How to overcome depression

Autumn is cruel and hates you time. However, we like it. All these endless rains, and temperature extremes are of male body to their advantage, and if not, there’s always the wheel, which will help you to overcome any illness. Any except spiritual. But this time of year is famous for a large number of various «depressure» that falls on your head. There are days in the week, when any little thing can destroy a positive attitude. If you love to get a couple dozen stacks vysokogradientnogo, questionable stuff, then you probably know that, in addition to purely physical ailments, the next morning you will have to wait for total moral repression. And how to deal with it?

To begin to define for themselves what is depression and depression is two different States. If depression can be called systematic and continuous, then the depression is of a transient nature. From alcohol it manifests itself quite often, because the alcohol, you’re probably aware, a fairly strong depressant. Depression better treated, more thought and more seriously, otherwise it would have no longer any need for such dudes as psychologists. But in order to remove the effect of suppression need not so much, this is not even to delve into the causes and consequences. It doesn’t matter. It was possible to upset the usual quarrels on the road or breaking brains lunge from your new friend, and maybe you shortchanged in shop or in the called mobile operator. And you know what you can get discouraged, so let’s not invent something new. And won’t you suggest something like: «Face the problem face to face!», «Extortion!», «Stop whining!» It is not only not helpful, but such advice is often full vacuum.

So, man should be able to cope with their problems, but some things are not as simple as they seem, and sometimes it is better to solve them in a roundabout way, to somehow drown out their negative effect. The problem, perhaps, is not going anywhere, but it will be much easier to solve. Tested on himself and his friends.

1. Do the work that you have always postponed

In General, this is probably the best state when you can meekly and conscientiously to do the household chores. For example, dishwashing, cleaning, extraction cleaning or wiping of the folds of her mutant dog. All in another day would be done reluctantly, even saccharine. And now you have to escape from negative thoughts. And that this will contribute to better than dull and monotonous physical work? This is a fairly simple task, and it’s easy to convince yourself that the and wildly useful. Doing household chores, you can easily restrict the activities of their thought process to zero, it is possible to stop thinking. And similar will give you the opportunity to quickly restore their psychological strength.

2. Look something unbearably stupid

TV is your friend when you’re mentally ill. A great time to turn some hell of a show, which you just spat. You can look, for example, a Japanese TV channel, or wrestling, or NASCAR race. Most importantly, the safe didn’t have to think. That’s not necessary. Imagine that you and two classes is not finished, feel reznikom, who was shot in Vietnam is part of the brain. Usually, in such moments, you can get some revelation about the importance of certain things. Life seems pretty simple, so not to worry.

3. Look something unbearably clever

Act on the contrary. Never surprised that the most notorious alcoholics for some reason love to watch programs about animals and their lives in the savanna? Here you come to one such house, and he sits and watches as the crowd of lions tearing to pieces some unfortunate Zebra. And, you know, this method is even running. Although we prefer to watch movies about space or something more futuristic. When you’re depressed, then you are significantly lowers. Thoughts can come together into something structured and clear. Therefore, it is necessary to find the source of it all somewhere on the side. Why would you do that? Then, that intelligent men who tell you about atoms and black holes, are very well able to get you away from your useless problems. And again, you need to ignore the reasons for your sadness.

4. Comics

Some advice from a friend When sadness covers you, it’s time to read a comic book. Just choose them wisely. Do not need complicated graphic novels Ala Alan Moore. Of course, they are all cool, but better to find something simpler. In General, simplicity is your best friend in the fight against depression. And try to read something nicenice, where it will be less evil and dirt. Turn to the classics, such as «Garfield». This comic is available almost every day from ‘ 78, and jokes during this time has not changed at all. It’s fucking pleasant that in the world there is something so reliable. So many wars have passed since that time, and this ginger cat earlier eats his lasagna and ridicule of his master.

5. Go to some diner

No matter what. You can choose any local fastfunc, which is full of motley people. Order a Burger, chemical soda and watch people. In addition, junk food always makes man the mood and the monitoring and targeting characters in the Burger will tell you. Begin to feel part of this society. The crowd on ordinary days can only be depressing for you to affect, suddenly helps to remove you from psychological troubles. Coming from places noticeably refreshed.

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