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Often began to reflect on the fact that I have such a «mental barrier which is stopping my brain working on full. Some sort of he that saves the mode, which is enabled automatically. Essence here in what: at school the teacher often praised me, saying, «you have intelligent eyes, bright mind, and do not want to learn». Maybe it was, but now, as a student, I had the desire to learn. But I can’t study because I think that this barrier blocks access to all my knowledge, and so on.

Feel the smartest autistic, developed to the level of a normal person.

The answer

Man, we love you, of course, love and all that, but stop fooling around. What the hell kind of systems? You made up for yourself, the teachers were just trying to get you to learn. Are you saying that the teachers gave you this uncertainty, or we misunderstood you? If so, then there is nothing to drive potential businessmen because they just wanted to get your talent to work and develop.

In any case, they were absolutely right. In the courtyard, the crowd was not realized itself, the talents, and it happened for one simple reason — they, like you, to invent all sorts of «mental barriers» that were nothing more than the usual laziness. So don’t group myself with the autism — among them the unfortunate geniuses than among Nobel laureates in the history of this godless, thoroughly politicized prize. And you’re a regular couch potato who simply can not and never tried to work to the maximum. And school brother, has long been over, a new adult life, and if you don’t hurry, you will be forever. And if you do not overcome your laziness now, in College, a long time in the temple of knowledge is not delayed. Of course, if you have a normal high school, not some sharaga. Such a «talented Trinity» like you three ways: or to leave everything and develop his talent (if, of course, is); or go to the guerrillas like Che Guevara, or to remain forgotten and unknown to the dustbin of history.

Most likely, without difficulty to overcome his sin, you will fail, so catch a few tips. First, tell the child yet. Treat the University as his work. It is, in principle, is your job. If you spend the proper amount of time, not focusing on pleasures of College life, then everything will be fine. Get it in your head that mediocre results will be for you to collapse, and great for learning rests with the love of Dean’s office, increased scholarship and all lump sum payments like different Potanin scholarships and shit. You do realize that there is the amount for ordinary students arciprete, especially if you plan to operate in parallel. It’s time to turn the psychology of the greedy for the praise and glory of the champion and show everyone who’s the best.Moreover, at first you need to detach yourself from everything that might distract you. Heard the story about the guy who was paying the girl, so she beat his face every time he started to dig in the Internet? Its performance increased by 60%. So all the toys, phones and other heresy better than. Out of all the social networks, and every time there is a desire to Google the new clip of Jacques-Anthony, cut the phalanx of the finger. Scary? Then get yourself a certain flagellation for the violation of the regime. And even better — take a fixed time for a smoke break. If at first stand — poori yourself what you want, even the week of procrastination. Not stand — I’m sorry, but apparently, the phalanx you don’t really need.

Speaking of personal, it slips into a three to b + in high school honors student in high school helped to become 3 things: no favourite school subjects; the realization that school is work and adult life has already begun; and spending time on self-education. To them I was constantly, throughout his life. At the University, not all items seem interesting, but some teachers deserve execution without trial. There’s always a more interesting alternative to a University textbook, lean on it and trust that whatever you learn, you’ll fit in. Eventually, you even want to farsite knowledge to teachers. The indescribable feeling, when the teacher is an asshole trying to kill you, and you answer all, or some dumb graduate knows less than you, and turns to you for help.

In General, you understand what to do. Let, develop a psychology of the champion, it’s time to get out of the sump.

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