How to overcome the natural modesty



Healthy, friend! First, I want to thank my wonderful editorial for unique content. The use of many tips you can find in life, I hope the halo editor-in-chief glows brighter than sekotan the student after the merged Ministry of foreign Affairs.

And now I would like to ask you a question that bothers me for a long time!

So, let’s start with the basics: I am a weak-willed mattress, or a goof, call me whatever you want, I’ll explain why.

1. I’m 22 years old, time flies, soon the diploma and the army, and I’m the most humble dude on the planet (I hate myself for it). Can’t find the guide, how to get rid of this fecal quality in our time. Another thing – the audacity! The second happiness. I envy such people envy, because in life they are always on horseback, they have charisma, they love women, men are drawn to them.

2. The truth is, I’m pretty well-read sapiens, but that’s when talking with people all my thoughts disappear and the evil pause in the conversation! I hate them. It is hard to find with people common language, especially with girls, not even something to talk about.

3. The last 2 years, I am in complete stagnation, contagious to a new low, I may need some discipline or will, and everything will fall into place! I have no thoughts, where to begin the conquest of the much-touted «the ladder of a successful person».

Guys, help advice! Otherwise I’ll remain for the rest of the life of a typical nerd and a complete corner that nobody likes and can not wait. A little more, and I will lay nakagami, the culprit of which there is only myself.

I hope for your reply and the article that I could start the first step. In General, I needed someone to talk to. Thank you who have read – indeed many bukf. Good luck!

The answer

Dude, thank you for such a nice review: after the glowing halos in the whole edition Well, now to business. Hi, I’m 22, and I know exactly how you feel. Just don’t understand what you want more: cheer you up or give a kick in the ass. Had the feeling that your definition of «modest» was too negative a wrong sense. And in vain, because the humble person is not one who is afraid to talk to a girl, but one who has no need to shout about their victories and virtues on every corner. As we have seen, the advantages you have. So please do not confuse introversion and lack of confidence with humility, which is really only decorates the man. By the way, we already wrote about how to gain confidence. Let’s try to understand what is happening in your life.

1. Career

Dude, you remembered that will soon graduate, right? So, a free and independent life. After uni nobody is going to wipe your ass, so take responsibility. And anyway, have you thought about what will you do after obtaining the coveted diploma? You have a dream profession, Hobbies, interests? Going to the army? Go! Just be careful, and then you get there and the modesty discourage, and everything else. In any case, think about where you would like to apply all the accumulated knowledge. Confidence will come with experience, that’s for sure.

The world needs more humble geniuses, there is so little left.

Oscar Levant

2. Relationship

Heard the expression: «Smart is the new sexy»? So, dude, this is your case. You’re probably not even aware of how modest the «flaw» you can play on hand. Girlfriends love are passionate about, now something of a trend for geeks. For anybody not a secret that a man without a favorite cause, not a man. About the fact that blatant stretch women: there is already a matter of taste. Again, do not confuse arrogance with confidence. You can be confident and determined and with all that modest – that girl will really appreciate you.

Such women. Nothing can make these exciting, as the manifestation in man of modesty and shyness.

Roald Dahl

3. Communication

According to the letter that you wrote to us, you are really very well-read man, with metaphors all right. But how can it be that all this eloquence is lost in real life? You may be hungry for fellowship with real, interesting people? Haven’t been out of comfort zone? There is a feeling that inside, there’s a real rebel, an adventurer. So let it out!

Even a simple trip to the cinema with friends on the weekend can bring you something unusual, from the reaction to the film up to new acquaintances. In General, it’s better than sitting at home and whining about how everything is good and you have a simple and humble guy. I can say for sure: don’t try to pretend what is not, and all roads will open to you. I hope your next letter will be about how you have changed and was able to overcome the barrier of their own systems. Go for it!

Pride makes us artificial, but humility is real.

Thomas Merton

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