How to overcome laziness and develop will power

manygoodtips.com_26.08.2014_QnNUSsTGCp5EFAs a prelude — read the bearded anecdote.

Once Petruchio wanted to use the toilet to relieve himself. And nearby was this, where instead of the toilet — the usual hole in the floor. When he started to zip up his pants, finished his business, from his pocket dropped ten pesos. Petruchio was a well-known cheapskate, he began to think, to jump or not to jump in the shit for ten pesos. Pretty broken in the head, he pulled out a tightly-clasped purse, and threw it into the hole with the words «Now it makes sense!».

So you have a reason to read the article, if you’re motivated by the eyeballs and truly want to change something in your life, to overcome laziness and develop will power.

When in the spring you pull your body slightly running to the gym, you don’t rush headlong towards the corner weightlifters? And with the pumping power of the spirit fared similarly.

Start small. Follow these tips gradually, starting with one of something to start. Reaching minimal success, put in your «diet» another Council.

1. Organize your daily routine

manygoodtips.com_26.08.2014_MfYQ3oxRSIAdGYou must Wake up every morning at the same time. On the weekend you can give yourself some slack in an extra hour, a maximum of six. If you’re going on about her sleeping body, the «muscle will» not warmed up and don’t come at the right move, not getting the tone. So, starting your day sluggish, you risk to be so throughout the day. Performance at a minimum. All important matters are transferred to another day. Don’t fall for the excuses of a lazy mind. Even if you want to stay an extra 15 minutes in bed — no descent.

2. Make sure you use it yourself to self-discipline and organization. Ask yourself daily/weekly/monthly goals and specific deadlines. Will not deal with operational issues – only the personal time taken in consumption. For example, to finally read a book that a couple of months lying in your closet, or tidy folders on the desktop, to wash the dishes after every meal and so on.

To not be tempted to take time off, can assign tasks for the whole week, but in the end all has to be done. For example, if you decided to run 15 miles over 7 days, you can break those for a few days, and if the blind rock interfered with your plans, you will have to stay within one. Run, Forrest, run.

3. Forget the word «then» you have no good reason not to do what you have planned, gather your pathetic will in a fist, and perform the promise I made to myself. Learn to step on the throat of his pathetic «not today.» Download strong-willed muscle. Say instead of the word «need» — «I promise.» Let for you it will be a matter of honor. And to the point.

4. Do sports you notice the first blocks and bumps on the surface of his strong-willed souls get to regular (underlined) going to the gym. Sport is a constant struggle of his own body and laziness, discomfort, muscle fatigue and a strict routine. One half doesn’t do sports, because they lack willpower. The other half goes in for sports, to this power of the will to live. Well binuhay on the fly to show off.

If you’re still not ready for such heavy artillery, start with simple, but regular charging in the morning.

5. Clean — the guarantee of health

Poradi.s.ua_26.08.2014_fuTmKOWhMO2RgWith the order in the apartment already figured out. House cleaning otodectes with cleaning in your mind, in your thoughts. The question of hygiene has been raised in the pages of our magazine. Just remember that brushing your teeth and taking a shower should be regularly. But not when in transport the people around you will start to turn green, feeling your smell.

6. You’re not pathetic slave of his stomach!

manygoodtips.com_26.08.2014_tshBjMPbXJkrILearn how to cook. Learn a new dish at least once a week. This will provide you useful home-cooked food and new interesting experience. About addiction say briefly: every cigarette and alcoholic excess is a degradation of your will and the dominance requirements over the spirit.

7. Master the elements of concentration

manygoodtips.com_26.08.2014_1d2DRlaUsTKYdThe ability to concentrate helps to keep emotions under control, relax and calm your thoughts. Put your business at least 20 minutes and freeze in one convenient for you pose. Try to concentrate on one thing: the breath, visualization of water or fire etc.

Science has proven that mental exercises such increase in the amount of gray matter in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. It is this area of the brain responsible for willpower, while impulsive decisions are guided by the Central part of it.

8. Eliminate your weaknesses the scheduled progress applies not only to the beloved and important aspects of your life. Learn from professional athletes following the principles: do more things that are least like you. That rule was brought in not one ten athletes world records. But if there is something giving you with the greatest difficulty, once again learn from the athletes.

Especially in long-distance runners. When they have an exaggerated sense of distance in mind, they divide the whole distance into parts, and let to run long marathon of scary, a hundred meters can overpower. And another hundred. And another hundred.

Step by step approaching to the target. Break tasks into subtasks.

9. Get used to rely only on themselves

manygoodtips.com_26.08.2014_44lghvQDNZdMtDo not look for supporters in the chosen field of work, partner for trips to the gym, a company, a literary group on Fridays, etc. Your objectives are designed to serve only your success. Other is not to blame.

10. Don’t wait for Monday, the first day of the second month, the rain on Thursday

manygoodtips.com_26.08.2014_W64aW1Wms070lTomorrow morning get up early for half an hour and get some exercise. On the way to or from work, buy a book. And start reading at least a dozen pages before bed. Do the first steps for the education of the power of the spirit, as it saves you from falling into the abyss of depravity of mind and laziness.

If you have the patience to read to the end, give you a bonus as homework. And we are not too lazy to make you a plan for a month and dictate terms to achieve your progress.

• 30 days without social networking

• 30 days to read 2 books

• within 30 days of study every day 5 new words. And three foreign language

• 30 days without meat (to painful)

• 30 days without TV.

And may the force be with you.

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