How to overcome mental illness will come a series of new year holidays, but for some it is the embodiment of hell on earth. So was always or began only recently, but loneliness, if it exists, especially noticeable in the background of all these flashing lights of houses, ocqueoc, scurrying in the hustle and bustle of people rushing to buy gifts for each loved one. And this is just one example of why you may experience depression even the most resistant people. Depression is destructive, it leads to anxiety, isolation, and uselessness, inability to define their belonging to something or someone. It’s not melodramatic state of mind, in fact it is as if someone replaced your eyes, ears, and mind to see and process information in the form of a direct attack on everything you hold dear. The rain simply because you don’t deserve the sun. You feel tired and exhausted. Depression eats away at you both physically and mentally. Depression and anxiety. Nuclear killer combination. And a disease that requires treatment.

1. Do not be ashamed of such emotions

If you break your arm, you go to the doctor if you have gastritis, you go to the doctor but ignore the constant feeling of anxiety or depression, considering it far-fetched or more – shameful – wrong step on the slippery slope. Dude, all diseases – from nerves and only syphilis – by love. Your psyche and emotional state – as much a part of yourself, like an arm, leg or member. That’s just a broken finger or strep throat is much less of a problem than a similar ailment, which can be subjected to even the strongest of us. Never ignore your feelings, don’t depend on the General category of «normality» and stereotypes, trying to devalue yourself, since you are faced with this problem and can’t solve it. No matter how hard you train your mind and body – none of us are invincible.

2. Trust to whom you can trust

Dude, if you have a heart-to-hearts with friends you don’t help, most likely, it was the turn of shrinks to deal with your problem. Studies worldwide show that depression, like cardiovascular disease, is the most common ailment of our time. It is a disease of the whole organism, and not a manifestation of a weak character, laziness, selfishness, debauchery or natural pessimism. Therefore, if proven, methods of dealing with mental illness won’t save you, pay attention to the symptoms and if you found confirmation of his conjecture, consult a specialist.

3. Symptoms

About the General and most common symptoms we have already mentioned. Let’s now consider this question in more detail. And if among the list you find two or more aspects that reflect your condition, it is likely that you do not live a full life, and are in the twilight zone of their thoughts and experiences.


  • A sense of anxiety and uncertainty;
  • Excessive anxiety, the need to strengthen and bring to the extreme the problems were not significant;
  • Muscle tension, frequent headaches, upset stomach, pressure in your chest;
  • Difficulty concentrating, memory impairment, and General unorganized state;
  • Insomnia, anxiety, restless sleep.


  • Lack of energy and motivation;
  • The unwillingness to communicate with people;
  • Loss of interest in activities usually enjoyable;
  • A sense of hopelessness and helplessness;
  • Negative thoughts about yourself, others and life in General;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • You sleep much more or less than usual, and feel overwhelmed and tired.

4. Fight

The sooner you admit to yourself that might be suffering something like depression or anxiety, the sooner you will be on the road to recovery. But nobody says that it will be easy and short. If you have a problem like a man: face to face. Yes, it is beyond the accepted templates: such recognition that you have some mental disorder. But this should only concern you, is only part of your life. Be strong, man! Every person was gifted with a mind with a spark of imagination and is forced to accept the fact that goes hand in hand with these things: illogical, fear, and unforgivable thoughts. It’s a battle on a deep personal level, is something that only you can overcome. After all, who knows you better than you know yourself?

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