EqAt one point, our wonderful planet can start preventive treatment against the infection destroying it under the name of «humanity». Myself preventive the complex is called «Apocalypse» and includes such procedures as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and other delights of nature. Let’s leave the proverbial zombie Apocalypse, tired of all normal people. I do think that zombies have become as irrelevant as Ice Bucket Challenge Dmitry Medvedev and slot machines. At worst, if you can’t live without the walking dead, watch the «Walking dead», there you all tell and show. And we collect a bag strictly for disasters.

1. Backpack


Before assembling the apocalyptic stuff, you need to choose wisely with this bag. All sorts of nerd backpacks, school bags and shoulder bags gomicheskie for $ 800, was said to Sandor Clegane, in the end. To hell all flimsy as the Constitution of Somalia, shit! Your backpack should be large, robust, sturdy, waterproof and comfortable. There should fit everything, even your female is! You’re not going to wander along the mountain paths, carrying in both hands the packages from the «Tabris», filled with Essentials? Therefore, we will only fit military or Hiking backpack. Expensive? Expensive?!?!?! Yes, they are not cheap, but is your life not more valuable?

2. Food


Depending on your complexion, from the plans for the future and moral-volitional qualities, you’re getting food in your purse so that you can carry.

Therefore, given the fact that the bag is not made of rubber, you can take stew to a maximum of 72 hours. It is better to take 3-4 banks. In the end, odishaw, you will learn to produce food on their own (only after 3 days without food, when you will be caught finally the hare, don’t forget to skin him and fry). There is an option that you will find a refugee camp, or, if it’s not so bad, the government itself organizes it. And there has to be simpler with the food.

By the way, don’t throw away the jar. It is possible to make just such an interesting thing that certainly will not be superfluous.

By the way, bring energy bars. In conditions far from the comfort, every calorie will count. Therefore, the high-calorie food, the better. If you take a few packets of instant soup, also good. Remember how in the childhood mother gvooril: «Watery need to eat.» Moreover, they weigh a little, and who knows when you’ll be able to try more or less «normal» food. So sushi crackers and prepare.

3. Shoes


Worn fragments, ruins and rough terrain in flip flops or heels is not very convenient. Your shoes needs to be reliable as tire BelAZ, and to serve no longer than your legs. There is nothing more reliable than special shoes with high-top sneakers. The thick sole will protect from broken glass and protruding iron pin, waterproof material will keep feet dry and indeed will protect against attacks brutalized chrysomelas. If in the wardrobe there was a Hiking Shoe if you don’t have time to buy «tanks» on the feet, fit any walking shoes. It is, of course, is not so reliable, but convenient, so feel free to wear sneakers. And make sure you bring 2-3 pairs of warm socks. Winter, she’s always around.

4. Clothing

Many argue that there is nothing better military camouflage suit. First, it looks brutal, in-the second, practical, thirdly, he wear no. However, experts note that the current army in the form of «Haute couture» made by Valentin Yudashkin, speaking in literary language – rare!! And the alleged need to get the camo the us army a lot of money, either in the form of an old sample of some of the ensign. About the quality of the new form can not judge. But the fact that camouflage the thing is fit, no doubt. But if it does not, your regular Hiking clothes made of dense or water repellent fabric, preferably with a hood. Anyway, put it in a bag headgear: preferably a warm hat and/or cap – and a pair of leather gloves. Will not be superfluous.

5. The source of the fire


Of course, the best friend any of the accidental tourist is a fire. And best of all, if you take a hike flint – the sort of thing that by rubbing a rod of steels carve sparks (quite right, in the photo it was he). And it lasts for a long time, and refill is not necessary. Sold in all the shops for tourism. If your store such a primitive weapon no, have a couple of plastic lighters of the type «Angara». They are cheap, light-weight and won’t get soggy, unlike matches. Can of course take the plastic of the fire source more expensive, depends on you. Pay attention, they are much more convenient and practical for your vintage Zippo. Moreover, to whom you will her off? Before wild animals?

Don’t forget your pills for ignition or cotton pads soaked in vaseline. Them much more useful than it might seem at first glance. How to fit a kindle fire, we have been told.

6. Multitool


The modern market is teeming with all sorts of «multitool», though ass eat. So you only need to select a quality tool. He should be a solid knife blade, pliers and wire cutters, the rest depends on the imagination of the manufacturer. I venture to offer this , but if you have a solid civil position of multiinstrument, please, if only the blade is not broken after the procedure of the picking dirt from under his fingernails. With the current quality of goods such confusion is likely to occur.

And be sure to get a knife. The knife in this situation – the most reliable friend, friend, friend. Do – it-all. With it, you will have to keep off a gang of marauders, wild beasts, and to cut through the wild thickets of «light the way to bright future».

7. Than with a machete


One of the main parameters of the knife is the steel grade of the blade. Here the choice is limited to Damascus and the Damascus swords and blades of steel 95X18 and 110h18 (or the European equivalents of these steels). All the rest – or narrow (only cutting, but not cut, and other restrictions), or cheap decorative stuff.

The blade should be straight and end with a protective stopper. Blade length – not less than 140 mm (without handle), without saws, notches, bulges, concavities and other decor items. The handle should lie comfortably in the hand. If you find yourself with a machete, feel free to take and don’t look back – also very useful thing. But here you will consult John Rambo.

8. Flashlight


Imagine, walking through the dark ruins of the city. Wet, scared, looters finish the last beggar. Go. Hiding in the cave, but still dark and scary. Hand curves, the torch can be done, and lighter as much use as the spears of the Zulus in the confrontation with the tank. That will help you not go crazy in the dark? Of course, the flashlight. He will carry you through the darkness, as the phial of Galadriel led Frodo through mine Minas Morgul. Only your «vial» should be moisture resistant and diode, not tube. So reliable.

It is better to take Dynamo flashlight. No relation to the sports society, he has not. But working longer: you simply twist the lever and it will give light.

9. Medication


In all countries long developed first aid medical kits. We have this set bears the proud title of first aid kit AI-4. Looks like a bright orange plastic box the size of 9smh10smh2sm with the words «fist aid Kit» with cross in a circle, have nothing to do with the Russian Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church. Within different nests, where they gently lie sometimes is not expired medicines.

In the first aid kit AI-4 includes:

– remedy for poisoning by the ORGANOPHOSPHORUS (nest No. 3, syringe-tube with red cap. For intramuscular use. Taken at the signal of Civil defense);

tool in case of poisoning by poisonous substances (nest No. 2 pencil yellow-green color. Taken 1 capsule 20-30 minutes before entering the area of the smoke (gas) at high risk of CO inhalation in a burning forest in the period of the liquidation extinguish themselves the fire and rescue of victims);

– analgesic tool (nest No. 1 pencil case without color. Used for fractures, extensive wounds and burns. One tablet per reception);

– radioprotective remedy # 1 (socket # 4, the pencil case crimson. Accepted the contents of the canister for 15-20 min before a possible exposure);

– radioprotective remedy # 2 (nest No. 5, case white. Adopted adults and children 1 tablet before exposure or within 30 minutes after exposure. Then 1 tablet daily after radioactive fallout. Children up to 2 years on 1/3 tablets);

– antibacterial means №1 (the slot number 6, pencil without coloring. Taken with the threat or bacterial infection, as well as for wounds and burns the contents of the canister with water. Children up to 8 years old, 8 to 12 years – 1 capsule per dose);

– antibacterial means №2 (socket no. 7, pencil without coloring. Taken after irradiation in case of gastro-intestinal disorders, 1 tablet 2 times a day. Children prohibited);

– an antiemetic (nest # 9, pencil case blue. Taken 1 tablet immediately after irradiation. Children from 6 years 1/2 tablets);

– back antidote FAUVE (antioxidant, socket No. 8, pencil case red. Accepted the contents of the pencil case at the signal of Civil defense. Children 5-12 years: 1 tablet).

Can collect all individually, and you can buy ready-made first aid kit and no steam. Only here domestic pharmacists either forgot, or purposely not put in a bandage. To buy it sure.

Americans suggest putting a lip balm, insect balm, sunscreen and spare glasses if you have vision problems. If there is room, why not? It is foolish to get touch with bleeding, cracked lips when using the crack you can see the red flesh, and every touch to the face gives a hell of a pain, because the hot sun completely burns the whole dermis on your once pretty face.

By the way, not pasquesi, put it in a bag multivitamin. Keep in reserve two or three packages. The rule is one tablet per day. But we were not up to standards, we would survive. So we will save money: pill – every three to five days to journey from the total deficiency is not eliminated fingernails, teeth and hair.

10. Tablets for water purification


And suddenly, a chemical attack or environmental disaster? Where to get more or less suitable for drinking water, if all water bodies are terribly polluted, and the wells treacherously poisoned?

These pills are sold in tourist shops and in special shops for «survivalist». Threw a pill «on top», «Aquabreeze» or «Portable» in cans with marsh liquid and after some time you can drink.

11. Hygiene


About hygiene do not forget even during a flood. So, the whole city was flooded. But in still water it is better not to wash. There better not to go. And set the backpack to put it should. What’s in it? Nothing supernatural: toilet paper, soap, wet wipes and a means for disinfecting hands. It would be good to put a toothbrush, toothpaste and a small towel. If there is a Hiking bag or just a nail clipper, then be sure to put. Nail biting is unworthy of a hero. And you don’t have to grind on the trunks of trees, like a squirrel or other woodland animal.

12. Mask


No, not like, say, ninja Turtles. Footprint of a conventional, cotton-gauze bandages, even better, a respirator will protect your lungs from the terrible burning, or huge clouds of dust. Well, time will ease your life easy in case of a chemical attack. Just enough to run away from the epicenter.

A very useful thing when fires, earthquakes, and it’s not terrible bombing.

13. Rope


One of the key characters of the legendarium Tolkien’s Samwise Gamgee has repeatedly reminded the reader that the campaign is required to take the rope. So listen to old, practical Sam. If not for him, Frodo would not come to Mordor. Useful if you need to pull someone down with it with a cool retreat, and bind the old satellite to the tree.

14. Dishes


Of course, it is not necessary to take products from fancy Meissen porcelain. Dishes must be durable, unbreakable. Typically, these properties are metals. Therefore, the optimal strategy is to choose the famous army recruitment: jar, pot and bowl. The volume pot to about 1 liter, made of lightweight aluminum lid that can act as bowls or frying pans. Thus, the pot plays the role of several kitchen utensils, allowing you to save space in backpack. In addition, the volume of 1 liter and a weight of 220 grams much easier hike. Yes and it only costs 700 rubles.

15. Self defense


During any natural disaster out of the woodwork crawls the vile scum, preying on someone else’s grief. The number of crimes increases dramatically, which is not surprising – the police are not up to it. So let go of your humanity. Them as said the character in the famous film, «boys do.» Looters and other public husks you will not be spared. And since you probably don’t know how to handle a knife and even a machete that hangs you, rather, for the sake of good bluff and affirmation, you will need something that can take down an enemy at long range.

Pepper spray is good, but not very efficient. If there is, take it with you. But the gun will be more effective. Can make according to the method of Danila Bagrov Pugach from the old grandfather’s gun, and can go and buy fashionable now in trauma. After all, you don’t have to kill murderers and wild animals enough to deter or stop. We recently discussed the need for firearms, but yet you can not use it. If you have it (we know how), take it. The main thing that was license. Otherwise ascribe to the looters if they get caught.

Anyway, the gun the gun. Especially in places of a mass congestion of people with a gun walk around.

16. Compass, map, notebook


Of course, your gadgets are the compass, paper, and CT areas. And not only the location of the planet in General. But when they run out, they will benefit from a little, and thou shalt be clever to sit and stare at the dark screen of the tablet. So just need to put on your «SAC», the compass, paper map and Notepad with pen. You will record your impressions of worthless wandering by the changed beyond recognition landscapes.

17. Money, passport, credit cards

In all textbooks write that you must first take your passport with you at the first sign of the Apocalypse. It will be easier for you to learn. No, why are you offended because it’s true, they are so easy, and written for these purposes. And in the end, how do you prove your identity without documents? And the recovery procedure until chore, something to remember her once again not desirable, except that when we start to describe the most terrible things on the planet and causes of mental disorders.

Well, the money never under any circumstances will not lose its value and function. Mutual aid is certainly good, but the market will live, even if the Earth will be no more than 30 people.

18. Portable radio

Perhaps he will be the only source of news and information on impending natural disasters.

I don’t mean a huge Boombox that was carrying calloused shoulders of the guys from the ghetto. I’m talking about a compact model that even can connect via USB with the phone. Similar receivers – as the stars in the sky. so pay attention.

19. Cape, tent, sleeping bag


A piece of cloth that you pull over your head will protect you from the rain and arrogant attitudes of the birds. And if you too lazy to build housing, to shelter and warm yourself with cool nights, if there isn’t companionshi… or companion.

When you can, and sleeping bag. About its pros and know it all. Only here to take all at once was a stupid idea. So grab what is at hand.

20. Favorites


Clearly, you’ll be bored alone in the woods. What to do? Take 8 volumes Gorky is not very convenient, Pelevin – stupid (hallucinogenic mushrooms everywhere), Dontsova – a shame. So print out the articles from our magazine (that you have added to favorites) and read by the light of the fire, lifting your mood and hoping that all this horror will end soon.

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