How to overcome bad eating habits

how to deal with appetite

Bad habits are at all, who would not say, especially in terms of food. Some of us constantly snack during work. Others drink two bottles of beer every evening, sitting on the couch in front of the TV. Many people like to midnight snack, especially with something bold and heavy type of sandwiches with smoked sausage. But even if you are a big guy, there is a probability that you’ll begin to eat junk and become less healthy.

Harmful dietary habits are very bad for your body. Through them you can get fat, become flabby and lazy, and generally undermine the health. But to completely abandon them is too painful and difficult: besides, chances are that you will not remain for long in these throes and will soon return to the usual order of Jora. So we consider a soft alternative to hard bad habits. Follow our recommendations and you will be able to turn a bad habit into a useful.

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach

A bottle of beer contains about 150 calories. A few bottles can you replace a quarter of the daily calorie intake. Beer, and any alcohol in General is high in calories, so when you pour it in an empty stomach, those calories get into the blood and deposited elsewhere in the form of fat. And it increases insulin levels and may cause you to overeat, and this is not good either.

How so? Your body takes the alcohol for the poison and tries to clear it from the body as quickly as possible, interrupting normal production of sugar. Low blood sugar makes you hungry and you eat more. Drink on an empty stomach and you will eat everything what can reach, while the level of sugar in your blood rises. And so it will, until the alcohol out of your body.

The solution: eat, then drink.

Before you start to drink kusni something. Food in your stomach will allow alcohol to absorb in the blood instantly. If there is no time to eat — drink a glass of milk. Protein contained in milk can slow the absorption of alcohol at least three times. This means that the level of sugar in your blood will drop and you won’t go hungry. You will eat and probably drink less, consuming less calories.

Eat heavy food at night

So nice before going to bed to eat heartily or just tightly bite. That’s what immediately go to fat! People may argue about whether eating before bed for weight, but think about it: you eat and don’t burn calories — where do they go? It is very possible that just converted into fat. When you sleep, the body switches into recovery mode and preserve, so if during the day you weren’t active enough, your body converts extra calories into fat.

Solution: eat vegetables and something light.

Hunger at night can be a signal that you’re tired and you need to sleep, not to eat. Pay attention to your diet: you need to eat more vegetables during dinner. Fiber gives you a feeling of satiety, despite the fact that it is low in calories. Eat your veggies and feel full.

If you didn’t eat enough dinner vegetables and generally used for the whole day is not enough calories, eating protein food: it is very nutritious and healthy for recovery. Choose chicken breast or cheese: this is the most low-calorie and nutritious option.

Drinking fruit juice

When you were little, you were told that drinking juice is helpful. Yeah, but the juice is useful in fresh form, and also it can be the sugar and citric acid — but that’s another story. And even if the energy contained in sugars, does not go into the matter immediately, the sugar settles in your belly as fat. Drink fruit juice, and you’ll acquire calories as a snowball, which rolled in the snow to turn it into part of the body of snowman.

Solution: eat fruit.

So, just whole fruits. They contain less sugar than juice. In addition, they contain more vitamins and nutrients in the juice just is not enough. And fruits have fiber, which will give you a feeling of fullness and slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, so it is unlikely to be converted to fat. Next time your hand reaches for the juice, better to choose instead of oranges.

Indiscriminate snacking

You can slowly chew on that chips, crackers or anything else while working. This habit may benefit your work, not your body, which simply accumulates fat. In addition, all snacks, usually very salty, as salt retains water in the body. In short, snacking all day is harmful.

Solution: watch the snacking.

It is not necessary to leave on the table a bag of potato chips. Instead, take some stuff and leave the package somewhere away from the table. Or choose a small package — just for once. A more useful to focus on the snack: every time your hand reaches for the chips, pay attention to it, remember this moment. This will help you to realize how much you can eat during the day. This can lead you to life and give you motivation you don’t want to throw these silly snacks. And so you will be able to replace three square meals five lighter, but it is also much more useful for metabolism. All day long you’ll feel energetic and full of energy.

It’s time to break free

It is difficult to give up bad habits, especially if they relate to food. Our simple tips should help you with this. Following them, you will be able to gradually change your diet, and it will become more easy, healthy and nutritious, and you’ll look better and healthier. So drop bad habits and get good, man!

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