How to overcome fear of flying

People are afraid of many things: spiders, clowns, darkness under the bed, screaming people in a burqa with a Kalashnikov. What wonder that some of us experience fear of flying? The plane crashes, no security, a man not meant to fly, the aircraft invented by Satan!

So, maybe Satan had a hand in the design of passenger aircraft, otherwise they are not shaking when taking off, but their safety was universally acknowledged. A major crash in the last ten years can be counted on the fingers, but car accidents on the fingers will not count. And this despite the fact that every day over Europe carried by thirty thousand bustles with tourists, office workers, Popes aircraft (now more statistics, 2013).The advantages of such a move, it would seem, is obvious. But many do not understand them, because time is lost because of this «misunderstanding». Unless you have extra time? If not, here’s what we realized when the time was struggling with this fear.

Don’t put off the fight for later

I have a friend in life had some amazing opportunities, when he could visit Israel and the United States, without spending their own money. But this guy stuck in the city for fear of flying on an airplane, when you could have the unique experience that comes once in a lifetime. Now this man has long coped with the fear of flight (work made), but such opportunities are gone forever. So don’t put off for later. Perhaps now is the best time to get out of their city, and the best time in your life will not. The future is often not as favorable to us as the present. It is not immediately clear.

Talk to the pilots

The Internet is a miracle and a curse this time. But it is great in order to destroy your fears once and for all. We recommend you to communicate via Skype with some pilot on the subject of his fear. An experienced pilot is better than any licensed therapist to cope with cockroaches in the head. You just imagine that man flies for 30 years, flew on old ruins, which were bred from the cigarette lighter. As a rule, these guys can help dispel the most ridiculous fears on the subject of flying, professionals.


22-hour journey by train better than a two-hour flight? Love the types of fields and broken cities? No, dude, do not tell us. Yes, there are times when the train ride is exactly what you need. But if at the other end of the country is waiting for you girlfriend, willing to give you everything that you haven’t seen it, the train loses a bit of the plane. Generally, if you are afraid of something, you always have to choose the right «motivator». We are all selfish bastards and delight we love ourselves.


If fear arose in the Internet, dealing with it would be much more difficult. And now you can go on YouTube and put a relaxing, soothing video, where continuous ecstasy will take off and land the aircraft. Visualization is a good thing. A few hours a week, and these iron monsters that rise into the sky, for you will be the most familiar pieces on the Ground. Just stay away from tons of gruesome videos, where the passengers are shaking in fear from turbulence. Only positive videos, positive. Tab «porn» can also open… For the behavioral therapy. So it is called like that.


Rare animal in Russian society, and therefore useful. You can apply to psychoanalysis as Hitler to Freud, but to deny some of the successes would be weird. Maybe the shrink will not assuage your fears completely, but it will help you narrow your fear of specific aspects, which, from the point of view of reasonableness, does not seem so horrible. Usually, people are not afraid of flying, but the lack of control over the situation. Besides, I always wanted to be a character in a woody Allen film.


Book a flight

Yes, so simple. Take, buy a ticket, the fear recedes. Not all, but a significant part. From myself I recommend to start to choose aeronautical route in two hours. 120 minutes is a great time if you throw the bastard under the name of «Panic». You will be able to endure.


Many people are against self-treatment, and the wheels are what harm the kidneys. Unfortunately, pseudoephedrine is prohibited by our state, so we need to look for something legal. And then you have time to think, comes to mind «Dramina», which is to use any long and lulled the trip, if you have a weak stomach.

Earlier in the airport! Prepare yourself

So you will have two hours of free time. Drink «Tamino» and go to the bar (don’t tell me that at airports they are not!). There, order a beer, turn on the player cool and cheerful music. You will see that all fear will disappear. Can watch some nonsense on YouTube or chat with a strange man. In General, airport communication – is a special world, different from ordinary conversations in bars, taxis or trains.


The first flight, if you’re a worrier, you still pass with clenched fists in an enclosed toilet and a cold sweat. But if you look out the window, you will feel that you fear won once and for all. With each departure of its remnants will be transformed into interesting memories.

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