How to overcome fear

fearSometimes fear is good. It is a biological instinct does not allow us to do stupid things that can kill us. For example, fear makes us good service when we notice the snake is crawling or standing on the edge of the cliff.

Unfortunately, fear is not always rational and not always healthy. So our heart starts to beat faster when we climb the ramp, but not when we sit behind the wheel, despite the fact that car accidents happen more often than the crash of the Airliners. Fear does not allow us to physically feel the pain, but it can deprive us of the ability to feel the pain, hurt ego, or the thrill of victory and success.

As a man to overcome your fear

Fear is irrational. It’s never to late rational in their choices and behavior. But every man should strive to live consciously, to behave rationally. Fear is a primal instinct, not a product of the higher nervous activity. When we rationally think about your fears, we often find that there is no real reason to be afraid.

Fear is scary. We often try to give their fears a better look, so as not to injure the self-esteem. We say that just acting prudently or cautiously. We say that not trying to do something, because in fact it is irrelevant. But if you want to overcome your fear, it will be useful to take a sober look at things. Don’t say: «I don’t do that, ’cause I’m nervous», «I don’t do it because I’m a coward.» It is not to be hard — it’s just useful when you’re talking to yourself in this way. Who want to be a coward?

Fear prevents to be a whole person. Integrity means living in accordance with their beliefs and values. But when we want to do something and believe it’s right, we’re not doing this out of fear, and thus go against their beliefs. To live in accordance with its principles — it means to overcome our own fears.

To be afraid means to be master of the situation. Man is the owner of its destiny. He chooses the path that lead him to the goal. Man, limited his own fears stops to choose these roads: for him, it makes fear. Man becomes a slave. Who else will be the master of your life, if not you yourself?

Fear is something you’ll regret. Men, as a rule, do not dwell on the past. They extract the lesson, but do not allow the past to limit myself. However, if you let fear hold me back from some things, eventually you will regret it.

Fear slows down your personal growth. People should always strive to improve yourself, every day gets a little better than he was yesterday. However, growth without risk?

How to overcome our fears

It is not necessary to live, constantly turning on their own fears and insecurities. You willpower be the owner of your own fear.

Change your perspective on fear. Pain after a workout is bad? Or is it just a sense of how your body is filled with strength? Fear is a purely negative thing when you believe it. You can choose your own perception of fear: this is the same as the muscle pain after a workout, but here we are talking about training in nature. The increase is negligible, if you don’t feel pain and don’t work.

Instead of regarding the fear of something heavy, think of it as an adventure. Adventure is what pulls you out of your comfort zone and sends into uncharted territory. It can be a Safari in Africa or a banal conversation with a stranger. To overcome fear, big or small, is exciting. Every man needs to scare yourself a little every day.

Change your perception of risk. We are afraid to do something because we are afraid to fail and humiliate yourself. What if I repel? What if I fail? So we often perceive the risk. Yes, there are chances that you will strike in a dirt the person. If you do not dare, it is certainly not defeated.

If so put the question, without risking, you’re risking. Why? If you are not at risk in little things, you never dare. You run the risk of something more global — to achieve nothing and become a loser. Without risk life is mediocre. So you can look back on 10, 20, 30 years ago and understand that you regret it.

When I was a kid and scared to do something, for example, to move down the water slides on the priest or the mountain bike, I asked myself: «what do you regret? To do this, and be frightened for a moment, or not to do and miss the case, and then to speculate like this?» And even my ten-year brain could give me the correct answer.

Remember, if you miss an opportunity just because you were scared, you’ll never be able to return this time. Never.

In the end, we are always afraid of failure and bad reactions, because it always hurts to think you’re not talented enough or strong enough for something to succeed. This low self-esteem. However, when we do not do something throughout life, we just accept the fact: «I’m a coward» — and unconsciously carry within themselves. That is why it is dangerous the absence of risk in our lives.

Think about the big dudes. Our personal fears overwhelm us and seem insurmountable, but try to look at them from the other side. I assure you: your fears seem to you not so scary if you spend Parallels between himself and some of the great men of the past — the same Gagarin, for example. I think he was not afraid to fly into the unknown? He did it, and you can’t just dial a phone number?

Kill your fear with logic. As we have said, fear is not a rational thing. There is a solution — kill the fear logic. The best way to do this is to ask yourself the question: «If I do this, what could be the worst consequences?»

What bad will happen if you refuse the girl? You are simply not going to meet you now and not Dating — in fact, nothing will change.

What is the harm if you send CV to a vacancy, where you will not get? You’re not going to work in this job — but you now it is not working, what will change?

What bad will happen if you fail during public speaking? No one will ever tell you about it, so you will not know how fucked up.

And so on and so forth. Almost any scenario of the worst possible things — this is just a minor nuisance, but nothing special.

Have no fear, just do it. When you feel fear, recognize it, but don’t give the brain too much time to think. So he starts to dwell on fear and reason out what to do next. Let your brain keeps everything under control. Just pomedli — and get to the action, turn on the road, with which it is already impossible to roll. Dial the same number. Go to the same office. As soon as you started the action, you have no choice: you have to keep going. Just do it.

Task for today: to overcome your fear

Take the fear that was bugging you for some time. You need something to do, want to do, but you delay. We think it is a safe way to plan a little bit, but our unconquered fears is an unnecessary burden on our shoulders. Every day they whisper in your ear that you have to do something, but you ignore it. Over time, undefeated fears grow to epic proportions and suddenly you find that almost impossible to do: fear has grown to giant size, and you didn’t notice.

Ask the girl, she would love to meet you. Tell your best friend how you feel about her. Break up with a girl fell out of love a month ago. Ask for allowance. Admit his mistake in front of one or boss. Ask forgiveness from my brother. Do it. Do it now.

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