How to order brand things in the US are cheaper than in Russia

We still can’t get used to the dollar and commodity prices. It seems that prices on branded items were completely high and exorbitant, and life hacks to ordering goods from abroad no longer work.

But there it was. Services for the delivery of goods from abroad (they are called intermediaries) still exist and assure us that order the same New Balance from America cheaper than buying them in the Russian stores. And that to get goods from the us store which does not send orders to Russia, as before, easy and simple with the help of a mediator.

We decided to check it out on their own and used the services of one of the mediators WeShip2You.

Selecting this intermediary bribed us good support and clear the roller from the company’s warehouse, where the head is short and to the point explains how the service works.

Below we will tell you what we ordered, and why our choice fell on these things.

We ordered in USA

1 New Balance

Sneakers New Balance we ordered from the legendary Amazon. Why New Balance? New Balance and bright colors, cool style and convenience. If you once wore New Balance sneakers, you will not want to change them for other sports or casual shoes. Need to tell you how useful they are and how fit? Groin even talks about them in lectures, teaching young people how to use brushes and pretty lady, some dust can to maintain their way of life. But once they liked to wear football hooligans.

But the company not only produces running shoes. There are also great t-shirts and other casual and sportswear, which is also worthy of attention. In the end, the sponsors of FC «Liverpool» and «Seville» and certainly a few original branded t-shirts. But that’s for the fans.

2 Converse

Iconic Converse sneakers, which give at auction dozens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars (but unique. For your so do not give, no matter how good they were), to justify a General reverence with each collection. They are beautiful, durable, wearable and very original.

Sneakers Converse, we first wanted to order in their official store in USA, but the guys from WeShip2You we were convinced and offered to order on Amazon. They are cheaper there than at the store. Yourself the sneakers we decided to take a print of no less than legendary brand, Marvel.

3 Levis

Connoisseurs know that if you choose jeans, only Levis. The company, whose jeans in the dirt, the Gold Rush ran himself Jack London, is actively still exists. And it annoys the customers of our country for its epic high prices in stores. At the same time buy real Levis is like to have a party by Elvis: something fantastic.

Remains to order online directly from the Motherland. Strangely it turns out that the Motherland to enjoy the much cheaper and more choice than in Russia, so forgive me bored without shopping authorized dealers store.

We have chosen jeans cost us $59.99, and there are discounts, and then they can be bought for around 30-40 bucks.


4 Coach

To order accessories via the Internet is a classic that has become an integral part of life. It is one thing to enjoy the banal Chinese fakes, and quite another — brand things from expensive stores.

Belts, watches, wallets from Coach — this is a completely different level of existence. You can even find a gift for friends who really love, because in Russia goods brand Coach is very difficult to find.

Staff WeShip2You offered to order Coach watch with the chronometer with the equally legendary American store Macy’s. By the way, Macy’s also available from Russia, but only for Russian users is available, firstly, not all goods, and second, the delivered price is still higher than that of the mediator. So going to the site Macy’s, don’t forget to choose the directory available to residents of the United States.

5 ThinkGeek

Shop golovskoy merchandise that is loved by millions of people around the world. It is clear that to order these products only with US. There is this culture at times more popular than in our latitudes, and fantasy fans is such that sometimes it is unclear how such attributes can be found. Everything from lights in the style of Star Thek to sleepwear, Star wars, and even in the high-quality performance. After visiting the website of the store you will have a source of ideas for new gifts.

We decided to order a jacket Star Wars.

6 Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an elegant clothing for those who like to look stylish, smell good and play Polo. In Russia, the brand has become synonymous with luxury. In the US it’s quite a casual.

Sneakers Ralph Lauren, which in America are $50—$70 (and on the sales and discounts and did $30), in Russia can cost 10 000 plus. This means that ordering this brand exclusively with the United States. We ordered tennis shoes.

While we waited for our goods from the US, the guys with WeShip2You made a unboxing video (unboxing video).

Briefly about the WeShip2You realtor

In summary, with firmness to declare that a trusted intermediary will be able to save your expenses on shopping.

And for those who have never used intermediaries for the United States, here is a small description of the scheme, WeShip2You:

Register on the project and it makes available the address of the warehouse WeShip2You in the United States. Order any items from any shops on this address.

If you can’t or don’t want to pay for goods in U.S. stores, then you will help and pay for you own American card company, and you will only need to give a link to the desired products.

All orders come to the warehouse service in the United States, are registered in the system and displayed in your personal Cabinet. At any time you can order a delivery of shopping to your home. You will need to pay for shipment of the parcel of your stuff. The shipment cost depends on weight and not depend on brands and the value of things.

Overall scheme looks like this (and if you have any questions, support you to help):

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