How to organize an indoor film screening General, the idea that every person is able to organize your own screening, visited me for a long time. But in the end, I still had nights that I really sunk into the soul and definitely outweighed my sympathy in the direction of the private cinema. Come on-order. The first question that may arise is the following: why should you bother with a private cinema, when there are tons of theaters where you can safely walk?

This question is easy to answer, since the cons in a massive cinema where more than pros, but let’s talk about the pros. Probably the most important is the large screen, as it varies from cinema to cinema, but he’s almost always great. 3D movies are also interesting, probably will watch on a large canvas than a small one. Yet, in some rare cases, plus is mass, so as to make the mass increases emotions, this is especially obvious when watching Comedy or horror movies. This, perhaps, all was not mentioned sound, and no one has mentioned it true, as the sound often leaves much to be desired.

Not necessary, I think, to list the cons, it is better to talk about the benefits of private view, which will have the obvious disadvantages of massive and open.

The advantages of the closed show to a regular movie theater


1. People

You can invite only those people whom you’re sure. There will be no drunken rednecks, which interferes with the normal audience, not dumb Chicks who Shine their iPhones during the show or talking on the phone. This is a typical picture of any theater, hall, the administration often ignores all this, which is very annoying. The guard rubs his pants and generally not for what it doesn’t.

2. Place

If you live in a major city, then it will be able to find several potential points of possible show. Can choose one that is comfortable for you and technically you.

3. Snacks

You can organize your own snacks. Don’t like popcorn? Make your own or replace his running dogs, don’t like watered down Coca-Cola, buy myself a normal or even make alcoholic cocktails.

4. The atmosphere

You can arrange a themed evening to enhance the atmosphere of the film. There is a special pleasure. For example, doing a thrash horror show, respectively, figure out how to develop the atmosphere. Maybe the music before the show as they come in?

5. Intimacy

Of course, you can’t gather hundreds of people in a small hall, but 30-40 is quite. It gives you? So many people more individually assess you. This is not a grey faceless mass that comes neighing. Here gather those people who are either interested in a movie, or Dating. Just like old times.

6. Sound

Yes, this is a controversial story. However, if you are organizing a film screening in some music club, the sound quality you will be pleasantly surprised. Films sound quite different, the sound is easier to control a small space, besides, he’s more motivated, because in front of him this film would not be shown hundreds of times, and he himself will be interesting. In theaters often sacrificed to sound, we’re hearing a solid wall, but also hear some strong differences of volume. In addition, if the screens are restricted to a thin wall, can hear the sound of another film. When organizing the screening itself, this shit will not.

Tips for organizing

Pora was.kom.ua_2.07.2015_hoEAXzAa3VbO3In General, we assume that understood. Remains now to give a little instruction, which, of course, may vary slightly from city to city, but still.

1. Space

First you need to find a suitable place. Tip: avoid all people, including young children. It is better to find an interested Director of some art spaces, clubs or even bars. They need a normal sound, if the room has a stage, it must be remote and box speakers. Discuss with the Director all items: equipment, rental, possibility of delivering their meals. The conditions are different, choose them wisely. Certainly there are a bar owner with good equipment, which will be a small rent and a lack of alcohol by the tenant (i.e. the bar at your expense). Some may agree just for the sake of the idea or a percentage of the entrance, usually it is exactly half. In any case, it’s half the battle.

2. Equipment

Here everything is simple. If with sound you can hardly handle himself, his rent quite the way with overhead projector, canvas and a laptop you have to understand yourself. Always install all in advance, even during the day. There is always the likelihood that the projector will not turn on or will not operate a laptop, or movie format will not work. So back up and give me the film to be shown, turn on the projector before (usually it needs to warm up).

3. Furnished

Make everything beautiful. Assign seats so that everyone had a chance to look at the screen and quietly to hold a snack or something like that. Invited guests should be comfortable, it’s obvious.

4. The world

With the light is a separate issue. It’s still a movie, so make sure all lights are turned off during the show. The eyes cannot catch the light except that coming from the film. It has to be dark!

5. Ticket

If you spend money on this event, there is nothing wrong to set the cost of entry. Anyway, it turns out, in most cases, cheaper than in cinemas today.

6. The film

Well, of course, the most important thing – the film. It’s simple: put what you want to see what you enjoy. Like to watch the trash – well, it was. Love Spanish porn horror began. The evening closed, by invitation only, nobody’s to blame for it will not.

As a result, as you already understand, nothing complicated in organizing private movie screening there.

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